Women Reporters & The Titanic Story - Titanic Commutator - 4Q 2011

Front Cover, The Titanic Commutator, 4th Quarter 2011

Front Cover of The Titanic Commutator: The Official Journal For The Titanic Historical Society, Inc. for Issue 196 for the 4th Quarter 2001. GGA Image ID # 1046efefd9

On the Front Cover: A striking illustration of Olympic steaming along near the end of her transatlantic voyage as a pilot boat stands by. The painting is by the noted maritime artist Charles Dixon.

This issue features an article about four newspaperwomen who reported on the Titanic disaster. Other items included a commentary on the Responsibility for the Titanic Disaster, The Oceanic House of the White Star Line and information about the 2012 Titanic Historical Society Convention next April.


  • Oceanic House—White Star's London West End Offices
    By Paul Louden Brown
  • Women Reporters and the Titanic Story
    By Michael Dupuis
  • Katherine Hurd Writes about the Titanic Disaster Aftermath
    With thanks to Frances (Hurd) Stadler
  • Titanic Centennial Memorial Donors and Dedication Weekend Convention
  • The White Star Line, Ss Olympic, and the Panama Canal
    San Francisco Call Archives
  • Tichnor Brothers and Selling the Titanic Disaster in 1912
    By Karen Kamuda
  • Titanic Pigeon Forge Remembers the 100th Anniversary with a Rose Petal Ceremony
    By Karen Kamuda
  • Responsibility for the Titanic Disaster
    From the Literary Digest May 4, 1912

Featured Article

  • Sea Poste
    A couple of letters correcting the glass slide as Mauretania was Aquitania; what happened to Edith [Russell] Rosenbaum's pig? What was it made of?; a rivet from the Titanic?; information on the final identification of the unknown child in Fairview Lawn Cemetery is available; questions on original findings of an unidentified child in the same cemetery; questions about a deck chair purchased many years ago in South Australia.


  • How to Survive the Titanic or the Sinking of J. Bruce Ismay
    by Frances Wilson
    reviewed by Paul Louden-Brown;
  • RMS Titanic, Owners' Workshop Manual
    by David E Hutchings and Richard de Kerbrech
  • France/Norway
    by John Maxtone-Graham
    reviewed by Tim Trower

Content Page Photos

Top (Not Shown): At Oceanic House, the basement full, the main booking hall overflows with passengers baggage as the staff tries to cope with high season demands.

Middle Right (Not Shown): Katherine Hurd scratched out "Saxonia" on the stationery heading while aboard Carpathia describing the Titanic disaster.

Bottom Right (Not Shown): Labeled "Titanic" the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse postcard postmarked May 14, 1912, was the wrong ship, wrong company, and departure: 'Departure at Liverpool."

A postcard of Oceanic House, published by the Company in 1905

Back Cover of The Titanic Commutator: The Official Journal For The Titanic Historical Society, Inc. for Issue 196 for the 4th Quarter 2001. GGA Image ID # 104741cfb1

On the Back Cover: A postcard of Oceanic House, published by the Company in 1905. The printing, like all White Star's postcards, was by the Liverpool Printing & Stationery Company. (Paul Louden-Brown collection)

Publication Information

A Quarterly Journal Devoted to Original Research into the White Star Line and Notable Vessels of History

The Titanic Commutator
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48 Years of Continuous Publication

The membership Year 2011 4th Quarter • February 2012 through April 2012

The Titanic Commutator, Published Continually Since 1963 | Nearly a Half Century of Dedication and Distinction

No. 196 The Titanic Commutator


Published quarterly and continuously for nearly forty years by The Titanic Historical Society, Inc., (ISSN 004-8182) and mailed from Springfield, Massachusetts, the journal has been the groundbreaker in providing primary source materials.

Accounts from Titanic passengers, biographies of White Star liners and other shipping companies are standard; also varied maritime interests, illustrations, and commentaries—ensuring a permanent record.

Sixty-four pages of exceptional content make this publication the largest and best of society journals whose excellence and accuracy is renowned.

Letters, email, advertising, articles, news items, and photographs are welcome. However, articles submitted must be exclusive to The Titanic Commutator.

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