TSS Statendam Passenger List - 6 August 1936

Front Cover of a Cabin, Tourist and Third Class Passenger List for the SS Statendam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Thursday, 6 August 1936 from Rotterdam to New York and Boston

Front Cover of a Cabin, Tourist and Third Class Passenger List for the SS Statendam of the Holland-America Line, Departing Thursday, 6 August 1936 from Rotterdam to Boston and New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Southampton, Commanded by Commodore J. J. Bijl. GGA Image ID # 17ce6b5069


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Commodore J. J. Bijl
  2. Chief Officer: J. MUNNIK
  3. Chief Engineer: A. Van SON
  4. Physician: Dr. TH. N. CASSIDY
  5. Purser: G. V. REYNTJES
  6. Chief Steward: R. SOBERING


List of Cabin Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. G. A. Abbott
  2. BOS Mr. A. P. Agosti
  3. BOS Mrs. A. P. Agosti
  4. BOS Miss C. Agosti
  5. B Mr. A. J. Alsberg
  6. B Mrs. A. J. Alsberg
  7. B Mr. A. Alsberg
  8. B Miss M. Alsberg
  9. Mr. A. S. Altheimer
  10. Mrs. A. S. Altheimer
  11. Mr. R. J. Altheimer
  12. Mr. E. W. Altheimer
  13. Mrs. E. J. Alvut
  14. Hon. Wm. N. Appel
  15. BOS Mrs. Wm. N. Appel
  16. Mr. P. Appenzellar
  17. Mrs. P. Appenzellar
  18. S Miss M. Arnold
  19. Mr. I. A. Bach
  20. Miss H. Baer
  21. S Mr. E. R. Baird
  22. S Miss V. Baird
  23. Mr. M. E. Bartram
  24. S Mr. H. Baum
  25. S Mrs. H. Baum
  26. S Mr. J. Baum
  27. S Mr. A. A. Beaumont
  28. S Mrs. A. A. Beaumont
  29. Miss D. Berger
  30. Mr. J. A. Binney
  31. S Major B. C. Bisland-Frederick
  32. S Mrs. B. C. Bisland-Frederick
  33. S Mrs. H. R. Bloom
  34. Mrs. E. Blumlein
  35. B Mr. J. F. Braim
  36. B Mrs. J. F. Braim
  37. S Mr. W. Breslauer
  38. Mrs. M. S. Brian
  39. Miss M. Briggs
  40. Mr. C. B. de Bruyn
  41. Mrs. C. B. de Bruyn
  42. Mrs. M. W. Bryant
  43. Mr. V. Burger
  44. Mrs. V. Burger
  45. Miss E. Campbell
  46. Miss L. Campbell
  47. S Mr. W. C. Cannon
  48. S Mrs. W. C Cannon
  49. S Mr. D. Cannon
  50. S Mrs. B. Casserly
  51. BOS Mr. H. F. Chadbourne
  52. BOS Mrs. H. F. Chadbourne
  53. BOS Mr. H. B. Chadbourne
  54. BOS Mrs. I. M. Chadbourne
  55. BOS Miss N. Chadbourne
  56. Dr. A. G. Chmelnik
  57. S Mr. S. L. Cluett
  58. S Mr. G. S. Cluett
  59. B Mrs. H. J. Cochran
  60. Mr. H. J. Cochran, Jr.
  61. S Mr. Ch. O. Cooper
  62. S Mr. E. J. Cornwell
  63. S Mrs. E. J. Cornwell
  64. S Miss M. Cornwell
  65. S Mr. J. W. Crockett
  66. S Mrs. J. W. Crockett
  67. Mr. L. Danz
  68. Mrs. L. Danz
  69. Miss A. L. Davis
  70. S Dr. C. R. Davis
  71. S Mrs. C. R. Davis
  72. S Miss H. L. Davis
  73. Miss E. Dempewolf
  74. Miss G. Dempewolf
  75. Mr. E. C. Derby
  76. Mrs. E. C. Derby
  77. S Mr. S. H. Derbyshire
  78. S Mr. A. Devereux
  79. S Mrs. A. Devereux
  80. Miss C. Donato
  81. S Mr. W. H. Doubler
  82. S Mrs. W. H. Doubler
  83. Mrs. W. M. Drennen
  84. Mrs. M. Dreyfus
  85. Mr. J. Dreyfus
  86. Mr. J. J. Drucker
  87. Mrs. J. J. Drucker
  88. Mrs. C. H. Duling
  89. Miss D. Duling
  90. S Mr. R. A. Duncan
  91. BOS Mrs. B. M. Dunn
  92. Mr. S. Durlacher
  93. Miss D. Durlacher
  94. Mr. K. Elsbach
  95. Mr. S. F. Emerick
  96. Mrs. S. F. Emerick
  97. Mrs. G. R. Emery
  98. S Mr. J. P. Falter
  99. S Mrs. J. P. Falter
  100. S Miss E. Faris
  101. Mr. H. M. J. Fein. Charge d'Affaires of the Netherlands at Mexico City
  102. Mr. L. M. Feldman
  103. Mrs. L. M. Feldman
  104. Miss B. P. Feldman
  105. Mr. P. Finkelstein
  106. Mrs. P. Finkelstein
  107. Miss A. J. Finnegan
  108. Miss A. Finnegan
  109. Mr. H. L. Frank
  110. Mrs. H. L. Frank
  111. Mr. V. J. Frank
  112. Mrs. V. J. Frank
  113. Mr. J. Frank
  114. B Mr. E. Freydberg
  115. B Mrs. E. Freydberg
  116. Mrs. M. Fuller
  117. S Mr. R. A. Furness
  118. Mr. H. Gale
  119. Mrs. H. Gale
  120. Mr. C. F. Gerhards
  121. Miss S. E. Gibian
  122. Miss T. Gibian
  123. Mrs. H. Gitchell
  124. Mrs. E. Z. Goldberg
  125. Mr. D. Goldschmidt
  126. Mrs. D. Goldschmidt
  127. S Mr. P. Gomberg
  128. S Mrs. P. Gomberg
  129. Mrs. Wm. F. Greaves
  130. Mrs. M. Green
  131. Mr. W. Grullemans
  132. S Mr. M. Gunst
  133. S Mrs. W. F. Haass
  134. S Mr. R. T. Hale
  135. S Mr. Ch. F. Halsted
  136. S Mrs. S. Harris
  137. S Mr. W. Harris
  138. S Mrs. W. Harris
  139. B Mrs. B. Harris
  140. B Miss L. Harris
  141. B Mr. A. Harrison
  142. B Mrs. A. Harrison
  143. S Mrs. N. N. Harwit
  144. B Mrs. A. Haskell
  145. S Mr. R. G. Hawley
  146. BOS Miss K. Hay
  147. S Mr. G. Hayman
  148. S Mrs. G. Hayman
  149. Mr. H. R. Heitman
  150. S Mr. S. B. Hemingway
  151. S Mrs. S. B. Hemingway
  152. S Mr. R. H. Henney
  153. S Mrs. R. H. Henney
  154. S Mr. A. J. Henney
  155. S Mr. J. S. Herrmann
  156. B Mr. F. Hewey
  157. B Mrs. F. Hewey
  158. Mr. W. H. Hoagland
  159. Mrs. W. H. Hoagland
  160. Miss B. Hoagland
  161. S Mr. A. Hollinshead
  162. S Mrs. A. Hollinshead
  163. S Mr. J. Hollinshead
  164. S Dr. A. Holzman
  165. S Mrs. A. Holzman
  166. Miss M. E. Howald
  167. Miss M. Howell
  168. S Miss M. Howland
  169. B Mr. H. Hyman
  170. B Mrs. H. Hyman
  171. Mr. H. P. Jacobi
  172. B Miss L. R. Jacobs
  173. S Miss A. A. Johnson
  174. Mr. J. Juras
  175. Mrs. J. Juras
  176. Miss Th. juras
  177. Miss L. juras
  178. B Mr. Th. F. Keating
  179. B Mrs. Th. F. Keating
  180. B Miss M. L. Keating
  181. S Mrs. C. B. Kehl
  182. S Mr. W. B. Kehl
  183. S Miss R. L. Kelly
  184. B Dr. Chas. J. Kickham
  185. B Mrs. Chas. J. Kickham
  186. B Miss P. Kickham
  187. S BOS Miss E. Kimball
  188. B Mr. M. Kinzler
  189. B Mrs. M. Kinzler
  190. Mrs. M. van Klaveren
  191. B Mr. J. Klein
  192. B Mrs. J. Klein
  193. Mr. R. J. Kleipool
  194. S Miss S. C. Knoll
  195. B Miss Th. Koelbl
  196. S Miss S. Kreutzenauer
  197. B Mrs. C. Kroeck
  198. B Mr. K. Kroeck
  199. BOS Mr. C. A. Laubach
  200. BOS Mrs. C. A. Laubach
  201. Mrs. C. W. Lee
  202. Miss G. Lee
  203. B Mrs. D. Leerburger
  204. S Mr. M. M. Lemann
  205. S Mrs. M. M. Lemann
  206. Mast. Th. B. Lemann
  207. Mast. S. B. Lemann and Governess
  208. Dr. L. Levy
  209. Mr. H. F. Lofquist
  210. S Dr. A. G. Loomis
  211. S Miss H. De Lorenzi
  212. S Mr. F. S. MacGregor
  213. S Miss I. Maddison
  214. Mr. P. Mak
  215. Mr. M. Mamlok
  216. Mrs. M. Mamlok
  217. Mr. Th. J. J. A. Manders
  218. S Dr. A. Margolies
  219. S Mrs. A. Margolies
  220. S Mr. G. B. Marsh
  221. S Mrs. G. B. Marsh
  222. S Dr. E. L. Martin
  223. S Mrs. W. Martineaur
  224. Mrs. St. Elmo Massengale
  225. B Mrs. J. Materi
  226. Mrs. C. W. Mayer
  227. Miss I. McConachie
  228. Miss E. M. McConachie
  229. Mr. J. J. McEncroe
  230. Mrs. J. J. McEncroe
  231. S Mr. R. Mead
  232. S Dr. C. H. Merrill
  233. S Mrs. C. H. Merrill
  234. S Mr. E. M. Meyer
  235. S Mrs. E. M. Meyer
  236. S Mr. C. Millar
  237. S Mrs. C. Millar
  238. Mrs. S. Miller
  239. Miss I. Miller
  240. Mrs. M. Misch
  241. S Mrs. Chas. E. Mongan
  242. S Miss E. T. Mongan
  243. S Mr. L. T. Mom
  244. S Miss C. E. More
  245. S Mr. L. N. Moskowitz
  246. Mrs. Th. Motley
  247. Miss A. Motley
  248. S Miss M. H. Murphy
  249. B Mrs. D. Newberger
  250. Mrs. G. C. van Norden
  251. Mr. J. H, van Oosten
  252. Miss E. O. Parker
  253. Mr. R. Parkhurst
  254. Mr. L. Parkhurst
  255. S Miss M. Parks
  256. B Mr. J. C. Peterson
  257. S Mr. E. L. Pierce
  258. S Mrs. E. L. Pierce
  259. S Miss V. Pope
  260. S Mr. E. Q. Potter
  261. S Mrs. E. Q. Potter
  262. S Miss E. Pratt
  263. Mrs. H. Purvis
  264. Miss E. Purvis
  265. Mr. G. H. Purvis
  266. Mrs. D. Ralston
  267. B Mr. H. N. Rapaport
  268. B Mrs. H. N. Rapaport
  269. B Mr. A. A. Raphael
  270. B Mrs. A. A. Raphael
  271. Mrs. K. L. Rayfield
  272. Mr. R. M. Remick
  273. Mrs. R. M. Remick
  274. Mrs. E. H. Renner
  275. Mr. W. G. Rice
  276. Mrs. W. G. Rice
  277. Miss A. L. Rice
  278. Mr. C. G. Rives
  279. Mrs. C. G. Rives
  280. Mr. C. G. Rives, III
  281. BOS Miss M. N. Rodgers
  282. Mrs. M. Roesling
  283. Mr. A. L. Rohrer
  284. Dr. H. T. Rosenthal
  285. B Mrs. D. Rothbaum
  286. Mr. A. Rothenberg
  287. S Mr. A. H. Rubenfeld
  288. S Mrs. A. H. Rubenfeld
  289. B Miss M. L. Rubenfeld
  290. Mr. G. Ruck
  291. Mrs. G. Ruck
  292. Dr. H. F. Sachs
  293. Mrs. H. F. Sachs
  294. S BOS Mrs. W. Salisbury
  295. Mr. B. Scherpbier
  296. S Mr. F. P. M. Schiller, R.C
  297. S Mr. F. N. Schiller
  298. S Mr. G. Schultz
  299. S Mrs. G. Schultz
  300. S Mrs. R. Schwartz
  301. Mr. J. B. Scofield
  302. Miss B. Scofield
  303. S Mr. J. T. Scott
  304. S Mrs. J. T. Scott
  305. S Mast. J. Scott
  306. S Miss L. Shannon
  307. S Miss J. Shannon
  308. S Miss R. G. Sheldon
  309. Dr. M. Sichel
  310. Mrs. M. Sichel
  311. S Dr. H. D. Silver
  312. S Mrs. H. D. Silver
  313. H. Simms
  314. S Mrs. H. Simms
  315. Dr. M. E. Simon
  316. Mrs. E. Simon
  317. Mrs. B. Simon
  318. B Mrs. F. Simon
  319. Miss E. J. Simpkin
  320. Mrs. B. B. Smith
  321. Mr. C. Smith
  322. S Mr. H. V. B. Smith
  323. Mr. A. Solomon
  324. Mrs. A. Solomon
  325. Mrs. J. S. Speer
  326. S Miss M. Steeds
  327. Mr. D. T. Steelman
  328. Mr. B. F. Steffy
  329. B Miss D. Stephenson
  330. Mrs. J. Stern
  331. S Mr. M. Sternberg
  332. S Mrs. N. S. Sterry
  333. S Miss L. Sterry
  334. S BOS Miss A. A. Stewart
  335. S Mr. A. I. Strang
  336. S Mrs. A. I. Strang
  337. S Mr. D. N. Sweeny
  338. S Mrs. D. N. Sweeny
  339. Mr. A. C. Troutman
  340. Mrs. A. C. Troutman
  341. Mr. F. Vorsanger
  342. Mrs. F. Vorsanger
  343. Mrs. C. J. Weaver
  344. B Mr. B. Weinstein
  345. B Mrs. B. Weinstein
  346. S Dr. Ph. Weintraub
  347. S Mrs. Ph. Weintraub
  348. S Mr. Salon Weit
  349. S Mrs. Salon Weit
  350. Mr. A. J. L. Wenink
  351. Mrs. A. J. L. Wenink
  352. S Miss E. White
  353. Mrs. G. H. Whiteley, Sr
  354. Mr. J. O. Whiteley
  355. Mrs. J. O. Whiteley
  356. Miss C. L. Whiteley
  357. Miss A, O. Whiteley
  358. Miss S. Whiteley
  359. Miss C. S. Whiteley
  360. S Mr. L. Wiesenfeld
  361. S Mrs. L. Wiesenfeld
  362. S Miss B. Wiesenfeld
  363. S Miss S. Wiesenfeld
  364. Mr. G. Willett
  365. S Miss M. P. Yates
  366. Mrs. G. Willett
  367. B Mr. B. Young
  368. BOS Miss E. M. Young
  369. Miss M. Ziegler
  370. Dr. A. J. Zobel
  371. Mrs. A. J. Zobel
  372. Miss C. A. Zobel
  373. Mr. M. Willett
  374. Mrs. M. Willett
  375. S Miss C. Wood
  376. S Miss M. M. Wooton
  377. B Mrs. T. M. Wurtzburger
  378. S Mr. E. A. Yates
  379. S Mrs. E. A. Yates
  380. S Miss B. Yates


B Embark at Boulogne-sur-Mer. S Embark at Southampton. BOS Disembark at Boston.

Notice: All Passengers will receive a landingcard and are requested to present same before leaving the steamer to a U.S. Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.


Tourist Passengers

  1. Mr. A. T. Aalbers
  2. Mrs. A. T. Aalbers
  3. S Miss Josephine Adrian
  4. B BOS Mr. Robert H. Altham
  5. S Miss Evelyn Andrews
  6. Mr. Paul Arley
  7. Mrs. Paul Arley
  8. Miss Constance Arley
  9. Mast. Corn. Arley
  10. S Mrs. Alice N. Bagby
  11. B Mr. Ch. E. Bailey
  12. B Mrs. Ch. E. Bailey
  13. B Miss Gertrude Baraban
  14. Mrs. Wilh. Baumbach
  15. B Mrs. Felice Bauml
  16. B Mast. John H. Bauml
  17. S Mr. William M. Beale
  18. B Miss Ethel Berliner
  19. S Miss Marilee Bernstein
  20. S Miss Lois J. Bernstein
  21. S Mrs. P. M. Bigelow
  22. B Mrs. Alice Bodlaender
  23. B Miss Stefani Bodlaender
  24. B Mr. Silvio Bodlaender
  25. Mr. Menno Braaksma
  26. S Miss Florence Bradley
  27. S Miss Marg. Brian
  28. B Mr. L. B. Brigham
  29. B Mrs. L. B. Brigham
  30. B Miss Elizabeth Bright
  31. S BOS Mrs. M. Brodie
  32. B Miss Gertrude Burns
  33. B BOS Mrs. Alice H. Cameron
  34. B BOS Miss Ruth Cameron
  35. Miss Chard
  36. B BOS Miss Priscilla H. Chase
  37. B BOS Miss Barbara E. Closs
  38. S Prof. Harrison C. Coffin
  39. S Mrs. Harrison C. Coffin
  40. S Miss Margaret Coleman
  41. B Mrs. Susan H. Conlan
  42. B Miss Edna M. Conlan
  43. B Mrs. Thos. J. Connor
  44. Miss Bertha Cook
  45. BOS Miss Esther Cook
  46. S Mr. Sam Cooper
  47. S Mrs. Sam Cooper
  48. S Miss Irene Copeland
  49. B Miss Eleanor W. Crane
  50. S Mr. Francis J. Daily
  51. BOS Mrs. Robert Daley
  52. S Mr. A. S. Daniel
  53. S Mrs. A. S. Daniel
  54. B BOS Mrs. Ryle Danielson
  55. Mrs. Mary Dankwerth
  56. Mrs. W. Decker
  57. B Mrs. Pauline Dejonckeere
  58. B Mrs. W. F. Delaney
  59. S Mrs. W. C. Dooris
  60. Miss M. C. Dooris
  61. Miss Eliz. Dorward
  62. Mrs. Blanche Douglas
  63. S BOS Mr. Wm. Downing
  64. ThMrs. Wm. Downing
  65. B BOS Miss Ethel Downs
  66. S Mr. John Dunlop
  67. B Miss Alleine L. Dunn
  68. Mr. W. Dijkstra
  69. Mrs. W. Dijkstra
  70. Dr. M. Ecker
  71. Capt. Frank X. Edthofer
  72. Miss Marie E. Egan
  73. Miss Mary J. Egan
  74. Miss Anita M. Egan
  75. Miss Mina Ernsthal
  76. B Mr. E. M. Evans
  77. S Mr. Featherstone
  78. S Mrs. Featherstone and two children
  79. S Mr. P. Fedorichtchev
  80. B Dr. Raman Fournier
  81. B Mrs. Raman Fournier
  82. B Mast. Raman Fournier
  83. S Miss Elis. Fowler
  84. B Mrs. S. Frank
  85. B BOS Mr. B. Freedman
  86. B BOS Mrs. B. Freedman
  87. Miss Frances M. Fritchey
  88. Mr. Paul Frohlich
  89. Mr. Herman Frohlich
  90. Mrs. Rose Fuchs
  91. Miss Sonja Fuchs
  92. Mast. Joseph Fuchs
  93. B Miss H. M. Gamer
  94. S Mr. W. Garrity
  95. S Mrs. W. Garrity
  96. S BOS Mrs. Aida Geneen
  97. Miss J. Gleason
  98. Mrs. C. H. Goosen
  99. B Miss B. L. Gorfinkle
  100. Mr. Ludwig Götz
  101. S Mr. N. Goustchin
  102. S Mr. Ira M. Greene
  103. B Mr. John K. Greenebaum
  104. Rev. R. G. Greven
  105. B BOS Miss Catherine Haynes Griesemer
  106. B Mrs. J. C. Griffith
  107. B BOS Miss Nellie Gruber
  108. B BOS Mrs. Maude Gutzmer
  109. B BOS Miss Jean Gutzmer
  110. S Miss Eugenia M. Hall
  111. B Miss Marg. Harrison
  112. Mrs. A. Haythorn
  113. B BOS Mr. N. A. J. Healy
  114. Mrs. G. Heilbronner
  115. Miss Elis. Heilbronner
  116. Miss Lore Heilbronner
  117. B Mr. Ad. Heiman
  118. S Mrs. Dorothy B. Helft
  119. Mr. J. Hendricks
  120. B Mrs. L. Herst
  121. Mr. Hendrick Heydenrijk
  122. Mr. F. C. Heylman
  123. Mrs. F. C. Heylman
  124. B Prof. Herbert W. Hill
  125. Mr. G. Hoedemaker
  126. Mrs. G. Hoedemaker
  127. S Mrs. Sarah L. Hohnan
  128. B BOS Miss Anne Homer
  129. B BOS Miss Frances Homes
  130. B BOS Mrs. Rosamond H. Hopper
  131. S Miss Anne Howard
  132. B BOS Miss Dorothy Hunter
  133. B BOS Miss Agnes Hurley
  134. BOS Miss Madeline M. Hyde
  135. S Miss Josephine de Jong
  136. Mr. Walter Kahn
  137. Mr. J. H. Kamp
  138. Mrs. J. H. Kamp
  139. S Mr. Louis Kanstor
  140. S Mrs. Louis Kanstor
  141. Mrs. E. Kaptijn
  142. Dr. Rud. Kayser
  143. B BOS Miss E. M. Kelley
  144. B Mrs. Austin Kinnaird
  145. S Mr. B. Kirschner
  146. B Mrs. Ray Kobiliansky
  147. B Miss Muriel Koithan
  148. S Mr. S. Kolesov
  149. BOS Mr. Herman Kolp
  150. Mrs. B. Kooistra
  151. Mr. York Korting Fischer
  152. Mrs. York Körting Fischer
  153. Mast. H. B. Korting Fischer
  154. S Mr. T. Kronenberg
  155. S Mrs. T. Kronenberg
  156. Mr. J. F. Kroon
  157. Mrs. J. F. Kroon
  158. Mrs. T. Kuiken
  159. Mr. Max Lamm
  160. Mrs. Max Lamm
  161. Mr. Kurt Lamm
  162. Mr. Jos Lamm
  163. BOS Rev. John P. Lauer
  164. B Miss Verna Lauritson
  165. Miss Anna Lausaskas
  166. Mr. Maurice Lazare
  167. Mr. G. J. van Leeuwen
  168. fflMiss Marion G. Lees
  169. Mr. Benedikt Levi
  170. B BOS Miss Eliz. Levitov
  171. Miss Mella Levy
  172. Mr. J. Liberles
  173. Mrs. J. Liberles
  174. Dr. Ernst Lichtenstein
  175. Mrs. Ernst Lichtenstein
  176. S Mr. Louis L. Link
  177. Mr. Eugen Lob
  178. Mrs. Eugen Lob
  179. Miss Lore Lob
  180. Mast. Martin Lob
  181. Mr. Emil Lowenstein
  182. Mrs. Emil Lowenstein
  183. Mr. Hugo Lowenthal
  184. B Miss Eva M. Luse
  185. B Miss Clara E. Luse
  186. S BOS G. B. MacMurray
  187. S BOS Mr. G. MacMurray
  188. S Miss Rosana Manchester
  189. S Miss Josephine Manchester
  190. B Miss Barbara Mann
  191. S Mr. G. Marcinovskii
  192. Mr. Judelis Marks
  193. Mr. Emanuel Marks
  194. B Mrs. Rose Mary
  195. Mr. Ludwig Mayer
  196. Mrs. Ludwig Mayer
  197. Miss T. Mayer
  198. B BOS Miss Winifred B. Mayhew
  199. B BOS Miss V. McAllister
  200. Mrs. C. McFarland
  201. S Miss Jean McLachlan
  202. B BOS Miss Marg. L. McNamara
  203. B BOS Mrs. Charles F. McNeil
  204. Dr. Karl Meyer
  205. Mrs. Karl Meyer
  206. Mast. Robert Meyer
  207. S Mrs. Francis T. Miller
  208. S Mr. G. McCulloch Miller
  209. S Mr. Lawrence McK. Miller
  210. Mr. N. Mire
  211. S Mrs. Esther L. Moore Meehan
  212. S Miss Ruth Moore Meehan
  213. Mr. Heinz Moses
  214. B BOS Miss Frances M. Murphy
  215. S Miss Lydia Murray
  216. S Miss Carol Murray
  217. S Miss Mary Mutrie
  218. B BOS Mr. Rowland M. Myers
  219. Mr. John Nauta
  220. Mrs. John Nauta
  221. S Miss Barbara Nelson
  222. Mr. D. Neuhaus
  223. Mrs. D. Neuhaus
  224. S BOS Miss S. Annie Norton
  225. Mrs. A. van Oeveren
  226. S Mr. V. Olechnovitsch
  227. Mr. Kurt Oppenheimer
  228. B BOS Miss Marg. L. Payson
  229. Mrs. Diane van Pelt
  230. S Miss Jane Peters
  231. B BOS Miss Micaela C. Phelan
  232. S Miss Annabelle Phillips
  233. Sister M. P. Pohl
  234. Mr. L. Ponsen
  235. S Mr- J. Popov
  236. S Mr. Wm. Prichard
  237. S BOS Prof. B. E. Proctor
  238. S BOS Mrs. B. E. Proctor
  239. S Mr. A. Prudnikov
  240. S BOS Miss Jane Rainey
  241. S BOS Mr. Philip Riley
  242. S BOS Mrs. Philip Riley
  243. B Miss M. Roeszler
  244. S Dr. A. Rogow
  245. S Mrs. A. Rogow
  246. S Prof. R. Seldon Rose
  247. S Mrs. R. Seldon Rose
  248. S Miss Gertrude Rose
  249. B Mr. Wilmer Ross
  250. B Mrs. Wilmer Ross
  251. Mr. Omge Rottschaffer
  252. Mrs. Omge Rottschaffer
  253. Mr. Ernest Ruegg
  254. Mrs. Emma Schoneich
  255. Mrs. C. M. Schoonhoven
  256. S Mr. J. Schwartz
  257. Mr. Arthur Seemann
  258. Mr. L. J. Selleger
  259. Dr. J. B. Sens
  260. S Mrs. D. R. Shaw
  261. S Miss M. Shaw
  262. B Miss Winnafred Shepard
  263. S BOS Mrs. F. E. Shirk
  264. S BOS Miss M. L. Shirk
  265. S Mrs. O. M. Shreve
  266. S Miss Sallie Shreve
  267. B Miss Vera R. Simmons
  268. B BOS Mr. Charles A. Sink
  269. B BOS Mrs. Charles A. Sink
  270. Mrs. John Sipsma
  271. B Miss Marie Skinner
  272. Mrs. Cath. F. Slis
  273. Mast. Pieter L. Slis
  274. Miss Maria Slis
  275. B Mr. James Smith
  276. B Mr. Robert Smith
  277. B Mr. M. G. Smith, Jr.
  278. B Mr. John Smits
  279. B Mrs. John Smits
  280. S BOS Mr. Irving M. Sobin
  281. S BOS Mrs. Irving M. Sobin
  282. B Mrs. John Spear
  283. Miss Marg. Spitzer
  284. S Mr. Paul F. Stanton
  285. B BOS Mr. Rich. H. Staples
  286. B BOS Mrs. Rich. H. Staples
  287. Mr. V. A. Stauffenegger
  288. Mrs. V. A. Stauffenegge
  289. B BOS Miss Mary Louise Steil
  290. S Miss C. Steinhardt
  291. Mr. Markus Stern
  292. BOS Mr. R. Stevenson
  293. BOS Mrs. William Stevenson
  294. BOS Miss Julie Stevenson
  295. B Miss Anna B. Sutter
  296. Mr. Schelto Swart
  297. S Prof. C. L. Swift
  298. B BOS Mr. Frank Taylor
  299. B BOS Miss Wanda Taylor
  300. B Mrs. H. A. Terwilliger
  301. BOS B Miss Dorris Thuman
  302. BOS Mr. A. Tiesselinck
  303. B Mr. A. Travitzky
  304. Mr. Karl Uhrmann
  305. Mrs. Rosa Uhrmann
  306. Mr. Albert Uhrmann
  307. Mrs. Jennie M
  308. Vanderzijden
  309. Mrs. A. F. Veldhuyzen van Zanten
  310. Mast. Paul Veldhuyzen van Zanten
  311. S BOS Miss L. Watson
  312. BOS Mrs. John Welinske
  313. S BOS Miss Laura Wiggins
  314. B Miss Betty Williams
  315. Mrs. Hans Wolf. Mast. Hans Wolf
  316. S Miss H. Wolfe
  317. S Mrs. Ruth H. Wolfe
  318. B Miss Phoebe J. Woolf
  319. B Miss Ruth Wrightson
  320. S Mr. Innis Young
  321. S Mr. William Young
  322. S Mrs. William Young
  323. Miss Hannah Ziegler
  324. Miss Aline Zondervan
  325. B BOS Miss T. Zweigenbaum


B Embark at Boulogne-sur-Mer. S Embark at Southampton. BOS Disembark at Boston.

Notice: All Passengers will receive a landingcard and are requested to present same before leaving the steamer to a U.S. Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.


Third Class Passengers

  1. B Miss M. Aden
  2. Mrs. W. Baak de Wijn
  3. S Mr. H. H. Bailey
  4. S Miss R. E. Bailey
  5. B Mr. E. P. Bagg, HI
  6. B Mr. F. P. Barker, Sr
  7. B Mrs. F. P. Barker, Sr
  8. B Miss N. Barker
  9. B Miss M. Barker
  10. B Mr. F. Barker, Jr.
  11. Mr. G. Becker
  12. Mr. G. Bekkering
  13. Mrs. G. Bekkering
  14. Mr. J. Bekkering
  15. Mrs. F. Berghage
  16. S Miss N. D. Black
  17. B Mr. S. Blood
  18. Mrs. G. Boeder
  19. S Miss D. Borman
  20. Prof. D. Bradley
  21. S Miss B. Bridges
  22. Mrs. G. Broeils
  23. Miss M. Broeils
  24. Mr. M. J. Brouwer
  25. Mrs. M. Brouwer
  26. B Mr. D. Bruce Jr.
  27. B Miss B. Bruce
  28. Mrs. J. Brunia
  29. Mr. G. Bultman
  30. Mrs. A. Bultman
  31. Mr. C. F. Busacker
  32. Mrs. A. Cajak
  33. S Mr. G. Cassamajor
  34. S Mrs. F. G. Cotter
  35. Miss M. Cox
  36. B Mr. R. H. Davenport, Jr.
  37. Mrs. E. Davidson
  38. Miss M. E. Davidson
  39. S Mr. W. A. Davin
  40. B Mr. H. H. Davitt
  41. Mr. W. Delvos
  42. Mrs. W. Delvos
  43. S Miss A. Durant
  44. B Miss H. Durholdt
  45. Mr. A. J. Eiff
  46. Mr. T. R. Eskesen
  47. Mrs. T. R. Eskesen
  48. Miss C. Eskesen
  49. Miss M. Eskesen
  50. S Miss J. Fay
  51. Miss J. Gimbel
  52. B Mr. J. B. Goldfarb
  53. Mrs. L. Goles
  54. Mr. J. Goudzwaard
  55. Mrs. J. Goudzwaard
  56. B Mr. C. W. Graham
  57. Mr. S. de Haan
  58. S Mr. A. H. Halle
  59. S Miss C. Hallett
  60. Mr. H. H. Happel
  61. Mrs. H. H. Happel
  62. Miss B. Harper
  63. S Mr. E. P. Harrington
  64. S Mrs. E. P. Harrington
  65. S Miss J. Harrington
  66. Mr. M. Hartog
  67. Mr. F. Heller
  68. Mrs. F. Heller
  69. S Mr. J. C. Henry
  70. B Miss E. Heustis
  71. B Miss P. Hippee
  72. Mr. C. J. den Hollander
  73. B Miss M. Howe
  74. B Miss J. Hudson
  75. S Miss M. L. Hudson
  76. Mr. H. Hylkema
  77. Mrs. J. Hylkema
  78. Mast. R. Hylkema
  79. Miss A. Hylkema
  80. Mr. T. Janse v. Bodegraven
  81. Mr. G. Jansen
  82. Mrs. G. Jansen
  83. Mr. Y. Johannesma
  84. Mr. G. Jones
  85. Miss A. Joustra
  86. Mrs. Th. Jungblutt
  87. Mast. Th. Jungblutt, Jr.
  88. Mrs. J. H. Kabboord
  89. Mast. J. Kabboord
  90. Miss C. Kabboord
  91. Mast. W. D. Kabboord
  92. Mr. S, Kaufmann
  93. Mrs. E. Kaufmann
  94. Mast. H. Kaufmann
  95. B Miss M. Kerey
  96. Mr. H. Kloots
  97. Miss I. Koch
  98. Mr. J. Koekoek
  99. Mrs. J. Koster
  100. Mr. A. v. d. Kraan
  101. Mr. W. Kraan
  102. Mrs. P. Kraan
  103. B Mr. W. Kubner
  104. B Mrs. W. Kubner
  105. Mrs. C. Kuerten
  106. S Dr. J. Lansbury
  107. B Mr. D. D. Leahy
  108. B Mrs. D. D. Leahy
  109. Mr. H. D. F. Leck
  110. Mrs. H. D. F. Leck
  111. S Mr. H. S. Lee
  112. S Mrs. H. S. Lee
  113. B Mr. S. J. Lewis
  114. Miss J. Lewis
  115. B Mr. J. W. Lippincott
  116. B Mr. P. H. Lombard
  117. S Mr. J. R. Lynes
  118. S Mrs. J. R. Lynes
  119. S Miss F. MacLeod
  120. S Miss L. MacLeod
  121. Mr. H. Mentis
  122. Mrs. M. Mentis
  123. Mr. B. Miller
  124. Mrs. B. Miller
  125. Miss F. Miller
  126. Mast. C. Miller
  127. Mrs. G. Miller
  128. B Mr. F. S. Moore
  129. Miss B. Page-Perin
  130. Mr. V. M. Patterson
  131. Miss L. Patterson
  132. B Mrs. K. Phillips
  133. Miss B. Peebles
  134. Miss I. Perry
  135. B Mrs. O. Peter
  136. B Miss L. H. Peter
  137. Mr. F. v. d. Ploeg
  138. Mrs. F. v. d. Ploeg
  139. Miss S. Poortinga
  140. S Miss E. Potts
  141. S Miss A. Powell
  142. Mr. J. de Raat
  143. Mr. C. Ravestein
  144. Mrs. D. Ravestein
  145. Mast. J. Ravestein
  146. B Mr. M. Rieck
  147. Mrs. M. Rinkema
  148. B Mr. M. G. Robinson
  149. Mr. J. Rohlfs
  150. Mr. H. Rositzke
  151. B Mr. H. Russell
  152. B Miss B. Sadovsky
  153. S Miss M. Saltonstall
  154. S Miss M. N. Saunders
  155. Miss L. Schachat
  156. B Miss E. Scholz
  157. Miss M. Schreutelkamp
  158. Mrs. M. Schroeder
  159. Mr. W. Schulz
  160. Mrs. O. Schulz
  161. Miss O. Schulz
  162. Mr. G. Sipsma
  163. Mrs. G. Sipsma
  164. Mr. K. Sipsma
  165. Mrs. K. Sipsma
  166. Mr. A. Sluys
  167. B Prof. L. P. Smith
  168. Mr. D. C. Smith
  169. Mr. T. C. Smith
  170. S Miss B. Smith
  171. R. N. Stone
  172. S Mrs. R. N. Stone
  173. Mr. A. Strikwerda
  174. S Mr. J. M. Sugarman
  175. Mr. C. E. Swart
  176. Mr. D. Swierstra
  177. Mrs. D. Swierstra
  178. Mrs. W. Tap-Janssen
  179. Miss A. Tap-Janssen
  180. Miss A. Tietig
  181. Mr. P. van Till
  182. Miss A. van Till
  183. Miss A. N. M. Tintner
  184. Miss Tintner
  185. Miss A. B. Tobin
  186. Mr. H. Treskes
  187. Mr. J. Trompas
  188. B Mr. J. Trumpy
  189. S Miss E. Truslow
  190. B Mr. J. B. Turner, Jr.
  191. Mr. F. A. Twitchell
  192. B Miss M. A. Twomey
  193. Mr. J. v. d. Vrede
  194. Mr. E. Vernier
  195. Mr. J. Visser
  196. Mrs. F. Visser
  197. Mast. E. Visser
  198. Mast. P. Visser
  199. Miss M. Visser
  200. Miss. J. Visser
  201. Miss N. Visser
  202. Miss G. Visser
  203. Mr. J. de Voogle
  204. Mr. J. de Vries
  205. S Mr. L. L. Wadsworth
  206. B Mrs. E. D. Warge
  207. B Mrs. H. B. Watson
  208. Mr. H. v. d. Weide
  209. S Miss J. Wilson
  210. B Miss J. Witteveld
  211. Mr. A. Worries
  212. S Miss R. Wyman
  213. Mr. W. van Zytveld
  214. B Mr. B. S. Weiss
  215. Mr. J. Welsh
  216. Mr. A. P. Werkhoven
  217. Mrs. A. Werkhoven
  218. B Dr. A. E. Wheeler
  219. B Mrs. R. C. Williams


B Embark at Boulogne-sur-Mer. S Embark at Southampton. BOS Disembark at Boston.

Notice: All Passengers will receive a landingcard and are requested to present same before leaving the steamer to a U.S. Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.


Tourist Class S.T.C.A. Staff

  1. Leader: Mr. Frederick Victor Austin
  2. Asst. Leader: Mr. Richard C. Carroll
  3. Hostess: Miss Elizabeth Gannaway
  4. Asst. Hostess: Mrs. Esther C. Carroll
  5. Librarian: Miss Virginia Imlay
  6. Orchestra: Ohio Wesleyan Parsons


General Information for Passengers

Mail and Telegrams. Mail and telegrams for Passengers are brought on board steamer before embarkation and placed in the Passengers' rooms. For any inquiries relating to mails, Passengers are invited to call at the Chief Steward's office.

Seats at Table. Application for table seats may be made to the Chief Steward. Hours for meals are posted on the ship's bulletin board.

Return Tickets. The Purser will be glad to radio, free of charge, to the New York office of the Line, if you wish to make return reservations on any steamer of the Line.

Valuables. For the convenience of the Passengers the Line has provided safe deposit boxes in the Purser's office in which any valuables may be deposited upon payment to the Purser of $ 5,—; this amount to be refunded when the key of the deposit box is returned. However, the Line does not assume any responsibility for the safe custody of such articles. (Passengers may, if they wish, protect themselves by insurance).

Personal Funds. For the convenience of Passengers the Purser is prepared to cash a limited amount of recognized Travelers' Checks or to exchange money at official rates as posted at the Purser's office. A receipt is issued on such transactions on the Company's Form.

Personal checks cannot be cashed on board.

Divine Service. Divine service will be held on Sundays, at hours announced on the bulletin board, if a recognized clergyman on board is willing to officiate.

Ship's Newspaper. "The Ocean Post", containing latest wireless news and closing prices of the leading securities on the New York Stock Exchange, is published on board. A copy of this newspaper is placed, when issued, in passenger's stateroom with the compliments of the Line.

Port Holes. Passengers are warned to refrain from opening or closing port holes themselves. If Passengers wish to have their port holes closed or opened, they should call their room steward. Passengers ignoring this warning do so at their own risk and the Company assumes no liability in case of accident.

Medical Attention. The Holland-America Line assumes no responsibility for services rendered by the ship's Physician.

The services rendered and the medicines prescribed by the Physician are free of charge, except that in cases, where Passengers require the service of ship's Physician for the treatment of ailments for which they already were under the care of a Physician at the time of embarkation, the ship's Physician may charge a reasonable fee for such services, subject to the approval and sanction of the Commander.

Additional Payments on Board. Passengers paying any supplements for room transfers, additional passage money, freight, telegrams, etc , should obtain a receipt from the Purser on the Company's Form.

For radiograms receipt will be furnished by the wireless operator.

Steamer Chairs, Rugs and Chair Cushions. Deck chairs, rugs and chair cushions may be hired on application to the Deck Steward.

The hire for deck chairs amounts to $ 1,50 for the voyage, whereas the hire for rugs and chair cushions amounts to $ 1,— each for the voyage.

U. S. Head Tax. Passengers in transit through the United States, or Tourists on a visit, who intend to stay in the United States less than 60 days, should express themselves as such towards the U. S. Immigration Inspector in charge upon arrival of the steamer in the United States, when interrogated by that official.

Passengers will then obtain from this Inspector a United States Head Tax Refund Certificate (Form 514), which should be filled out and signed as directed when leaving the United States.

This document must be forwarded to the Holland-America Line, 29 Broadway, New York, together with the Company's Head Tax Receipt, and refund of the Head Tax will follow.

Most of the Trans-Atlantic Steamship Lines, including the Holland-America Line, as a courtesy towards their Passengers, have authorized their pursers to make refund of the Head Tax to Passengers on the voyage back to Europe, in which case the Head Tax Refund Certificate as well as the Head Tax Receipt of the Steamship Company who brought the passenger to America, will be taken up by the ship's Purser when making the refund.

Baggage. There is a baggage room on board steamer where Passengers may store such personal belongings as cannot be placed in their cabins, as well as baggage of any kind.

The baggage room is open at hours as posted, and all inquiries pertaining to the storing or forwarding of baggage should be addressed to the Baggage Master.

Baggage Insurance. The Company's liability for damage to or loss or detention of baggage is strictly limited, and Passengers are, therefore, advised to protect themselves by insurance against risk of loss, theft, damage, pilferage, etc. Policies may be obtained at current rates at any office of the Line or through the Baggage Master on board this steamer.

Landing at New York. Motor Coach Service. For the convenience of Holland-America Line Passengers and their friends a motor coach service to and from the Holland-America Line Piers and the centrally located New York Hotels McAlpin and Commodore via the new Holland Tunnel is operated by the Fifth Avenue Coach Company and the Public Service Co-ordinated Transport of N. J.

Through the Purser you can reserve a place in one of the Motor Coaches to either the Hotel McAlpin or the Hotel Commodore at least 12 hours before arrival in New York.

The charge for this reservation, for which you will receive a ticket, will be $1,— including the transfer of your hand baggage (not more than two pieces of hand baggage). Large baggage must be sent on separately.

The Holland-America Line accepts no responsibility whatsoever in connection with this coach service.

Notice: All Passengers will receive on board a landingcard and are requested to present same before leaving the steamer to a U.S. Immigrant Inspector for endorsement.

Booklet Number P. - 1600 - 8-36


Proposed Sailings, Rotterdam-Boulogne sur Mer-Southampton-New York, from 11 August 1936 to 14 November 1936.

Proposed Sailings, Rotterdam-Boulogne sur Mer-Southampton-New York, from 11 August 1936 to 14 November 1936. Ships Included the Rotterdam, Statendam, Veendam, and Volendam. GGA Image ID # 1dfdc2adae


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