Raising the Titanic - Popular Mechanics - January 1986

Front Cover of the Popular Mechanics Magazine for January 1986 Featuring the RMS Titanic

Front Cover of the Popular Mechanics Magazine for January 1986 Featuring the RMS Titanic. GGA Image ID # 104ad9ff43

She was four city blocks long and 11 stories high—a spectacular steel city loaded with wealthy passengers. But on a starlit night in April 1912, the Titanic went down.

Last summer, the great ship was rediscovered lying 2 miles below the surface of the Atlantic. And with booty estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the race may have begun for the most exciting salvage operation ever. The story starts on page 75.
—PM illustration by Tom Freeman



  • 86 A Family Affair
    We test five small vans eaulppcd for family fun.
  • 151 Saturday Mechanic
    Here's how you can cure cold engine stumble
  • 160 Firsthand Drive Report: Ford Supervan 2
    New-Style Family Packaging


  • 97 Hammers
    Each of these 22 hammers is for a specific purpose.
  • 100 Shaker Simplicity
    Use our plans to build a cherry chest of drawers.
  • 104 Supersander
    Take a look at this versatile sanding machine.
  • 129 The Better Home
    In this new monthly section, learn about drywall.


  • 92 Television Art
    Wierd TVs: They Look Strage But Play Great. The old boob-tube is getting a facelift.
  • 94 Phones On A Roll
    Car Phones - How They Work, What They Cost, How to Buy One. The new cellular telephones go where you go.


  • 148 35-mm Camera Shootout
    ft's tne Canon T80AF vs. the Minolta Maxxum


  • 79 Battle of the Bass Boats
    Five top fishing machines clash in our show town.


Text from a Receipt from the RMS Titantic for Valuables Kept in the Purser's Safe

Text from a Receipt from the RMS Titantic for Valuables Kept in the Purser's Safe. Popular Mechanics (Jan 1986) p. 75. GGA Image ID # 104ada5945

  • 75 Titanic: Lost and Found
    The Titanic is about to surrender her mysteries. Millions in Treasure Up for Grabs.
  • 82 The 6 Billion Dollar Man
    The haif man/half machine is becoming a reality.
  • 90 Voyager's Next Stop
    2 Billion Miles to Uranus. Voyager 2 will reach Uranus this month.
  • 69 Technology Update
    Spielberq makes a house fall apart
    Tracking the northern lights.
    Balloon to trace acid rain
    Detecting hazardous weather
    Cylindrical turbosails at sea
    Catamaran fireboat is on line
    Solar vehicles break ground
    New farm sprayer saves work.
    Industry seeks home in space
    Ice detector for planes
    Soviets add cargo plane.
    Airlines stretch jets
    New turbofan jet engine.
    Copperhead is deadly.
    Laser guides missile.


  • 4 Editor's Notes
  • 7 Letters
  • 12 Imports
  • 14 Motorsports
  • 16 Freewheeling
  • 19. ApplianceQ&A
  • 20. Inside Detroit
  • 26 Homeowners' Q&A
  • 31 Aviation
  • 34 Outdoors
  • 40 Audio
  • 44 Tool Tests
  • 46 Photography
  • 51 Car Clinic
  • 54 Minicourse
  • 56 Cycles
  • 59 Electronics
  • 62 Computers
  • 140 Science
  • 143 Worth Writing For
  • 146 Video
  • 159 New/Workshop
  • 162 New/Auto
  • 164 New/Home
  • 167, 168 Hints
  • 180 Time Machine

Publication Information

  • Title: Popular Mechanics
  • Date Published: January 1986
  • Issue: Volume 163, No. 1
  • ISSN: 0032-4558
  • Publisher: The Hearst Corporation, New York
  • Retail Price: $1.50
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