J. P. Morgan IMM Combine - Titanic Commutator - 1Q 2001

Titanic Commutator November 2000, Front Cover

Front Cover of The Titanic Commutator: The Official Journal For The Titanic Historical Society, Inc. for Issue 151 circa November 2000. GGA Image ID # 10436fecf3

On The Front cover: Another brochure printed in the 1920s depicting the Celtic, one of White Star's 'Big Four,' now an older liner being advertised as 'Famous Cabin Liners to Europe' featuring White Star and Red Star liners touting their spacious cabin class service amenities being comparable to those of a high-class English club.

This issue features an in-depth article about the JP Morgan Combine of several transatlantic shipping companies in 1902 called the International Mercantile Marine Company.

(International Mercantile Marine Company)

By William B. Saphire

The illustrations are from the Karen Kamuda Collection unless noted otherwise.

The late Mr. William Saphire, a THS member since the late 1960s, was a news writer from Brooklyn. New York, who had a general interest in ships. He made his first voyage in September 1932 on the M/S Vulcania of the Consulich Line and returned on the Cunarder Berengaria.

On that same day he saw the Olympic for the first lime under pilotage in the North River, he saw her again in the summer two years later from Nortons Point in Brooklyn and noted that the wash she created had lifeguards clearing the beach which minutes later was flooded by her "tidal wave."

He traveled on more than forty ships and was advertising manager from 1955-67 for Zim Lines. His articles have been published in The Compass, Ships and the Sea, and Sea Breezes.


  • The Olympic Restaurant on Millennium
    by Peter Newall
  • Wages Paid to Titanic's Officers and Crew
    by Earl J. Chapman
  • The White Star Line in the Morgan Combine
    by William B. Saphire
  • Sea Poste
  • Titanic Faker is Fined
    by Paul Louden-Brown
  • A Mystery is Solved
    by George Behe
  • RMS Olympic's Officers
    by Inger Sheil
  • Memento From Jack Thayer
  • Items from the THS Oceanliner Store
  • Halifax Convention 2001

Titanic Commutator November 2000, Back Cover

Back Cover of The Titanic Commutator: The Official Journal For The Titanic Historical Society, Inc. for Issue 151 circa November 2000. GGA Image ID # 1044491d40

On the Back Cover: A 1920s White Star-Dominion Line brochure offering the traveler "...unique advantages of going to Europe by the St. Lawrence route with sailings every Saturday during the summer. The new Regina and Doric combine every modern improvement in the art of catering to the comfort of ocean passengers." The older Megantic and Canada were relegated to cabin class, which in the following advertisement aimed at the modest budget traveler, the description was attractive.

Publication Information

The Journal of Record of the Titanic Historical Society, Inc., Published Quarterly

The Titanic Commutator A Quarterly Journal Devoted to Original Research into Ocean Liners. Thirty-Eight Years of Continuous Publication.

Volume 24, Number 151, 2000 | Publication date: November 2000


Published quarterly and continuously for nearly forty years by The Titanic Historical Society, Inc., (ISSN 004-8182) and mailed from Springfield, Massachusetts, the journal has been the groundbreaker in providing primary source materials.

Accounts from Titanic passengers, biographies of White Star liners and other shipping companies are standard; also varied maritime interests, illustrations, and all content make this publication the largest and best of society journals whose excellence and accuracy is renowned.

Letters, email, advertising, articles, news items, and photographs are welcome. However, articles submitted must be exclusive to The Titanic Commutator.

No remuneration is made, and the Society cannot guarantee publication. General interest, veracity, and originality are the criteria; the burden for accuracy rests with the author, and the expressed opinions are not necessarily those of The Titanic Historical Society, Inc.

Note: We have made minor edits to this text to correct grammatical errors or to improve word choice to clarify the content. We replaced words written using a non-American variant with the American English spelling for consistency. The passive text was often left “as is.” Those who need to quote directly should verify any changes by reviewing the original material.

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