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TSS Statendam Passenger List - 27 September 1930

Front Cover of a Tourist Third Cabin Passenger List for the SS Statendam of the Holland-America Line, Departing 27 September 1930 from Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton

Front Cover of a Tourist Third Cabin Passenger List for the SS Statendam of the Holland-America Line, Departing 27 September 1930 from Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton, Commanded by Commodore Krol. GGA Image ID # 17cd682453


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Commodore Krol, Lt. Sr. Grade. R.N.R
  2. Chief Officer: Stuut
  3. Chief Engineer: Roona
  4. Physician: Dr. Kelly
  5. Purser: Reyntjes
  6. Chief Steward: Van Der Boon


Tourist Third Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. F. Adriaens
  2. Mr. F. Aemmer
  3. Dr. L. Alff
  4. Mrs. H. van Asselt
  5. Miss M. van Asselt
  6. Mr. S. Atkins
  7. Mr. W. Bachstelz
  8. Mrs. A. Bakker
  9. Mr. T. van Ballegooien
  10. Mrs. T. van Ballegooien
  11. Mr. P. Bartlett
  12. Mr. H. Beenen
  13. Mr. J. R. Bennet
  14. Mr. A. L. Bernes
  15. Mrs. A. Bissell
  16. Miss H. Blum
  17. Mrs. A. de Boer
  18. Mast. H. de Boer
  19. Mrs. H. Bonislawska
  20. Mrs. J. Calabresi
  21. Mr. J. Clarkson
  22. Mrs. J. Clarkson
  23. Mrs. E. Coe
  24. Miss B. Coe
  25. Mr. P. Conball
  26. Mrs. P. Conball
  27. Miss M. Cormick
  28. Mrs. M. Cox
  29. Miss E. Cox
  30. Miss R. Cox
  31. Mrs. M. Darbellay
  32. Miss L. Davidson
  33. Mrs. M. E. Delaunay
  34. Miss M. Delaunay
  35. Mast. A. Delaunay
  36. Mast. A. Delaunay
  37. Miss M. Delima
  38. Dr. McDonald. Dick
  39. Mr. Dickinson
  40. Mrs. Dickinson
  41. Mr. G. Diehl
  42. Mrs. G. Diehl
  43. Mrs. W. Dudden
  44. Mr. J. Dye
  45. Mr. W. Dye
  46. Mr. W. S. Dye, Jr.
  47. Mrs. W. S. Dye
  48. Mr. H. Dykstra
  49. Mr. D. M. Edwards
  50. Mrs. J. Endhoven
  51. Miss M. Ester
  52. Prof. Wm. L. Evans
  53. Mrs. Wm. L. Evans
  54. Miss J. A. Evans
  55. Mrs. E. Fattorine
  56. Miss D. Fay
  57. Miss E. Feickert
  58. Miss M. Fifield
  59. Miss K. Fiske
  60. Mr. O. E. Forster
  61. Mrs. O. E. Forster
  62. Miss R. Forster
  63. Mrs. A. Fritsch
  64. Miss M. Hendricks
  65. Miss M. Hendricks
  66. Mr. P. Herbring
  67. Miss I. Herfurth
  68. Miss M. Hicks
  69. Miss R. Hill
  70. Miss E. Holt
  71. Mr. C. Jansen
  72. Mr. R. Joerin
  73. Mrs. R. Joerin
  74. Mr. S. de Jong
  75. Miss R. Jooss
  76. Mr. V. Gaengel
  77. Mrs. E. Kemmerich
  78. Mrs. V. Gaengel
  79. Mr. Wm. van Keppel
  80. Miss J. Goodall
  81. Mrs. Wm. van Keppel
  82. Miss E. van Keppel
  83. Mr. G. Habermann
  84. Mr. A. Klatt
  85. Mrs. G. Habermann
  86. Mrs. A. Klatt
  87. Mrs. E. Hartwig
  88. Mr. M. Klein
  89. Miss E. Hartwig
  90. Mrs. M. Klein
  91. Miss K. L. Heden
  92. Mrs. N. Kooy
  93. Father Wm. Koppenhagen
  94. Miss A. Heim
  95. Mrs. O. van Heim
  96. Miss F. Heim
  97. Mrs. H. Kroeze
  98. Miss T. Hellema
  99. Miss M. Kunzler
  100. Miss C. Hellema
  101. Mrs. E. Helson
  102. Mr. S. Latkowski
  103. Mrs. M. Hendricks
  104. Mrs. S. Latkowski
  105. Mr. J. van Leeuwen
  106. Mrs. J. van Leeuwen
  107. Mast. W. v. d. Lei
  108. Miss D. Leigh
  109. Miss A. Lewi
  110. Miss J. Lewis
  111. Miss F. Lichtenberg
  112. Mrs. J. W. Linn
  113. Mr. G. Lods
  114. Mr. W. Loory
  115. Dr. Th. Lorbeer
  116. Mr. Th. Mack
  117. Mrs. Th. Mack
  118. Miss N. Macomb
  119. Miss C. Macomb
  120. Mr. F. van Malsen
  121. Mr. F. van Malsen
  122. Miss C. Martin
  123. Miss G. McCrimmon
  124. Mrs. J. McMahon
  125. Miss J. McMahon
  126. Mrs. M. R. Means
  127. Miss M. Means
  128. Means, Miss N
  129. Miss G. Mes
  130. Miss M. Miller
  131. Mr. C. Moebius
  132. Mrs. C. Moebius
  133. Mr. Y. Mostert
  134. Mrs. Y. Mostert
  135. Mrs. M. de Neergaard Flood
  136. Mr. A. Nelson
  137. Mrs. A. Nelson
  138. Miss M. Nilson
  139. Miss E. Nilsson
  140. Mr. J. H. Nordgren
  141. Mr. A. Nordgren
  142. Miss M. Nostheide
  143. Mr. R. Nyholt
  144. Mrs. R. Oldenburg
  145. Mrs. S. Oppenheim
  146. Mr. O. Oppermann
  147. Mrs. O. Oppermann
  148. Mast. Oppermann
  149. Mrs. A. van Oudaren
  150. Mr. R. Pascalar
  151. Mrs. W. Pauck
  152. Miss M. Pflueger
  153. Mr. F. Platt
  154. Mrs. M. Polgar
  155. Miss C. Popp
  156. Mr. W. Prescott
  157. Mrs. W. Prescott
  158. Miss K. Quig
  159. Mr. S. Ras
  160. Mr. F. Reed
  161. Mrs. J. Reiniers
  162. Mr. G. M. Remp
  163. Mr. F. Renirie
  164. Mrs. A. Rinsma
  165. Miss C. Rinsma
  166. Mrs. L. Rogers
  167. Mr. C. Roggeveen
  168. Mrs. E. Roorda
  169. Mast. W. Roorda
  170. Mast. J. Roorda
  171. Mrs. A. Roorda
  172. Mast. H. Roorda
  173. Mrs. M. Rosenkranz
  174. Mr. W. D. Rowlands
  175. Miss A. Sady
  176. Miss M. Sander
  177. Miss A. Sander
  178. Miss K. Schaeberle
  179. Mr. L. Schattner
  180. Mrs. L. Schattner
  181. Miss B. Schlaich
  182. Mrs. F. Schloss
  183. Mr. O. Schmid
  184. Mrs. O. Schmid
  185. Mr. G. Schmidt
  186. Miss C. Schmidt
  187. Mr. J. Schoeplin
  188. Mrs. J. Schoeplin
  189. Mast. Schoeplin
  190. Mrs. W. de Schot
  191. Miss E. Schreiner
  192. Miss A. Schuler
  193. Miss M. Schwartz
  194. Mr. J. Seelig
  195. Mrs. J. Seelig
  196. Mrs. R. Seward
  197. Mrs. M. Siccama
  198. Mrs. A. Siegel
  199. Mrs. L. Smit
  200. Mrs. E. Sollitt
  201. Mr. L. Spence
  202. Miss E. Spuehler
  203. Mr. P. Stein
  204. Mrs. P. Stein
  205. Miss S. Steinmann
  206. Mrs. A. Steinmetz
  207. Mrs. C. Stomps
  208. Mast. G. Stomps
  209. Mast. A. Stomps
  210. Miss A. Stowe
  211. Mr. A. Stratford
  212. Mrs. G. Sturtevant
  213. Mr. J. Tammeryn
  214. Mr. W. Taylor
  215. Miss R. Timberg
  216. Miss V. Timm
  217. Mr. J. Tonkin
  218. Mrs. J. Tonkin
  219. Miss M. Tonkin
  220. Mr. L. Tornikowski
  221. Mrs. L. Tornikowski
  222. Miss C. M. le Vene
  223. Mrs. J. Vermaeren
  224. Mr. H. Vulling
  225. Rev. A. v. d. Wart
  226. Miss R. Weiser
  227. Mr. F. Weller
  228. Mrs. F. Weller
  229. Mr. V. Westerhoven
  230. Mrs. A. Westphal
  231. Mrs. K. Wieduwilt
  232. Mr. F. Wielgus
  233. Mrs. L. Wilhelm
  234. Mr. W. Wirths
  235. Mr. Th. Woudstra
  236. Miss M. Zabukosek
  237. Mr. F. Zeeuw
  238. Mrs. F. Zeeuw


Notice: All Passengers will receive a landing card and are requested to present same before leaving the steamer to a U. S. Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.


STCA First Class Deluxe Cruise to the West Indies on the New SS Statendam, Leaving New York 20 December 1930.

STCA First Class Deluxe Cruise to the West Indies on the New SS Statendam, Leaving New York 20 December 1930. Itinerery Includes Nassau, Port-au-Prince, Kingston (Jamaica), Colon (Panama Canal), and Havanna. Returning to New York on 5 January 1931. GGA Image ID # 1dfd57be45


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