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SS Potsdam Passenger List - 2 July 1904

Passenger List, Holland America Line TSS Potsdam, 1904, Rotterdam to New York

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Potsdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing 2 July 1904 from Rotterdam to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer, Commanded by Captain G. Stenger. GGA Image ID # 15c33675cc


  1. Commander: Captain G. Stenger
  2. Chief Officer: Van Walraven
  3. Chief Engineer: Bauer
  4. Physician: Dr. Nall
  5. Purser: Bos
  6. Chief Steward: Danser


Passengers Embarking at Rotterdam

  1. Miss Clara von Auw
  2. Mr. Gaston Berrod
  3. Mrs. Gaston Berrod
  4. Miss Clara Campbell
  5. Miss Agnes Clarke
  6. Mr. F. H. Cooper
  7. Dr. J. S. Doubleday
  8. Miss Alice E. Doyle
  9. Miss Jennie K. Doyle
  10. Miss Grace H. Doyle
  11. Mr. Hugo Duisberg
  12. Miss Charlotte Ehrlicher - RN
  13. Miss Louise Ehrlicher
  14. Mr. John C. Green
  15. Mrs. John C. Green
  16. Mr. H. C. Guesh
  17. Mrs. H. C. Guesh and Child
  18. Mr. Wm. E. Guy
  19. Mrs. Wm. E. Guy
  20. Miss Kitty Guy
  21. Master Edwin Guy
  22. Master Wade Guy
  23. Miss Evelyn Guy, Governess and Maid
  24. Miss Lillian Hoerlein
  25. Mrs. M. C. Holmes
  26. Mr. L. Kemper
  27. Mr. E. Kerkhoven
  28. Mr. J. D. Kern
  29. Mr. S. P. Konijn
  30. Mrs. S. P. Konijn
  31. Mr. J. A. Lambrechtsen
  32. Miss G. Lemoine
  33. Mrs. S. Listoe
  34. Miss Alice L. Listoe
  35. Mr. William L. Listoe
  36. Master Alex. L. Listoe
  37. Mr. E. D. J. Luning
  38. Mrs. E. D. J. Luning
  39. Miss A. Luning
  40. Mr. A. Madsen
  41. Rev. A. E. Manning
  42. Miss Mary A. Manning
  43. Miss McLellan
  44. Mr. K. Olivier
  45. Mr. C. M. Patterson
  46. Mrs. C. M. Patterson
  47. Miss J. M. Patterson
  48. Mr. H. Sommer
  49. Mrs. H. Sommer
  50. Mr. Thom. G. Thomson
  51. Mrs. Thom. G. Thomson
  52. Mr. Robert Watts
  53. Mr. De Lansey Watts
  54. Miss M. E. Welsh
  55. Mr. A. T. Worm


Passengers Embarking at Boulogne-sur-Mer

  1. General A. C. Barnes
  2. Miss E. Brewster
  3. Mr. H C. Chatfield Taylor
  4. Mrs. H. C. Chatfield Taylor
  5. Miss A. Chatfield Taylor
  6. Master W. Chatfield Taylor
  7. Master O. Chatfield Taylor
  8. Mr. Ph. H. Churchman
  9. Miss Edith M. Clarke
  10. Mrs. R. S. Day
  11. Mr. L. T. Dubourcq
  12. Mr. H. H. Hewitt
  13. Miss A. Howard
  14. Mrs. Wm. Colpert Jones
  15. Miss Fl. Edmond Jones
  16. Miss Mary Victoria Jones
  17. Mr. Armand Katz
  18. Miss L. Kellogg
  19. Ml s. Wayman C. McCreery
  20. Master A. H. McCreery
  21. Miss Cath. McCreery
  22. Miss McEvily
  23. Miss M. McGalm
  24. Miss M. Macpherson
  25. Mr. James Parsons
  26. Mr. Alexander Sedgwick
  27. Mrs. Alexander Sedgwick
  28. Miss Christina Sedgwick
  29. Master Wm. Ell Sedgwick
  30. Master Alex. Sedgwick and two Maids
  31. Mrs. F. Thompson
  32. Mr. W. H. Walker
  33. Mrs. W. H. Walker
  34. Miss Martha Walker
  35. Miss Adelaide Walker
  36. Mr. H. H. Wheeler
  37. Mrs. H. H. Wheeler
  38. Miss Elis. H. Wheeler
  39. Mr. H. H. Wheeler Jr.
  40. Mr. A. T. White
  41. Miss M. Wood


Passengers Embarking at Rotterdam

  1. Miss M. Akabes
  2. Mrs. J. Aronowitz
  3. Master J. Aronewitz
  4. Mr. J. Bartuschewitz
  5. Mr. J. A. v. d. Berg
  6. Mr. Benjamin Berger
  7. Mrs. Louise Betto
  8. Mr. H. A. de Boer
  9. Mr. F. Bos
  10. Mrs. F. Bos
  11. Mr. J. W. Bos
  12. Mr. Georg Buttler
  13. Mr. Adolf Dankberg
  14. Mr. W. Dekker
  15. Mrs. W. Dekker and Infant
  16. Master P. A. Dekker
  17. Master W. J. D. Dekker
  18. Master J. J. Dekker
  19. Mrs. W. P. Dekkers
  20. Mr. W. F. Dekkers
  21. Miss Jos. Diergam
  22. Miss Ch. Dossenbach
  23. Mr. A. van Dussen
  24. Mr. C. v. d. Eisen
  25. Mrs. Beti Feigen
  26. Miss Florence A. Fensham
  27. Mrs. R. Fox
  28. Mr. Gabrielow
  29. Mrs. E. Glaser
  30. Miss A. Glaser
  31. Mr. B: Grammer
  32. Mr. Paul Haeseler
  33. Mr. E. Heuberger
  34. Miss Feige Hodesch and Infant
  35. Mr. Wm. Jordan
  36. Mr. John Kallenborn
  37. Mr. E. L. Kaplan
  38. Mast. B. Kaplan
  39. Miss M. Kaplan
  40. Mr. Ber Karzmarsky
  41. Miss O. Kern
  42. Mrs. Mina Kohlbauer
  43. Mr. J. A. van Lienden
  44. Mr. W. H. Livingood
  45. Mrs. S. J. A. Lobel
  46. Miss Eliz. Lobel
  47. Miss B. de Man
  48. Mr. Gerrit Markus
  49. Mrs. Gerrit Markus
  50. Miss M. C. Markus
  51. Miss M. J. Markus
  52. Miss A. J. Markus
  53. Mr. John May
  54. Miss Dina Miller
  55. Mr. N. Munhofen
  56. Mr. Wm. S. Murray
  57. Mrs. Wm. S. Murray
  58. Mr. George S. Murray
  59. Mr. K. W. Nienhuis
  60. Mrs. J. Paauwe
  61. Miss Johanna Paauwe
  62. Master G. L. Paauwe
  63. Master L. J. G. Paauwe
  64. Mr. John Pinand
  65. Mrs. John Pinand
  66. Mr. J. W. F. Planje
  67. Mrs. J. W. F. Planje
  68. Miss Sara Planje
  69. Mr. Chr. W. Planje
  70. Mr. Johan Planje
  71. Miss Marie Planje
  72. Miss Adriana Planje
  73. Mr. Willem K. Planje
  74. Master Johan Planje
  75. Mr. Otto Preu
  76. Mrs. B. Rappaport
  77. Mr. Rosen
  78. Mr. Anton Ross
  79. Mr. M. Salczer
  80. Mrs. M. Salczer
  81. Miss W. Schaap
  82. Mr. John Scherer
  83. Mr. S. Schlesinger
  84. Mrs. Joh. Schmitter
  85. Mr. Eduard Schoonher
  86. Mrs. Eduard Schoonher
  87. Miss L. W. Segall
  88. Mast. S. Segall
  89. Miss R. Segall
  90. Mrs. L. S. Segall
  91. Miss Matild Simon
  92. Miss Regina Simon
  93. Mr. A. Slezinski
  94. Miss Esther Villani
  95. Miss J. L. van Wanrooy
  96. Mr. G. Wehle
  97. Mrs. Emilie Wehr
  98. Mr. J. Fr. Zwart


Passengers Embarking at Boulogne-sur-Mer

  1. Mr. David R. Curtiss
  2. Mr. E. L. Delbar
  3. Mrs. E. L. Delbar and Infant
  4. Mrs. Germaine Delpierre
  5. Miss Germaine Delpierre
  6. Mr. Louis Gaucher
  7. Rev. E. P. Gibboney
  8. Mr. H. Murbach
  9. Mr. F. Reyes
  10. Mr. Brant Saul
  11. Miss Rose Vittu


Holland-America Line SS Potsdam - Library of Congress.

Holland-America Line SS Potsdam - Library of Congress. GGA Image ID # 17c1b31430


  • First Cabin - Embarking at Rotterdam: 55 + 1 Child + 1 Governess + 1 Maid
  • First Cabin - Embarking at Boulogne-sur-Mer: 41 + 2 Maids
  • Second Cabin - Embarking at Rotterdam: 98 + 2 Infants
  • Second Cabin - Embarking at Boulogne-sur-Mer: 11 + 1 Infant
  • Senior Officers and Staff: 6


Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the Twin Screw Steamer "Potsdam" Dated Saturday, 2 July 1904.

Back Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the Twin Screw Steamer "Potsdam" Dated Saturday, 2 July 1904. GGA Image ID # 15c34af0d4


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