SS Rotterdam Passenger List - 25 August 1926

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Sailing 25 August 1926 From Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton

Front Cover of a First and Second Cabin Passenger List from the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Sailing 25 August 1926 From Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton, Commanded by Commodore Van den Heuvel. GGA Image ID # 17c925c8db


Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909.


Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam. 24,170 Tons Register. 37,190 Tons Displacement. Postally Used on 1 May 1909. US Postage One Cent Stamp Affixed. Front Side: GGA Image ID # 15c393757a; Back Side: GGA Image ID # 15c3a3ce4b


Back Side of 1909 Picture Postcard of the Holland-America Line TSS Rotterdam.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Commodore Van Den Heuvel
  2. Chief Officer: Veldheer
  3. Chief Engineer: Roona
  4. Purser: Reyntjes
  5. Physician: Dr. Kelly
  6. Chief Steward: Van Der Boon


First Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. M. Aach
  2. Mrs. M. Aach
  3. Mrs. N. S. Aarons
  4. Dr. F. C. Abbott
  5. Miss A. H. d'Abo
  6. Mrs. I. O. Acton
  7. Mr. W. B. Adair
  8. Miss M. Adair
  9. Mrs. A. S. Anderson
  10. Dr. M. ApfeI
  11. Mrs. M. ApfeI
  12. Dr. J. S. Appleman
  13. Mrs. J. S. AppIeman
  14. Mr. P. H. Arthur
  15. Mrs. P. H. Arthur
  16. Miss D. J. Arthur
  17. Miss P. Arthur
  18. Mr. C. Atherton
  19. Mrs. F. Atkinson
  20. Mrs. A. J. Badenhausen
  21. Mrs. A. B. Bahr
  22. Mr. W. H. Barnum
  23. Mrs. W. H. Barnum
  24. Miss H. Barnum
  25. Miss R. Barnum
  26. Miss K. V. Barnum
  27. Miss O. BartIett
  28. Hon. Ch. Bechhoefer
  29. Mrs. Ch. Bechhoefer
  30. Mr. B. Bechhoefer
  31. Miss M. Beers
  32. Mr. A. G. Bernheimer
  33. Mrs. B. J. Berry
  34. Mrs. H. V. Bessire
  35. Mr. R. BIock
  36. Mrs. R. BIock
  37. Miss E. Boardman
  38. Mr. D. de Boer
  39. Mrs. D. de Boer
  40. Mast. D. S. de Boer
  41. Mrs. L. F. Bond
  42. Mr. R. M. Bond
  43. Jonkvrouw E. J. L. van den Bosch
  44. Dr. Wm. E. Boucher
  45. Miss A. BradIey
  46. Mr. G. D. Braman
  47. Mrs. G. D. Braman
  48. Mr. C. K. Brauns
  49. Mrs. C. K. Brauns
  50. Mr. W. H. van Breda KoIff
  51. Mrs. W. H. van Breda KoIff
  52. Dr. J. Brennglass
  53. Mrs. J. BrenngIass
  54. Mr. W. C. Brown Jr.
  55. Miss E. Brown
  56. Mrs. W. Bryant
  57. Miss F. Buchan
  58. Miss L. M. BuIIock
  59. Miss H. Carpenter
  60. Miss M. J. CarroIl
  61. Mrs. G. W. ChandIer
  62. Mrs. C. W. Chase
  63. Mr. W. Chase
  64. Miss L. Chenevert
  65. Mr. C. D. Clifton
  66. Mrs. C. D. Clifton
  67. Mrs. N. W. Cohn
  68. Dr. R. G. Cook
  69. Mrs. R. G. Cook
  70. Miss E. CouIson
  71. Mrs. W. W. Crehore
  72. Miss A. M. Crehore
  73. Miss J. CribIez
  74. Miss A, Cueny
  75. Miss E. Cueny
  76. Mr. H. B. Culver
  77. Mrs. H. B. CuIver
  78. Miss E. F. Cusack
  79. Miss M. S. DanieIs
  80. Miss J. Davidson
  81. Mr. P. B. Davis
  82. Mr. S. C. Day
  83. Mrs. S. C. Day
  84. Mr. C. Dennis
  85. Mrs. C. Dennis
  86. Mr. H. K. Dent
  87. Mrs. H. K. Dent
  88. Mr. L. C. Derouet
  89. Mrs. L. C. Derouet
  90. Mr. G. K. van Deusen
  91. Mr. P. R. Dijksterhuis
  92. Mr. W. K. Dwier
  93. CoI. A. Dyer
  94. Mrs. A. Dyer
  95. Miss N. Dyer
  96. Miss J. Edgecomb
  97. Mrs. R. E. Edwards
  98. Mr. L. Eisenberg
  99. Mr. J. EIias
  100. Miss M. Embery
  101. Miss S. Embery
  102. Mrs. E. C. Estep
  103. Miss J. Estep
  104. Miss D. Estep
  105. Mr. H. T. EwaId
  106. Mrs. H. T. EwaId
  107. Miss S. EwaId
  108. Mast. H. T. Ewald
  109. Mr. J. H. Farish
  110. Mrs. J. H. Farish
  111. Mr. W. A. Ferguson
  112. Mrs. W. A. Ferguson
  113. Mrs. D. A. Ferguson
  114. Miss H. Ferguson
  115. Miss V. Ferguson
  116. Mrs. W. H. Ferry
  117. Miss M. Ferry
  118. Dr. F. H. Finnerty
  119. Mrs. F. H. Finnerty
  120. Miss S. Fishman
  121. Miss R. Fishman
  122. Mr. J. O. FIower
  123. Mr. G. L. Foote
  124. Mrs. G. L. Foote
  125. Mast. G. B. Foote
  126. Mast. E. R. Foote
  127. Mrs. J. M. Forbes
  128. Mr. N. A. de Gaay Fortman
  129. Mrs. M. S. Frank
  130. Miss M. L. Frank
  131. Mrs. J. J. FusseIl
  132. Mr. J. L. Galey
  133. Mrs. J. L. GaIey
  134. Mr. J. A. Gautier
  135. Dr. H. R. Geyelin
  136. Mrs. H. R. Geyelin
  137. Miss E. GiIbert
  138. Mrs. J. GilI Jr.
  139. Mrs. J. GoIdberg
  140. Miss E. Goldsmith
  141. Mrs. C. Grace
  142. Mrs. L. Graff
  143. Mr. W. Grange
  144. Mrs. W. Grange
  145. Mrs. E. Grant
  146. Miss M. Grant
  147. Miss M. Gray
  148. Miss E. Griffing
  149. Miss E. Griffing
  150. Dr. E. W. Grim
  151. Mrs. H. Grimbel
  152. Mast. GrimbeI
  153. Mr. E. W. Gwinner Jr.
  154. Mr. M. H. Haft
  155. Mrs. M. H. Haft
  156. Mr. A. G. Hagedorn
  157. Mrs. A. G. Hagedorn
  158. Mr. W. E. HalI
  159. Mrs. W. E. HalI
  160. Miss C. H. Hall
  161. Miss S. B. HaII
  162. Mrs. A. Hanauer
  163. Mr. S. G. Harbison
  164. Mrs. S. G. Harbison
  165. Dr. M. H. Harris
  166. Mrs. M. H. Harris
  167. Mrs. R. W. Harris
  168. Miss O. Harris
  169. Miss S. Harris
  170. Mr. W. S. Haskell
  171. Baroness A. Hatvany
  172. Rev. J. V. Haughney
  173. Rev. J. W. Haun D.D
  174. Mr. L. H. Hazard
  175. Mrs. L. H. Hazard
  176. Miss E. Hazard
  177. Miss M. Hazard
  178. Mr. J. Hazard
  179. Mrs. E. Hekman
  180. Mr. S. Held
  181. Mrs. S. Held
  182. Miss R. HeId
  183. Miss L. Henning
  184. Mr. S. L. Herold
  185. Mrs. S. L. HeroId
  186. Miss R. HeroId
  187. Mr. S. L. HeroId
  188. Mrs. F. Herrmann
  189. Miss L. J. Herrmann
  190. Miss H. S. Herrmann
  191. Mr. J. HessIein
  192. Mrs. J. HessIein
  193. Mr. K. W. Heye
  194. Mr. K. W. Heye Third
  195. Mr. M. Hilder
  196. Mr. M. H. HiIder
  197. Mr. W. W. HilI
  198. Mrs. W. W. HiII
  199. Mrs. H. Hinrichs
  200. Miss M. L. Hinrichs
  201. Mast. H. Hinrichs
  202. Miss B. Hinrichs
  203. Mrs. H. B. Hobbs
  204. Mr. A. C. Hoefinghoff
  205. Mrs. A. C. Hoefinghoff
  206. Mr. W. F. Hoffmann
  207. Mrs. W. F. Hoffmann
  208. Mr. W. F. Hoffmann Jr.
  209. Mr. A. Hoffmann
  210. Miss M. F. Hoffmann
  211. Mr. H. Hohenstein
  212. Prof. Dr. A. F. Holleman
  213. Mrs. A. F. HoIIeman
  214. Mr. J. G. HoImes
  215. Mr. J. H. Howe
  216. Mrs. J. H. Howe
  217. Mr. E. B. Hunting
  218. Miss S. B. Hunting
  219. Mr. G. A. Hunziker
  220. Mrs. G. A. Hunziker
  221. Mr. W. J. Hunziker
  222. Miss N. Ide
  223. Mrs. J. Jenks
  224. Mr. Th. S. Jenks
  225. Miss A. W. Jenks
  226. Mr. E. F. Jones
  227. Mrs. E. F. Jones
  228. Miss F. E. Jones
  229. Mr. E. Joseph
  230. Mrs. E. Joseph
  231. Mrs. J. F. Keator
  232. Miss A. Kenney
  233. Mr. W. J. L. Kierulff
  234. Mrs. W. J. L. Kierulff
  235. Mr. W. H. van Kirk
  236. Mrs. W. H. van Kirk
  237. Mr. E. S. KIein
  238. Mrs. Th. KIein
  239. Miss C. KIeiser
  240. Miss M. C. Koster
  241. Mrs. I. Kraus
  242. Miss E. Kremelberg
  243. Miss M. Laing
  244. Mrs. J. B. Lamb
  245. Miss E. Lappe
  246. Mrs. C. E. Lauriat
  247. Mr. W. T. Leman
  248. Mrs. W. T. Leman
  249. Dr. M. R. Lewis
  250. Dr. L. Lewis
  251. Mrs. R. E. Liebmann
  252. Mr. R. Loonstein
  253. Miss E. Losea
  254. Mr. E. D. J. Luning
  255. Mr. E. M. V. Luning
  256. Mr. H. MarbIestone
  257. Mr. W. F. Martin
  258. Mr. J. H. McCormick
  259. Mrs. J. H. McCormick
  260. Miss I. McCormick
  261. Mr. H. C. McCormick
  262. Mr. R. O. McEIroy
  263. Mrs. R. O. McElroy
  264. Miss A. C. McEIroy
  265. Miss H. McGuire
  266. Dr. S. B. McKinley
  267. Mrs. L. B. McKinley
  268. Mrs. E. G. McVoy
  269. Miss C. McVoy
  270. Dr. C. A. McWiIIiams
  271. Mr. F. MeIlor
  272. Mrs. F. Mellor
  273. Mr. de Menocal
  274. Rev. G. G. MerriIl
  275. Miss M. P. MerrilI
  276. Miss F. A. Meuer
  277. Mrs. E. Michael
  278. Mrs. O. MichaeI and three chiIdren
  279. Miss L. Miracle
  280. Dr. H. R. MixseIl
  281. Mrs. H. R. MixseII
  282. Miss C. M. MixselI
  283. Mr. J. H. Moore
  284. Mrs. J. H. Moore
  285. Mr. Th. V. Moore Jr.
  286. Mrs. F. V. Moore
  287. Mrs. J. M. NeIson
  288. Mr. J. Nepil
  289. Mrs. J. NepiI
  290. Mr. E. NepiI
  291. Mr. N. Neuman
  292. Mrs. N. Neuman
  293. Miss R. Neuman
  294. Mrs. C. Newcorn
  295. Miss A. Nice
  296. Miss A. NichoIas
  297. Miss R. S. Nichols
  298. Miss L. E. Nims
  299. Hon. R. H. Norweb, First Secretary to the Legation of the U. S. at the Hague
  300. Mast. R. H. Norweb Jr.
  301. Mrs. J. Nutt
  302. Mr. E. D. Oakford
  303. Mrs. E. D. Oakford
  304. Miss E. Oberst
  305. Sister M. A. Omernik
  306. Miss K. Osborne
  307. Mrs. N. O'Shaughnessy
  308. Mr. E. O'Shaughessy
  309. Mr. M. J. Overeynder
  310. Mrs. M. J. Overeynder
  311. Mr. E. Overeynder
  312. Mr. C. W. Paget
  313. Mrs. C. W. Paget
  314. Mr. K. V. Painter
  315. Mrs. K. V. Painter
  316. Mrs. H. PauIy
  317. Mr. F. H. Pearl
  318. Mrs. F. H. Pearl
  319. Miss E. F. PendIebury
  320. Mr. J. Petitmermet
  321. Mrs. J. Petitmermet
  322. Miss C. Petitmermet
  323. Mr. P. Petitmermet
  324. Mast. L. Petitmermet
  325. Miss J. PhiIIips
  326. Mrs. N. Platt
  327. Miss N. Platt
  328. Mrs. I. Portman
  329. Mast. M. Portman
  330. Dr. J. W. Poucher
  331. Dr. Ed. L. Pratt
  332. Mrs. Ed. L. Pratt
  333. Miss A. H. Pratt
  334. Mast. Ed. L. Pratt Jr.
  335. Mrs. R. K. Pratt
  336. Mrs. L. M. Prince
  337. Mrs. E. W. Quaife
  338. Miss S. Quatrebeau
  339. Mrs. I. V. Raine
  340. Mr. H. G. Rath
  341. Mr. N. K. Regar
  342. Mrs. N. K. Regar
  343. Mrs. E. M. Reiff
  344. Mrs. V. D. ReynoIds
  345. Dr. Ph. Rice
  346. Mr. F. H. Richmond
  347. Mrs. H. S. RiddIe
  348. Miss B. RiddIe
  349. Mr. A. Rosenberg
  350. Mrs. A. Rosenberg
  351. Mr. F. L. Rosenberg
  352. Miss M. Rosenberg
  353. Miss G. Rosenberg
  354. Miss E. Rosenberg
  355. Mrs. S. RosenthaI
  356. Miss M. RosenthaI
  357. Mr. M. N. Rothschild
  358. Mrs. M. N. RothschiId
  359. Mast M. N. Rothschild Jr.
  360. Mast. A. F. Rothschild
  361. Miss B. G. RothschiId
  362. Miss N. M. RothschiId
  363. Mrs. J. M. Rowe Jr.
  364. Miss H. Rowe
  365. Sister K. Rutkowska
  366. Mr. A. Ruys
  367. Mr. E. Sacerdote
  368. Mast. S. Sacerdote
  369. Mrs. S. Samuels
  370. Miss H. Saxe
  371. Mr. R. Scherick
  372. Mrs. R. Scherick
  373. Miss M. Scherick
  374. Miss C. Scherick
  375. Mrs. A. J. Scheuer
  376. Miss M. Scheuer
  377. Mrs. A. SchIesinger
  378. Mr. R. H. Schultz
  379. Mrs. R. H. SchuItz
  380. Miss M. Schwyzer
  381. Mr. W. C. ScuII
  382. Mrs. W. C. Scull
  383. Mr. R. B. ScuII
  384. Mr. T. C. ScuII
  385. Mr. B. M. ShanIey. III
  386. Rev. H. P. Shea
  387. Dr. D. H. Sherman
  388. Miss A. Sherman
  389. Miss E. ShooIman
  390. Miss S. Simpson
  391. Mr. R. S. SIoan
  392. Mr. M. M. SIoman
  393. Mrs. M. M. SIoman
  394. Miss C. D. Smiley
  395. Miss H. P. Smith
  396. Mrs. F. Du Sossoit
  397. Miss F. M. Southard
  398. Miss G. Spofford
  399. Miss B. Starke
  400. Mr. S. G. Stern
  401. Mrs. S. G. Stern
  402. Mrs. B. Stern
  403. Mr. C. Stoffregen
  404. Mrs. C. Stoffregen
  405. Miss C. L. Stoffregen
  406. Miss E. A. Stoffregen
  407. Mr. F. Strauss
  408. Mrs. F. Strauss
  409. Mr. A. C. Studer
  410. Miss J. T. Sturdevant
  411. Mr. M. Sulzberger
  412. Mrs. M. SuIzberger
  413. Mr. J. R. Suydam Jr.
  414. Mrs. J. R. Suydam
  415. Mr. E. Swartwout
  416. Mr. M. D. Symonds
  417. Miss M. L. Symonds
  418. Miss M. D. Taylor
  419. Miss R. A. Taylor
  420. Mr. L. Theaman
  421. Hon. H. C. Thompson Jr.
  422. Mrs. H. C. Thompson
  423. Mrs. M. B. Thompson
  424. Miss L. R. Thompson
  425. Mr. J. R. TindIe
  426. Mrs. J. R. TindIe
  427. Mr. R. G. Tindle
  428. Mr. J. K. TindIe
  429. Mr. M. H. Todd
  430. Mrs. M. H. Todd
  431. Miss J. M. Todd
  432. Miss A. H. Todd
  433. Mrs. E. Todd Hayt
  434. Miss A. B. Todd
  435. Miss D. Toote
  436. Miss M. Tracy
  437. Mr. C. D. Tripp
  438. Mrs. C. D. Tripp
  439. Miss L. Tripp
  440. Miss M. Tripp
  441. Mr. J. M. Uffinger
  442. Mrs. J. M. Uffinger
  443. Mr. J. H. UIIman
  444. Mrs. J. H. Ullman
  445. Mrs. I. Vanderzwaag
  446. Mr. R. Varick
  447. Mr. W. B. Vincent
  448. Dr. G. L. Voerman
  449. Rev. A. VoIImer
  450. Mrs. W. G. WaIling
  451. Miss F. C. WaIIing
  452. Miss M. WaIsh
  453. Miss W. Warren
  454. Hon. J. Weaver
  455. Mrs. J. Weaver
  456. Miss E. M. Weeks
  457. Mr. J. WeiI
  458. Mrs. J. WeiI
  459. Miss A. Welch
  460. Mr. R. F. WeIls
  461. Mrs. R. F. WeIIs
  462. Mr. J. WelIs
  463. Miss E. Wells
  464. Miss K. WeIIs
  465. Dr. H. Wertheim
  466. Mr. J. WesseI
  467. Mrs. J. WesseI
  468. Miss WesseI
  469. Mrs. H. A. Wheeler
  470. Mr. W. W. Wheeler Jr.
  471. Mrs. W. W. WheeIer
  472. Mast. C. B, Wheeler
  473. Mrs. W. W. Wheeler Sr
  474. Mrs. A. L. White
  475. Mr. C. W. Whitelaw
  476. Miss M. Whitlock
  477. Hon. J. WiIson
  478. Mrs. J. WiIson
  479. Miss M. WiIson
  480. Mr. Ch. WoIff
  481. Mrs. Ch. F. Wood
  482. Mr. S. WyIer
  483. Mr. A. Yankauer
  484. Mrs. A. Yankauer
  485. Mast. A. Yankauer Jr.
  486. Mast. J. Yankauer


Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Sailing 25 August 1926 From Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton.

Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the SS Rotterdam of the Holland-America Line, Sailing 25 August 1926 From Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton. GGA Image ID # 17c94b1996


Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. M. L. AbIer
  2. Mr. J. Adamovsky
  3. Mrs. J. Adamovsky
  4. Mr. P. Aleksandrovich
  5. Mrs. P. AIeksandrovich
  6. Mr. J. AIIen
  7. Mrs. M. AltenIoh
  8. Mast. R. Altenloh
  9. Mrs. E. Aurich
  10. tMrs. van AustaI
  11. Miss van AustaI
  12. Rev. A. Baczewski
  13. Miss B. Bailey
  14. Mrs. F. P. Baker
  15. Mr. G. BasIer
  16. Mr. H. de Beer
  17. Mrs. H. de Beer
  18. Miss B. de Beer
  19. Miss G. Bettinger
  20. Mr. O. BickeI
  21. Mrs. O. Bickel
  22. Mrs. E. Blakley
  23. Mr. G. L. Bloom
  24. Miss M. Bosman
  25. Mrs. C. M. Bouwman
  26. Miss W. Bouwman
  27. Mr. J. E. BoyIe
  28. Mrs. J. E. BoyIe
  29. Miss E. Boyle
  30. Miss L. BoyIe
  31. Mr. H. L. te Brake
  32. Mrs. H. L. te Brake
  33. Miss J. M. to Brake
  34. Miss D. Brakman
  35. Mr. P. Brakman
  36. Mrs. J. Brandjes
  37. Miss B. Bright
  38. Mr. W. C. Broekhuyzen
  39. Mrs. M. B. Brown
  40. Miss E. Brown
  41. Mr. J. Brust
  42. Mrs. J. Brust
  43. Mr. R. A. BuIstra
  44. Mrs. R. A. BuIstra
  45. Mrs. S. Busch
  46. Mr. H. V. CampbeII
  47. Miss E. E. Case
  48. Mr. A. J. ChaIabi
  49. Mr. J. Cheben
  50. Miss C. Citterman
  51. Mrs. E. L. Connor
  52. Miss M. Connor
  53. Mrs. M. Conti-Poggi
  54. Mr. W. W. Curry
  55. Mrs. W. W. Curry
  56. Mr. A. DanieI
  57. Dr. H. Denton Stryker
  58. Mrs. H. Denton Stryker
  59. Mrs. L. Diamond
  60. Miss D. Diamond
  61. Mrs. Th. v. DiggeIen
  62. Mr. H. J. v. Diggelen
  63. Rev. J. Diunczius
  64. Mr. T. T. J. Doon
  65. Miss A. R. Doremus
  66. Mr. L. Dornay
  67. Mrs. L. Dornay
  68. Miss I. DoyIe
  69. Miss M. DoyIe
  70. Miss C. DoyIe
  71. Miss V. Doyle
  72. Mr. J. v. Driest
  73. Mrs. B. Druckemiller
  74. Miss F. Duncan
  75. Mr. J. J. Durish
  76. Miss A. Edge
  77. Mr. I. Efros
  78. Mrs. I. Efros
  79. Mr. H. J. Eggens
  80. Mrs. H. J. Eggens
  81. Mr. O. Erickson
  82. Mrs. O. Erickson
  83. Miss A. Erickson
  84. Mr. L. Ernst
  85. Mr. H. F. Espenscheid
  86. Mrs. H. F. Espenscheid
  87. Mrs. D. G. Etherington
  88. Mr. H. Evenhuis
  89. Mrs. H. Evenhuis
  90. Dr. P. F. Fenn
  91. Mrs. P. F. Fenn
  92. Dr. P. F. Fenn Jr.
  93. Mr. S. Ferry
  94. Mr. E. Ferry
  95. Miss A. M. Ferry
  96. Miss H. Fetter
  97. Mrs. B. Fisher
  98. Mr. F. Fisher
  99. Mr. J. Flanegan
  100. Mr. G. Florez
  101. Mrs. L. FIorez
  102. Miss L. FIorez
  103. Mr. E. P. FowIer
  104. Mr. M. Frick
  105. Mast. W. Frick
  106. Miss M. Ganger
  107. Mrs. L. F. Ganger
  108. Mr. F. Germi
  109. Mrs. F. Germi
  110. Mrs. W. v. Giessen
  111. Mast. W. J. v. Giessen
  112. Rev. W. GiIIen
  113. Mr. J. GiIIen
  114. Miss F. GiIIen
  115. Mrs. E. GIasscoe
  116. Miss H. GIogow
  117. Mrs. M. Goodrich
  118. Miss E. Gould
  119. Miss F. B. Grant
  120. Mrs. E. Graske
  121. Mrs. R. Greenwald
  122. Miss F. Grooss
  123. Miss E. Grooss
  124. Mrs. A. C. GrünwaId
  125. Miss W. E. GrünwaId
  126. Miss E. H. GulIiver
  127. Mr. E. Gump
  128. Miss E. Gunther
  129. Miss G. Guntz
  130. Mr. F. Gwelin
  131. Mr. W. O. Hamblin
  132. Mrs. W. O. HambIin
  133. Mrs. H. HaroId
  134. Miss H. F. Harris
  135. Miss O. Hart
  136. Miss J. Hart
  137. Mr. J. Hartmann
  138. Mr. J. F. M. van HeIsdingen
  139. Mrs. J. F. M. van Helsdingen
  140. Mrs. E. Hergert
  141. Miss D. Hergert
  142. Mr. P. Hersperger
  143. Mr. O. J. Heyne
  144. Mrs. O. J. Heyne
  145. Miss R. Hill
  146. Mrs. C. Hofmann
  147. Mr. Ch. C. Hoge
  148. Mrs. J. v. Hooydonck
  149. Miss C. S. HubbeII
  150. Miss M. Huber
  151. Mr. H. Huizenga
  152. Mrs, H. Huizenga
  153. Mast. H. Huizenga
  154. Mr. W. Hutchins
  155. Mr. W. Ireland
  156. Mrs. J. C. Jacobsen
  157. Miss A. M. Jacobsen
  158. Mr. J. Jacobsma
  159. Mrs. L. S. Jacobson
  160. Miss T. Jacobson
  161. Mr. A. Jaffe
  162. Mrs. E. Jaffe StoIpner
  163. Mr. G. Jessen
  164. Mrs. G. Jessen
  165. Miss J. Jongkind
  166. Mrs. J. Jonkema
  167. Mast. H. Jonkema
  168. Miss B. J. Jonkema
  169. Mr. J. Jonkema
  170. Mr. J. Jonkman
  171. Miss A. Jung
  172. Mr. B. Kamp
  173. Mrs. B. Kamp
  174. Mast. W. Kamp
  175. Mast. D. Kamp
  176. Miss A. M. Kamper
  177. Mr. J. KeiI
  178. Mrs. J. KeiI
  179. Rev. J. H. Keim
  180. Dr. C. F. Keim
  181. Mrs. C. F. Keim
  182. Miss C. F. Keim
  183. Mr. F. W. Kidd
  184. Mrs. F. W. Kidd
  185. Mrs. H. Kiefer
  186. Miss E. Kierstead
  187. Mr. F. Kilian
  188. Mrs. F. Kilian
  189. Mast. J. KiIian
  190. Mr. R. S. Kirby
  191. Mrs. R. S. Kirby
  192. Mrs. F. S. Kirkpatrick
  193. Mr. A. W. Kistenbroker
  194. Mrs. A. W. Kistenbroker
  195. Mr. L. Kohn
  196. Mrs. L. Kohn
  197. Mast. Th. W. Kohn
  198. Mast. M. Kohn
  199. Mr. S. Kohn
  200. Mrs. J. KoIdijke
  201. Mr. W. Kortekamp
  202. Mrs. W. Kortekamp
  203. Mr. J. T. Korsman
  204. Mr. V. Kozlik
  205. Miss T. KozIik
  206. Mr. P. Kramer
  207. Mrs. P. Kramer
  208. Miss N. Kramer
  209. Miss B. Kramer
  210. Mrs. B. KreitIer
  211. Mrs. Chr. Krisch
  212. Miss Chr. Krisch
  213. Mr. H. Krumm
  214. Dr. H. Kulovesie
  215. Miss H. B. de Lang
  216. Miss M. Larmoyen
  217. Miss G. Laseur
  218. Mrs. M. Lawson
  219. Mr. M. Lebovitz
  220. Mast. F. Lederer
  221. Miss J. Lederer
  222. Mr. M. LeIand
  223. Mrs. M. Leland
  224. Mrs. W. M. L. Leonard
  225. Mast. P. Leonard
  226. Mr. E. Leonhardt
  227. Miss H. Leonhardt
  228. Mrs. M. Leuffen
  229. Mr. W. Leuffen
  230. Miss G. Leuffen
  231. Mrs. M. J. Levy
  232. Miss E. G. Liardet
  233. Miss S. Lied
  234. Mr. H. v. d. Linde
  235. Miss E. van Loen
  236. Mr. H. Long
  237. Mr. A. R. Longhrameji
  238. Miss F. Lord
  239. Mr. CI. E. Love
  240. Mrs. Cl. E. Love
  241. Mrs. J. C. Mackin
  242. Mr. H. C. MaIio
  243. Miss E. Manderbach
  244. Miss E. M. Mann
  245. Miss. M. H. Mann
  246. Mr. W. MantelI
  247. Mrs. W. ManteII
  248. Mr. H. W. Markus
  249. Mrs. H. W. Markus
  250. Mr. A. A. Marschner
  251. Mrs. A. A. Marschner
  252. Mr. I. M. MarshaII
  253. Mrs. I. M. MarshaIl
  254. Mr. J. Marty
  255. Mrs. J. Marty
  256. Mast. J. Marty
  257. Mast. A. Marty
  258. Mr. J. Marty
  259. Mr. A. Marty
  260. Mr. B. Marx
  261. Mrs. B. Marx
  262. Mr. A. P. Mason
  263. Mrs. H. Mathiesen
  264. Mr. H. May
  265. Mrs. H. May
  266. Miss C. May
  267. Mast. A. May
  268. Miss J. McBride
  269. Mrs. H. McKinIey
  270. Mr. J. F. van Meirs
  271. Mr. C. E. MeIeney
  272. Mrs. C. E. Meleney
  273. Miss G. E. MeIeney
  274. Miss M. MeneeIy
  275. Mr. R. Meng
  276. Mrs. R. Meng
  277. Miss M. Merz
  278. Mr. G. MiIIer
  279. Mrs. G. MiIIer
  280. Mast. E. MiIIer
  281. Miss M. MitcheII
  282. Mrs. W. Monjé
  283. Miss S. C. Monjé
  284. Mr. E. Y. Montanye
  285. Mrs. E. Y. Montanye
  286. Miss G. G. Mott
  287. Miss H. M. Mott
  288. Sister F. Moyer
  289. Miss K. Moyer
  290. Mrs. I. NelIison
  291. Mr. H. van Nes
  292. Mr. G. Nichols
  293. Mrs. G. NichoIs
  294. Miss L. NichoIs
  295. Miss J. Nichols
  296. Mr. H. Nieuwenhuis
  297. Mrs. H. Nieuwenhuis and Infant
  298. Mr. J. Offringa
  299. Miss S. Olmstead
  300. Mrs. E. Otto
  301. Mrs. W. C. Pease
  302. Miss C. M. Pease
  303. Mr. K. v. Peer
  304. Mrs. K. v. Peer
  305. Mr. F. Peter
  306. Mrs. L. PhiIIipson
  307. Miss G. Phillipson
  308. Mrs. W. Piggott
  309. Miss E. Piggott
  310. Mr. B. PiIler
  311. Mrs. M. PiIznienska
  312. Mr. M. L. PIatt
  313. Mrs. M. L. Platt
  314. Mr. F. S. PIatt
  315. Mr. J. PohI
  316. Mrs. J. PohI
  317. Mr. W. F. PohI
  318. Mr. R. H. PohI
  319. Mrs. H. A. PooI
  320. Mr. J. Portegys
  321. Mr. J. Post
  322. Mrs. A. Posthumus
  323. Mr. J. Prusky
  324. Rev. J. Quack
  325. Miss K. Quack
  326. tMrs. W. J. Queen
  327. Miss M. K. Quisenberry
  328. Miss K. Quisenberry
  329. Dr. W. G. Ramey
  330. Mr. H. Raskin
  331. Mrs. H. Raskin
  332. Miss M. A. Rass
  333. Mr. A. Reuter
  334. Mr. A. Riesenberg
  335. Mrs. J. J. Riff
  336. Mr. Th. B. Roy
  337. Mrs. Th. B. Roy
  338. Mast. D. Roy
  339. Mr. A. Ruytenberg
  340. Mr. J. G. Saris
  341. Miss E. Saum
  342. Mr. O. Schaap
  343. Mrs. M. Schaffer
  344. Miss M. Schaffer
  345. Mr. V. SchafIein
  346. Mrs. V. SchafIein
  347. Miss L. SchIichting
  348. Mrs. F. C. Schmidt
  349. Miss C. Schmidt
  350. Mr. G. Schneider
  351. Mr. K. B. Schotte
  352. Mr. K. B. Schotte Jr.
  353. Dr. F. E. Schram
  354. Mrs. F. E. Schram
  355. Miss E. Schroeder
  356. Mr. F. Schudmak
  357. Mrs. P. Schuermann
  358. Mr. I. Schultz
  359. Mr. L. Schwartz
  360. Mr. S. Schwartz
  361. Mr. H. Schwegler
  362. Mrs. H. SchwegIer and Infant
  363. Mr. J. C. Sengers
  364. Mrs. J. C. Sengers
  365. Miss T. M. F. L. Sengers
  366. Mast. J. W. G. Sengers
  367. Miss M. L. Sheridan
  368. Mr. W. H. Sikma
  369. Mrs. W. H. Sikma
  370. Miss D. Sikma
  371. Mr. A. W. J. Sleypen
  372. Mrs. A. W. J. SIeypen
  373. Mast. J. V. SIeypen
  374. Mast. V. M. A. Sleypen
  375. Mr. S. Solomom
  376. Mrs. S. SoIomom and Child
  377. Sister M. N. Spitz
  378. Miss A. Stoisits
  379. Mr. J. v. Stratum
  380. Mrs. A. Strohmeyer
  381. Miss L. Strohmeyer
  382. Mr. H. Stukart
  383. Mrs. H. Stukart
  384. Mr. H. W. Stukart
  385. Mr. A. Strunk
  386. Mrs. H. Suprika
  387. Miss I. Suprika
  388. Mrs. F. K. Swett
  389. Mrs. M. J. Swettman
  390. Dr. J. Taunay van Broekhuyzen
  391. Mrs. J. Taunay van Broekhuyzen
  392. Mr. R. Taunay van Broekhuyzen
  393. Mr. J. Tensen
  394. Miss R. Tensen
  395. Miss K. TieIeke
  396. Miss A. Tieleke
  397. Miss P. M. Tiffany
  398. Mr. S. Trenz
  399. Miss F. Trynz
  400. Miss L. TrusdeII
  401. Mrs. J. A. Turner
  402. Miss E. R. Tyson
  403. Mr. W. S. Unger
  404. Miss D. Unger
  405. Miss E. P. UzeImeier
  406. Mrs. J. Vanmaerkerque
  407. Miss M. C. Vanmaerkerque
  408. Mrs. A. Veauthier
  409. Mrs. H. VeIdhuis-Kroeze
  410. Miss G. VeIdhuis-Kroeze
  411. Mast. N. VeIdhuis-Kroeze
  412. Mr. W. Versteeg
  413. Mr. J. Vik
  414. Miss A. v. VIiet
  415. Mr. G. C. v. d. VIugt
  416. Mr. P. WaIker
  417. Mrs. P. WaIker
  418. Mrs. T. A. WaIker
  419. Miss D. L. Walker
  420. Mr. H. A. Walker
  421. Mrs. J. Wallace
  422. Miss A. WalIrath
  423. Mr. S. Weinberg
  424. Mr. H. Weinberg
  425. Miss M. A. West
  426. Miss R. Whitney
  427. Mr. J. H. Wiegerink
  428. Mrs. J. H. Wiegerink
  429. Mr. J. Witteveen
  430. Sister M. P. Woerner
  431. Mr. F. Wohrmann
  432. Mrs. H. Wolf
  433. Miss H. Wolf
  434. Mrs. G. WunderIich
  435. Miss B. Wunderlich
  436. Mrs. R. Wüthrich
  437. Miss L. B. Wyman
  438. Mrs. E. L. Wynn
  439. Mr. D. Yager
  440. Dr. P. Zendel
  441. Mrs. E. Zenhansern
  442. Mr. A. Zvara
  443. Mrs. A. Zvara
  444. Miss A. Zvara
  445. Miss G. Zvara


Information for Passengers

Berths are reserved upon payment of one fourth of the full passage money with a minimum of $ 60,—. for each berth in the first class and upon payment of $ 20.— for each berth in the cabin- or in the second class. The balance on the passage-ticket must be paid at least three weeks before sailing.

When sending deposit-money, Passengers are requested to state at the same time their full names and whether the berths are intended for ladies, gentlemen, or married couples. In case, upon receipt, all berths should be engaged, the money so paid will be refunded or accommodation reserved on a later steamer, if desired.

Holders of Return tickets can apply for accommodation for the return trip upon writing to the Company to this effect, stating the number of their ticket, the names of the Passengers entitled to transportation, the name of the steamer and date of sailing.
If accommodation at the rate paid should not be available, higher or lower priced accommodation if available will be offered, and when accepted, the difference in price will be collected or will be refunded as the case may be, before the Passenger embarks.

Orders given by telegraph must be followed immediately by the deposit-money or full passage amount and confirmed by letter.

No orders for berths will be accepted, if the date of sailing is not named.

Tickets are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to others without the consent of the Company; they are valid only for the steamer and sailing named in the ticket.

Passengers wishing to cancel their passage or wishing to be transferred to another sailing, must give notice to that effect at least three weeks in advance.

Should Passengers fail to notify the Company in accordance with the above, 50% of the passage money will be forfeited, unless in case of "vis major" (sickness) or in case the Company has been able to resell the accommodation, originally reserved for the Passenger, in which latter case 10% of the passage money will be deducted for booking fee when refunding the amount paid.

Round Trip Tickets

Round trip tickets are issued without any reduction; these tickets are valid one year from date of issue.

Baggage for Transportation in Bond

Baggage intended for delivery at ports in the United States other than the port of arrival, or in transit through the United States to a foreign country, may be forwarded without the assessment of duty at the port of New York, by the various railroads and express-companies, whose representatives will be found on the pier, provided the intention of Passengers to have their baggage forwarded in bond be indicated in the customs-declarations to be filled out on board before the steamer's arrival, and provided the value of such baggage be stated in said declarations.

Baggage Insurance

The Company's liability for baggage is strictly limited, but arrangements have been made whereby Passengers can have same insured against loss by sea or land.

A circular with full particulars re this insurance can be had on application at the Purser's Office.

Deck Chairs

The steamers are provided with a limited number of deck chairs which can be hired either at the different Offices of the Company or on board at $1.50 for the single voyage. Such chairs must be returned to the Chief Steward on or before arrival.

Steamer Rugs

Steamer rugs can be hired on board from the Purser at the rate of $1.50 for one trip; they must be returned to the Chief Steward on or before arrival.

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