Titanic Video: Departure from Southampton

The movie short is described as a "real video" from 1912, a black and white film that provides a glimpse of the activity and passengers as they ready to depart from Southampton on 10 April 1912. The scenes captured in this 4: 50-minute film are listed below.


  • Captain E. J. Smith, R.N.R. Commander of the Ill-Fated SS Titanic. a Final Inspection of His Vessel Ten Minutes Before Sailing Time.
  • Emergency Telephone to Be Used in Case of a Storm
  • Engine Room Signal Chart
  • First Cabin Promenade Deck with a View of the Lifeboats
  • Second Cabin Promenade Deck
  • Third Cabin Promenade Deck
  • Loading Passenger's Baggage by Utilizing an Electrical Crane
  • Forward End View of First, Second, and Third Cabin Decks
  • Bon Voyage: Thousands Madly Cheering as the Giant Vessel Begins to Move from Her Dock.

Background Musical Theme by James Horner from the Movie "Titanic" (Director James Cameron) 1997.

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