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SS Rotterdam Passenger List - 15 April 1924

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Tuesday, 15 April 1924 from Rotterdam to Halifax and New York

Front Cover of a First and Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Tuesday, 15 April 1924 from Rotterdam to Halifax and New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton, Commanded by Commodore Van Den Heuvel. GGA Image ID # 17c78fd4f7


Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909.


Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909. US Postage One Cent Stamp Affixed. Front Side: GGA Image ID # 15c393757a; Back Side: GGA Image ID # 15c3a3ce4b


Back Side of 1909 Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Commodore Van Den Heuvel
  2. Chief Officer: Van Erp
  3. Chief Engineer: Michels
  4. Purser: Reyntjes
  5. Physician: Dr. Kelly
  6. Chief Steward: Van Der Boon


First Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. B. Adriance
  2. Dr. E. Albrecht
  3. Mrs. E. Albrecht
  4. Miss L. Albrecht
  5. Mr: B. L. Allen
  6. Mrs. B. L. Allen
  7. Miss C. Allen
  8. Miss E. Allen
  9. Miss J. A, Allen
  10. Mr. W. F. Angell
  11. Miss D. F. Armstrong
  12. Mr. W. H. Atwater
  13. Mr. G. Bader
  14. Mrs. G. Bader
  15. Mr. G. Baum
  16. Mrs. G Baum
  17. Miss H. Baum
  18. Mrs. I. W. Baum
  19. Miss D. Baum
  20. Mr. F. W. Baumgartner
  21. Mrs. F. W. Baumgartner
  22. Mr. F. F. Baxter
  23. Mrs. F. F. Baxter
  24. Mr. A. Biekofsky
  25. Mr. M. N. Blitz
  26. Mr. Chas. J. Bour
  27. Mrs. Chas. J. Bour
  28. Mrs. M. Z. Bradshaw
  29. Mr. W. B. Bradshaw
  30. Dr. H. E. Bradshaw
  31. Dr. H. E. Bragdon
  32. Miss J. Breslauer
  33. Miss J. Brooks
  34. Mr. W. G. Browning
  35. Mr. D. H. Butcher
  36. Mrs. E. M. Clark
  37. Mrs. Wm. Clark
  38. Mr. I. S. Copeland
  39. Mr. W. J. Copeland
  40. Mrs. W. J. Copeland
  41. Mr. J. A. Conway
  42. Miss L. H. Cornell
  43. Mrs. M. H. Crocker
  44. Mr. H. Culp
  45. Miss R. von Dach
  46. Mr. W. van Dam
  47. Mr. E. R. Davenport
  48. Miss C. Davenport
  49. Mr. G. F. Dobson
  50. Mr. Fred. Doepke
  51. Mrs. Fred. Doepke
  52. Mr. A. C. Du Charme
  53. Mrs. A. C. Du Charme
  54. Mrs. W. B. Dudley
  55. Mr. E. Eisele
  56. Mr. Chas. d'Emery
  57. Mr. C. D. English
  58. Mrs. C. D. English
  59. Mr. J. Enschede
  60. Miss E. J. Farnsworth
  61. Dr. B. Feiwel
  62. Miss T. M. Fields
  63. Mrs. C. Fisk
  64. Mr. J. I. Flynn
  65. Mrs. J. I. Flynn
  66. Miss V. C. Flynn
  67. Mrs. E. M. Friedlander
  68. Mr. A. S. Frissell
  69. Mr. Th. Gary
  70. Mrs. Th. Gary
  71. Mr. Rudolf Gaube
  72. Mrs. Rudolf Gaube
  73. Mr. C. M. Gill
  74. Mrs. C. M. Gill
  75. Mr. F. V. Griesman
  76. Mr. H. Groskin
  77. Mr. A. H. Gunnell
  78. Mrs. A. H. Gunnell
  79. Mr. Edw. Hammann
  80. Mrs. Edw. Hammann
  81. Miss E. Hanenstein
  82. Mr. J. H. Harris
  83. Mrs. S. de Hartog
  84. Mr. W. A. Hathaway
  85. Mrs. W. A. Hathaway
  86. Mr. P. M. Heron
  87. Mrs. P. M. Heron
  88. Mr. M. P. Hoehn
  89. Mrs. M. P. Hoehn
  90. Mr. L. S. Holland
  91. Mrs. I. K. Hope
  92. Mrs. K. Hormuth
  93. Miss K. M. Hormuth
  94. Mr. J. H. H. van Hoven
  95. Mrs. J. H. H. van Hoven
  96. Mr. H. H. Howard
  97. Mrs. E. F. Howe
  98. Mr. J. Huber
  99. Mrs. J. Huber
  100. Mr. W. M. Huriburt
  101. Mr. S. S. Janney
  102. Mrs. G. R. Johnson
  103. Mr. L. Kattenburg
  104. Mr. E. Katz
  105. Mr. W. R. Kellogg
  106. Mr. H. Kelly Jr.
  107. Mrs. H. Kelly Jr.
  108. Mr. R. L. Kern
  109. Mrs. R. L. Kern
  110. Mast. R. H. Kern
  111. Mrs. M. D. Kuhn
  112. Miss K. McKay Kuhn
  113. Mrs. R. Larrabee
  114. Mr. J. Larkin
  115. Mr. A. Leverkus
  116. Mr. S. D. Lewis
  117. Mrs. S. D. Lewis
  118. Miss M. Lewis
  119. Mr. C. Loewenstein
  120. Mrs. C. Loewenstein
  121. Miss C. Loewenstein
  122. Mr. C. B Lyon
  123. Mrs. C. B. Lyon
  124. Mr. C. W. Lyon Jr.
  125. Mr. W. MacEwen
  126. Mrs. W. MacEwen
  127. Mr. J. H. MacMillan
  128. Mrs. J. H. MacMillan
  129. Mrs. A. E. MacNeir
  130. Miss L. MacNeir
  131. Miss J. MacNeir
  132. Mr. W. H. Mahler
  133. Miss M. W. Mahony
  134. Mrs. F. Manning
  135. Miss F. Manning
  136. Mr. Chas E. McNulty
  137. Mrs. D. E. McVickar
  138. Mr. W. Midwood
  139. Mrs. W. Mid wood
  140. Mr. G. Miller
  141. Mrs. G. Miller
  142. Rev. C. B. Miller
  143. Mrs. C. B. Miller
  144. Mrs. F. Millet
  145. Mr. G. Newman
  146. Mrs. M. Nohn
  147. Miss M. E. Nohn
  148. Mrs. H. E. Noorduyn
  149. Mr. D. Oppenheimer
  150. Mr. G. Osius
  151. Mrs. G. Osius
  152. Miss E. Osius
  153. Mrs. Th. Pershing
  154. Miss E. Pershing
  155. Mr. J. Pinheiro
  156. Mrs. S. Pitney
  157. Miss S. C. Pope
  158. Mrs. G. C. Pratt
  159. Mrs. D. H. Putnam
  160. Mr. S. A. Reed
  161. Mr. H. J. Rittenhouse
  162. Mrs. H. J. Rittenhouse
  163. Miss M. D. Rittenhouse
  164. Mrs. J. Roberts Mead
  165. Mrs. O. H. Rochester
  166. Mr. M. J. Rosbergen
  167. Dr. W. Rose
  168. Mrs. M. Ruegg
  169. Mrs. P. Salen
  170. Mr. J. Sapoundjieff
  171. Mr. N. I. Schermerhorn
  172. Mrs. N. I. Schermerhorn
  173. Mrs. M. E. Schiffer
  174. Mr. E. B. Schmalholz
  175. Mrs. E. B. Schmalholz
  176. Mr. S. Schoeff
  177. Mrs. A. P. Schraner
  178. Mr. E. Schwarz
  179. Miss T. E. Shamp
  180. Miss D. V. Sheffield
  181. Mr. Chas. E. Simms
  182. Mrs. R. Sloan
  183. Mr. B. V. Smith
  184. Mrs. B. V. Smith
  185. Mr. C. H. Smith
  186. Mrs. C. H. Smith
  187. Mr. R. C. Smith
  188. Miss M. A. Smith
  189. Mr. Chas. Sormani
  190. Mr. Jacob Spector
  191. Mr. P. C. Spek
  192. Miss M. Spraker
  193. Miss Stein
  194. Mr. B. Stranders
  195. Mr. A. L. Strauss
  196. Mrs. A. L. Strauss
  197. Mr. J. A. Sutherland
  198. Mrs. J. A. Sutherland
  199. Mrs. W. H. Thomas
  200. Miss I. Z. Thompson
  201. Miss A. M. Thompson
  202. Mr. Wm. H. Tourison
  203. Mrs. L. F. Toutlemonde
  204. Miss L. Turnbull
  205. Mr. P. W. Turner
  206. Mrs. P. W Turner
  207. Mr. J Ph. A. Uitenhage de Mist
  208. Mrs. J. Ph. A. Uitenhage de Mist
  209. Miss F. Warendorf
  210. Miss Y. Webb
  211. Mr. J. M. Welch
  212. Mrs. J. M. Welch
  213. Mr. A. E. Wellington
  214. Mrs. A. J. Wells
  215. Mr. H. O. Wilson
  216. Mrs. H. O. Wilson
  217. Miss C. Wilson
  218. P. W. Wood
  219. Mrs. P. W. Wood
  220. Mr. J. A. J. Wijnmalen
  221. Mr. E. M. Young Jr.
  222. Mrs. E. M. Young Jr.
  223. Miss C. Young Jr.
  224. Mrs. K. van Zandt
  225. Mr. M. Zineman
  226. Mrs. M. Zineman
  227. Mr. A. R. Zoller
  228. Mr. A. Zublin


Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Tuesday, 15 April 1924 from Rotterdam to Halifax and New York

Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Tuesday, 15 April 1924 from Rotterdam to Halifax and New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton. GGA Image ID # 17c7a54c9e


Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. G. Bauer
  2. Mr. P. Bouckuyt
  3. Mrs. P. Bouckuyt
  4. Mr. A. Brieger
  5. Mr. W. C. Bruyn
  6. Mrs. W. C. Bruyn
  7. Mr. W. C. Bruyn
  8. Miss O. Bruyn
  9. Mrs. Cl. Carraro
  10. Mr. G. E. Conti
  11. Mr. Jan Das
  12. Mr. A. v. d. Dussen
  13. Mr. S. Faber
  14. Miss Fr. Fabri
  15. Mr. Josef Gollits
  16. Miss I. Gollits
  17. Mr. A. D. Gomperts
  18. Mr. Tj. Gratema
  19. Mr. J. H. v. d. Griendt
  20. Mr. J. Grosz
  21. Mr. Ch. Groth
  22. Mr. J. Heykoop
  23. Br. F. von Hundelshausen
  24. Mr. J. de Jong
  25. Mr. S. Kamminga
  26. Miss A. Kamminga
  27. Mr. E. Kilchhofer
  28. Mr. A. Kooistra
  29. Mr. A. J. Koolhof
  30. Mr. A. Kromhout
  31. Mr. L. Lenting
  32. Mr. A. E. Loois
  33. Mrs. A. E. Loois
  34. Miss H. Loois
  35. Miss A. Lorenz
  36. Mrs. E. Ludecke
  37. Mr. G. Lugt
  38. Mrs. G. Lugt
  39. Mr. Th. J. Mednek
  40. Mr. Ph. Meisel
  41. Mrs, Ph. Meisel
  42. Mast. R. Meisel
  43. Mr. A. C. v. d. Mey
  44. Mr. V. H. Neirinckx
  45. Mr. H. Nordheim
  46. Mr. Th. F. Novak
  47. Mr. J. Onclin
  48. Mrs. E. Oosterbaan
  49. Mr. J. C Oosthout
  50. Mr. S. Reitsma
  51. Mr. W. Reydon
  52. Dr. J. Roth
  53. Miss C. C. P. Smits
  54. Miss M. Spenglers
  55. Miss J. Sullivan
  56. Mr. P. Sweetman
  57. Mrs. P. Sweetman
  58. Miss C. Tacoma
  59. Mr. P. v. Trigt
  60. Mrs. P. v. Trigt
  61. Mast. J. v. Trigt
  62. Mr. Fr. A. Wamsteeker Brigg
  63. Mr. J. Weits
  64. Mr. H. Willemsen
  65. Mrs. B. Witholt
  66. Mr. Ch. M. Worthington
  67. Mrs. Ch. M. Worthington



Securing of Berths. Berths are reserved upon payment of one fourth of the full passage money with a minimum of $ 60.— for each berth in the first cabin and upon payment of $ 20.—for each berth in the second cabin. The balance on the passage-ticket must be paid at least three weeks before sailing.

When sending deposit money, Passengers are requested to state at the same time their full names and whether the berths are intended for ladies, gentlemen, or married couples. In case, upon receipt, all berths should be engaged, the money so paid will be refunded or accommodation reserved on a later steamer if desired.

Holders of Return tickets can apply for accommodation for the return trip upon writing to the Company to this effect, stating the number of their ticket, the names of the Passengers entitled to transportation, the name of the steamer and date of sailing.

If accommodation at the rate paid should not be available, higher or lower priced accommodation if available will be offered, and when accepted, the difference in price will be collected or will be refunded as the case may be, before the Passenger embarks.

Orders given by telegraph must be followed immediately by the deposit-money or full passage-amount and confirmed by letter.

No orders for berths will be accepted, if the date of sailing is not named.

Tickets are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to others without the consent of the Company; they are valid only for the steamer and sailing named in the ticket.

Passengers wishing to cancel their passage or wishing to be transferred to another sailing, must give notice to that effect at least three weeks in advance.

Should Passengers faü to notify the Company in accordance with the above, 50% of the passage money will be forfeited, unless in case of "vis major" (sickness) or in case the Company has been able to resell the accommodation, originally reserved for the Passenger, in which latter case 10 % of the passage money will be deducted for booking tee when refunding the amount paid.

Round Trip Tickets. Round trip tickets are issued without any reduction; these tickets are valid one year from date of issue.

Baggage for Transportation in Bond. Baggage intended for delivery at ports in the United States other than the port of arrival, or in transit through the United States to a foreign country, may be forwarded without the assessment of duty at the port of New York, by the various railroads and express-companies, whose representatives will be found on the pier, provided the intention of Passengers to have their baggage forwarded in bond be indicated in the customs-declarations to be filled out on board before the steamer's arrival, and provided the value of such baggage be stated in said declarations.

Baggage Insurance. The Company's liabüity for baggage is strictly limited, but arrangements have been made whereby Passengers can have same insured against loss by sea or land.

A circular with full particulars re this insurance can be had on application at the Purser's Office.

Deck Chairs. The steamers are provided with a limited number of deck chairs which can be hired either at the different Offices of the Company or on board at $1.50 for the single voyage. Such chairs must be returned to the Chief Steward on or before arrival.

Steamer Rugs. Steamer rugs can be hired on board from the Purser at the rate of $1.50 for one trip; they must be returned to the Chief Steward on or before arrival.


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