TSS Veendam Passenger List - 13 July 1935

Front Cover of a First, Tourist and Third Class Passenger List for the SS Veendam of the Holland-America Line, Departing 13 July 1935 from New York to Rotterdam via Plymouth and Boulogne-sur-Mer

Front Cover of a First, Tourist and Third Class Passenger List for the SS Veendam of the Holland-America Line, Departing 13 July 1935 from New York to Rotterdam via Plymouth and Boulogne-sur-Mer, Commanded by Captain P. Lagaay. GGA Image ID # 17d01874a7


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain P. Lagaay
  2. Chief Officer: C. N. Kleyn
  3. Chief Engineer: J. Willeman
  4. Physician: H. J. Van Der Wijst
  5. Purser: A. Bruis
  6. Chief Steward: J. P. H. Scheffer


First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Pedro Abascal
  2. Miss Eleanor Adler
  3. Mr. G. C. Adolphs
  4. Mrs. T. Thorne Baker
  5. Miss A. Eleanor Barnum
  6. Mr. Emory S. Basford
  7. Mr. Milton Belgard
  8. Mrs. Milton Belgard
  9. Miss Beulah M. Belgard
  10. Mrs. Allen Bernstein
  11. Mr. Peter Bernstein
  12. Rev. Philip J. Blanc, S. S
  13. Mr. Richard L. Bloch
  14. Dr. Leopold Brandy
  15. Mr. Walter H. Buck
  16. Mrs. Walter H. Buck
  17. Mr. F. Burgess
  18. Mrs. Ruth T. Burnham
  19. Mrs. Arthur D. Byrns
  20. Mr. Thomas Cahall
  21. Mrs. Thomas Cahall
  22. Mr. F. R. J. Caunter
  23. Mrs. Alexander Chambers
  24. Mrs. L. Cole
  25. Miss Myra Conklin
  26. Mrs. Katherine S. du Bois
  27. Pr. S. H. Eckerson
  28. Mr. Alfred Emmerson
  29. Mrs. Alfred Emmerson
  30. Miss Lillian Engel
  31. Mr. Edward L. Estabrooke
  32. Mrs. Edward L. Estabrooke
  33. Miss Mary A. Finney
  34. Dr. Madeline Fiske
  35. Mr. Gustav Gitterman
  36. Mrs. Gustav Gitterman
  37. Mr. W. G. G. Godron
  38. Mrs. W. G. G. Godron
  39. Prof. William L. Graves
  40. Mr. K. A. Groothuis
  41. Mrs. K. A. Groothuis
  42. Miss Margaret Hargrove
  43. Mrs. Edward Y. Hartshorne
  44. Mrs. Roland Hill
  45. Mrs. Willamina Hoffman
  46. Miss Henrietta Hoffman
  47. Mrs. Ida H. Holloway
  48. Miss Helen K. Houghton
  49. Mr. John Hudson
  50. Mrs. John Hudson
  51. Rev. J. W. A. Janssen
  52. Mr. H. W. Jepsom
  53. Mr. Harry LeRoy Jones
  54. Hon. Hiram Keller
  55. Mr. James V. Kelly
  56. Mr. Anthony S. Kimbel
  57. Mrs. Anthony S. Kimbel
  58. Mr. Alan F. Kline
  59. Mr. Barnett Lamm
  60. Mr. Gustave Levy
  61. Dr. Robert H. Lieberthal
  62. Mrs. Robert H. Lieberthal
  63. Miss Marion E. Lieberthal
  64. Dr. Jacob C. Lifton
  65. Mrs. Jacob C. Lifton
  66. Miss Roberta B. Louden
  67. Dr. A. Lwowitch
  68. Mr. J. C. MacPherson
  69. Miss Mary Manning
  70. Mr. L. Mansbach
  71. Mrs. L. Mansbach
  72. Mr. A. B. Mathews
  73. Mrs. John E. May
  74. Mrs. James A. McCrea
  75. Miss Agnes A. McCrea
  76. Mr. John McGhie
  77. Mrs. John McGhie
  78. Mr. Edward P. McMurtry
  79. Dr. Janet H. C. Meade
  80. Mr. G. P. A. M. Merkx
  81. Mr. W. B. Millner, Jr.
  82. Mrs. W. B. Millner, Jr.
  83. Mrs. Evan Mitchell
  84. Mr. Norbert Neumann
  85. Mrs. Norbert Neumann
  86. Miss Rosalie B. Neumann
  87. Mrs. Eliane Norberg
  88. Miss Bessie K. Oler
  89. Mrs. Smith Outerbridge
  90. Dr. Josiah H. Penniman
  91. Mrs. Josiah H. Penniman
  92. Mr. Samuel Plotkin
  93. Mrs. Samuel Plotkin
  94. Miss Marjorie Plotkin
  95. Dr. Gordon Pollack
  96. Mrs. Mary L. Powell
  97. pr. M. L. Ravitch
  98. Mrs. M. L. Ravitch
  99. Mr. R. H. Renn
  100. Mr. George W. Richards
  101. Miss E. Stewart Richardson
  102. Miss Susan Riesenfeld
  103. Miss J. Rosenwald
  104. Miss Ella J. Ryan
  105. Mr. Ernst Salzmann
  106. Mr. Robert Samuels
  107. Mrs. Ethel Mina Samuels
  108. Mrs. Louis Schwartz
  109. Mr. Arthur Schwarz
  110. Mrs. Arthur Schwarz
  111. Miss Anne Owen Sheridan
  112. Mr. Ernest A. Simon
  113. Mrs. H. Snyder
  114. Mr. C. B. Spivey
  115. Mrs. C. B. Spivey
  116. Mrs. Paula Stahl
  117. Miss Marguerite Sylla
  118. Mr. H. J. W. ten Broeke
  119. Mrs. H. J. W. ten Broeke
  120. Master Frederick H. ten Broeke
  121. Mrs. Beatrice M. Thornley
  122. Mrs. Njoo Ting Tjing
  123. Mrs. The Ing Bian
  124. Miss E. The Tiok Nio
  125. Miss Gertrude Unger
  126. Mrs. Ruth B. Van Dusen
  127. Mrs. Maria van Klaveren
  128. Mr. A. H. S. Vaughan
  129. Mrs. A. H. S. Vaughan
  130. Miss Virginia Vaughan
  131. Mrs. Caroline Volz
  132. Miss Louise Volz
  133. Mrs. David Watkins
  134. Mr. Frederick Watkins
  135. Mr. Milton Weiss
  136. Mrs. Milton Weiss
  137. Mrs. L. Weiss
  138. Miss Helene Weiss
  139. Mrs. H. Edward Wendel
  140. Miss Elmira S. Wendel
  141. Mrs. Ross F. Wicks
  142. Miss Katherine Wicks
  143. Miss Martha Wiegand
  144. Dr. Marion Wilkinson
  145. Mr. Charles P. Williams
  146. Mrs. Charles P. Williams
  147. Miss Edelin Wilson
  148. Mrs. Walter B. Wolfe
  149. Mrs. Henry Wynkoop
  150. Mr. Henry Wynkoop, Jr.
  151. Mrs. W. Yonker


STCA Staff

  1. Hostess: Miss Blanche Kieckhofer
  2. Librarian: Miss Ann Trimble
  3. Orchestra: Southwestern Royal Collegians


Back Cover, Passenger List, July 1935, TSS Veendam, Holland-America Line, New York to Rotterdam


Tourist Class Passengers

  1. Mr. W. C. Abbay
  2. Mrs. W. C. Abbay
  3. Miss Rae Abraham
  4. Mr. John K. S. Arthur
  5. Mrs. Ethelwyn Arthur
  6. Miss Dorothy E. Arthur
  7. Mr. Alexander Berl
  8. Mrs. Alexander Berl
  9. Mrs. Ruth M. Blake
  10. Mrs. Consesa Bonnet
  11. Mr. D. D. Bonnist
  12. Mr. Erich Bovet
  13. Miss E. Bsharah
  14. Mrs. Joseph Burns
  15. Master J. F. Burns
  16. Mrs. Bertha Brouwer
  17. Mr. Julio Cardenal
  18. Mrs. George Chadwick
  19. Miss A. Dannenberg
  20. Miss D. Dannenberg
  21. Mrs. Jeanne de Moor
  22. Mr. J. de Groot
  23. Mrs. J. de Groot
  24. Dr. Degenhart
  25. Mrs. Degenhart
  26. Mrs. J. L. Gallor
  27. Miss K. Gitlitz
  28. Mrs. Ellen Gloor
  29. Miss Frances C. Graves
  30. Mrs. Stanley H. Graves
  31. Miss Fannie Grob
  32. Mr. James W. Gray
  33. Miss Phyllis Green
  34. Mrs. A. H. Grubbe
  35. Miss Marie Grubbe
  36. Miss E. Gryzmish
  37. Mr. Wm. Heller
  38. Mrs. Heller
  39. Mrs. A. Hurkmans
  40. Mr. Alfred J. Ilette
  41. Mrs. Henriette Ilette
  42. Mr. Albert D. Kerwan
  43. Mrs. Albert D. Kerwan
  44. Mr. William E. Kerwan
  45. Mrs. William E. Kerwan
  46. Miss Johanna Kingsma
  47. Mr. R. J. Kissack
  48. Mr. Ernest Knoch
  49. Mrs. Jacqueline de Moor Leach
  50. Mr. James Levey
  51. Professor A. H. Licklider
  52. Miss M. Lieberman
  53. Mr. Y. F. Liu
  54. Mr. C. H. Lont
  55. Miss Gertrude Lubow
  56. Miss M. Maffitt
  57. Mr. Arthur Maingay
  58. Mr. Nicholas Minorsky
  59. Mrs. Nicholas Minorsky
  60. Mr. John S. Naylor
  61. Rev. James F. Norman
  62. Mr. John Pas, Sr
  63. Mrs. John P. Peters
  64. Mrs. Jeanne P. Rapier
  65. Miss Didi Rapier
  66. Miss Helene Rapier
  67. Miss Margot Rapier
  68. Miss Jacqueline Rapier
  69. Miss Madeline Rapier
  70. Mrs. Edith Rodkinson
  71. Mrs. Dina Schierloh
  72. Mr. Edward T. Van Deusen
  73. Mrs. Edward T. Van Deusen
  74. Mr. Jacob Vandergraff
  75. Mr. A. Vander Volh
  76. Mr. H. A. Voogel
  77. Mrs. Rose Wade-Settle
  78. Miss Evelyn F. Wallace
  79. Dr. W. R. Ward
  80. Mr. G. Worsley
  81. Mrs. G. Worsley
  82. Master George Worsley
  83. Mr. Gerard W. Zack
  84. Mrs. Garard W. Zack
  85. Mr. Frank Zeeuw
  86. Mr. John Zeeuw


Third Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Paul Arnolds-Patron
  2. Mrs. Paul Arnolds-Patron
  3. Miss Cornelia Baker
  4. Mr. William Becker
  5. Mr. Antonio Caliagopoulos
  6. Mr. Otto De Vries
  7. Mr. David Fredenthal
  8. Mr. Herman Jansen
  9. Mrs. Elizabeth Jansen
  10. Master Hermann Jansen
  11. Mr. Victor Janssens
  12. Mrs. R. Kuiters
  13. Mr. Ernst Langkau
  14. Mr. John C. M. Lashley
  15. Mrs. Amelia Lienard
  16. Mr. George Loveland
  17. Miss Louise McNair
  18. Mrs. Margaret Meiners
  19. Mr. Jan Oomes
  20. Mrs. Wilhelmina Oomes
  21. Mr. Johannes A. F. Osse
  22. Mrs. R. Polak-Goudeket
  23. Miss Dorette M. C. Sas
  24. Miss Mary Sloss
  25. Mr. Fritz Spenler
  26. Mr. Harry Stein
  27. Mr. Honore E. Van Water
  28. Mrs. Josephine Wolf
  29. Master Joseph Wolf
  30. Master Alan Wolf

General Information for Passengers

Mail and Telegrams. Letters, Packages, etc., for Passengers are brought on board steamer before embarkation and placed in the Passengers' rooms. For any inquiries relating to mails, Passengers are invited to call at the Chief Steward's office.

Seats at Table. Application for table seats may be made to the Chief Steward before sailing, or on embarkation. On midnight sailings permanent table seats will be assigned after breakfast the next morning.

Hours for meals are posted on the ship's bulletin board.

Return Tickets. The Purser will be glad to radio, free of charge, to the New York or European offices of the Line, as necessary, if you wish to make return reservations on any steamer of the Line.

Passengers from New York who already hold return tickets, should register same at one of the offices of the Line indicated on the back page of this list.

Valuables. For the convenience of the Passengers the Line has provided safe deposit boxes in the Purser's office in which any valuables may be deposited upon payment to the Purser of $5.00, this amount to be refunded when the key of the deposit box is returned.

However, the Line does not assume any responsibility for the safe custody of such articles. (Passengers may, if they wish, protect themselves by insurance.)

Personal Funds. For the convenience of Passengers, the Purser is prepared to cash a limited amount of recognized Traveler's Checks or to exchange money at official rates as posted at the Purser's office. A receipt is issued on such transactions, on the Company's Form.

Personal checks cannot be cashed by the Purser.

Port Holes. Passengers are warned to refrain from opening or closing port holes themselves. If Passengers should wish to have their port holes closed or opened, they should call their room steward. Passengers ignoring this warning do so at their own risk and the Company assumes no liability in case of accident.

Divine Service. Divine service will be held on Sundays, at hours announced on the bulletin board, if a recognized clergyman on board is willing to officiate.

Ship's Newspaper. "The Ocean Post," containing latest wireless news and closing prices of the leading securities on the New York Stock Exchange, is published on board. A copy of this newspaper is placed every morning in passenger's stateroom with the compliments of the Line.

Medical Attention. Passengers requesting and accepting medical attendance and medicines from the ship's Physician, do so without any responsibility on the part of the Company.

The services rendered and the medicines prescribed by the ship's Physician are free, except that in cases, where Passengers require the service of ship's Physician for the treatment of ailments for which they already were under the care of a Physician at the time of embarkation, the ship's Physician may charge a reasonable fee for such services, subject to the approval and sanction of the Commander.

Additional Payments on Board. Passengers paying any supplements for room transfers, additional passage money, freight, telegrams, etc., should obtain a receipt from the Purser on the Company's Form.

For radiograms receipt will be furnished by the wireless operator.

Flying in Europe or America. The Holland America Line have made arrangements whereby their Passengers have the facilities of the K. L. M. Air Lines in Europe or Curtiss-Wright Flying Service in America, at their disposal on landing.

The Purser will gladly give information on the routes and connections of these air lines and radio ahead for reservations. Only a limited amount of luggage is carried free on these aeroplanes; excess luggage being charged for at excess baggage rates.

Steamer Chairs, Rugs and Chair Cushions. Deck chairs, rugs and 'hair cushions may be hired on application to the Deck Steward.

The hire for deck chairs amounts to $1.50 for the voyage, whereas the hire for rugs and chair cushions amounts to $1,—each for the voyage.

U. S. Head Tax. Passengers who leave the U. S. within 60 days from date of entry and who are entitled to refund of headtax, will obtain refund on board. To this purpose they are invited to deliver the duly signed head tax certificate to the Purser, together with headtax receipts, issued by some carrier when collecting the tax from passenger.

London and Paris Rail Tickets. Passengers are urged to purchase their London or Paris rail tickets from the Purser as soon as possible after boarding the steamer at New York.

As a rule, special trains are run in connection with the arrival of our steamers at Plymouth and Boulogne-sur-Mer, but when the number of Passengers does not warrant special trains, the Line arranges for reservations on regular trains.

Baggage. There is a baggage room on board steamer where Passengers may store such personal belongings as cannot be placed in their cabins, as well as baggage of any kind. The Baggage Room is open at hours as posted, and all inquiries pertaining to the storing or forwarding of baggage should be addressed to the Baggage Master.

Baggage Insurance. The Company's liability for damage to or loss or detention of baggage is strictly limited, and Passengers are, therefore, advised to protect themselves by insurance against risk of loss, theft, damage, pilferage, etc. Policies may be obtained at current rates at any office of the Line or through the Baggage Master on board this steamer.

Disembarking at Plymouth. Immigration officials board the steamer before disembarkation at Plymouth to take up the "alien order," previously furnished by the Purser to those landing in England, and to stamp passenger's Landing Cards.

Examination of baggage by customs on shore. Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, etc., perfumes, wines and spirits are liable to duty if brought in the United Kingdom.

Passengers are reminded that under the laws of the United Kingdom the importation of dogs into Great Britain is prohibited unless a permit has been first obtained from the Board of Agriculture.

Disembarking at Boulogne-sur-Mer. Inspection of passports will be made on board and Landing Cards issued by immigration officials.

Customs examination of baggage will take place on shore. Cigarettes, cigars and tobacco, etc., are subject to duty.

Disembarking at Rotterdam. All baggage is examined by customs officials upon being landed on shore. A police officer, however, comes on board before the ship docks to endorse passports and issue Landing Cards. These Landing Cards must be surrendered when leaving the ship.

The Hand-Me-Down

STCA's own guide of up-to-date information, published yearly for Holland-America Line Passengers . . . it contains addresses of hotels, pensions and restaurants, discovered by students and teachers—former STCA Passengers. It also contains airplane schedules, doctors in Europe, and non-guidebook, things to do.

The Hand-Me-Down is more complete than ever before. Copies may be obtained from the Purser's office at the special price of $2.00.

For Shopping and Information Service

"Quatre Rue Scribe," the Paris Office of the Holland-America Line, can help you make your visit to Paris more pleasant. We have an information and shopping service just beginning its eighth season.

We have complete information about hotels, restaurants, shops, theatres, sightseeing trips, etc. Wet can help you buy economically. We can offer you a 24 hour film developing service, which you will also find in our London Office.

This information and Shopping Service is an exclusive Holland-America Line feature, and we hereby invite you to take advantage of it.


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