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Somerset Studio - Remembering The Titanic - March/April 2002

Somerset Studio - Remembering The Titanic - March/April 2002

Front Cover: Somerset Studeo: Paper Arts, Art Stamping, Leter Arts. Remembering the Titanic Special Issue - March/April 2002. GGA Image ID # 102c11bd5f

Somerset Studio Magazine Special Issue on Remermbering the Titanic. Their "Night to Remember" offers over 15 pages of ideas in creating Titanic -themed arts and crafts and momemtos that you can create with instructions provided and images you might find on the GG Archives.

Table of Contents

-: Remembering The Titanic :-

  • Day-Dream Journals 18
    by April Sytsma
    Make these dreamy journals with a few simple bookbinding techniques and the papers of your choice.
  • Aboard the Titanic 21
    by Maureen Blackman
    The author recreates the final voyage of the Titanic in the form of a journal and fictional letters for her granddaughter.
  • Pictorial Diaries 28
    by Mary Spires
    Learn how to incorporate portraiture into your next collage painting.
  • Printmaking Without a Press 34
    by Mercedese Bantz
    Yes, you can make prints—without a press! Mercedese Bantz (illustrator for Somerset Studio) shows how easy it is to make lovely art prints right in your own home.
  • Quill America: Celebrates a Centuries-Old Paper Art 40
    by Paige Meeker
    Paper “quillers” from throughout the US, Canada and England gathered last June to celebrate Quill America 2001.
  • Aged Papers 42
    by Lea Everse
    Many techniques for making authentic looking “antiqued” paper are available to the modern artist ... and the author shares them with us here.
  • The Booklace 62
    by Sharon Cipriano
    Its a book ... its a necklace ... its both, actually. Use little metal frames to enclose tiny handmade books or miniature art pieces to create stunning works of art- to-wear.
  • Romancing the Stone 72
    by Linda Reid
    Stamp into small chips of shrink plastic to make lovely mosaic “stones” for your next artwork project!

-: In Every Issue :-

  • The Storyteller 1
    by Collene Bryan Rodgers
  • Letters to the Editor 4
  • Return to Paper Crafters 9
    by Rona Chumbook
  • In the Artist’s Hands 12
    by Susan Pickering Rothamel Art tools and materials explained: In this issue, learn about using “uncommon art tools & materials" in your craft room.
  • An Artful Journey: Fez, Morocco 14
    by Catherine Hightower
    The author takes you on a journey to the artistic and cultural heart of Morocco: Fez, a bewildering honeycomb of dead-end alleys, souks, shops, mosques and more.
  • The Business of Art 26
    by Peggy Skycraft
    The author teaches you the business of marketing your arts and crafts.
  • Exemplar 32
    by Lorraine Brown
  • Enlighten Me 46
    Book Reviews
  • The Lively Art of Lettering 49
    by our readers
    Featuring glorious lettering art, advanced calligraphy projects, and some quick-and-easy techniques.
  • A Call for Creativity: Flower Pounding 66
    by Laura Martin
  • Essentials 70
  • Responding to the Call: Foamcore Figures 76
    by our readers
  • Artist Portfolio: Dottie Jazemski 82
    by Kathryn Bold
    "I don’t settle on one type of art,” says the subject for this issues Artist Portfolio. “If I do the same thing too many times, it isn’t fun anymore.”
  • With One Stamp: Fancy Shoe 92
    by Sharilyn Miller
  • Méiange 97
  • Expressions 114
    by our readers
    Our readers flaunt their extraordinary talents in paper crafting, book arts, art stamping, and calligraphy.
  • On Assignment 132
  • Resource Guide 136
  • Anticipations 140
    Next Issue Offerings
  • Sample Instructions 141
  • Glossary of Terms 166
  • Beginning Basics 168
  • Gatherings 170
    Convention Listings
  • Advertiser Index 175
  • Legacy: The Community of Angels Project 176
    by Margaret Arguelles
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