Titanic: The 100th Anniversary - History Magazine, April/May 2012

Front Cover, History Magazine for April/May 2012 - Titanic: The 100th Anniversary Issue

Front Cover, History Magazine for April/May 2012 - Titanic: The 100th Anniversary Issue. GGA Image ID # 1050e954f9

The History Magazine for April/May 2012 was a special issue featuring the Titanic: The disaster as revealed to the world by four different reporters of the day. Plus: The remarkable story of Violet Constance Jessop, a survivor of three different maritime disasters including the sinking of the Titanic.


  • Opening Notes 6
    Trivia: Traffic Lights, License Plates
  • Heroic Stand at Beecher Island 8
    Arnold Blumberg looks at how a small unit of the US Cavalry defeated Cheyenne warriors
  • The Kensington Rune Stone: Genuine or Fraud? 14
    Joe Knight looks at this mystery that has intrigued scientists and historians alike for many years

Titanic Disaster: 100th Anniversary

  • The Titanic Disaster: First-Hand Accounts From Four Reporters .... 17
    Separate newspaper accounts detail the events following the sinking of RMS Titanic on 15 April 1912
  • Violet Constance Jessop: Three Times a Lucky Lady! 22
    Alice Luckhardt recounts the incredible nautical life, and luck, of one lady who survived three different maritime disasters — including the sinking of Titanic


  • The Lure of the American West and the Sundance Kid 31
    John Christopher Fine examines the lure of the American West through a small Sundance,
  • Wyoming museum and its legendary namesake Searching For Sgt. Bailey 35
    In this excerpt from his new book, James Breig recounts some of the hardships encountered by one US Army soldier serving in New Guinea in World War II
  • Legend of the Dutchman Mine 40
    Donna Alice Patton examines the legend of a fabled mine and a hoard of gold buried deep in the mountains of Phoenix, Arizona
  • The American Colony: Christianity in the Holy Land 43
    Melody Amsel-Arieli looks at the attempts by Americans to spread Christianity throughout Israel
  • The History of Brain Surgery 49
    Steve Semiatin explores the evolution of neurosurgery through the centuries


Featured Stories

The Story of the Century

As Carpathia steamed eastwards in foggy weather, a press firestorm erupted in North America over the ‘story of the century.’ As many as 500 outside reporters, correspondents, stringers, telegraph operators, photographers, and artists converged on New York City to join over 150 local newspapermen, wire service representatives and foreign correspondents in hopes of fresh details about the disaster and exclusive interviews with survivors. Among the press corps, fortune would lead four reporters to once-in-a lifetime scoops.

-- Excerpt from The Titanic Disaster: Michael Dupuis recounts how four reporters scooped the 'Story of the Century'.

Violet Constance Jessop

It might be asked in history, who was the 'luckiest person'? Of course, there are numerous forms of luck; in love, money, careers, fame or life. Certainly one individual who would qualify for such a title would have been Miss Violet Constance Jessop, for hers was the luck of survival.

-- Excerpt from Three Times Lucky: Alice Luckhardt recounts the incredible life, and luck, of Violet Constance Jessop: Survivor!

Publication Information

  • Title: History Magazine
  • Issue: Volume 13, Number 4, April/May 2012
  • Publisher: Moorshead Magazines Ltd., Toronto, ON
  • ISSN: 1492-4307
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