Royal Irish Industries Association Hand Embroideries

Royal Irish Industries  Association Print Advertisment - 1906

This 1906 print advertisement appeared in the Cunard Daily Bulletin, 1906 Fashion & Pleasure Resort Supplement. The ad features a beautiful full-length Irish Crochet Lace Robe.

By Special Appointment to King Edward VII and H. R. H. Princess of Wales.

Irish Crochet Robe Made to Special Order.

Irish Hand Embroideries and Real Lace Robes, Etc.

Made from Exclusive Designs.

Phone No. 1693

Telegrams: "Industries."

21, Lincoln Place, Dublin.

Irish Crochet Robe Made To Special Order.

Cunard Daily Bulletin: Fashion & Pleasure Resort Supplement, Liverpool: Cunard Steam Ship Company, Ltd., 1906

Royal Irish Industries Association - Dublin - 1907

Exquisite lace dresses for formal engagements - Fine Women's Fashions from the early 1900's featuring authentic and highly sought after Irish Lace and hand embroideries. Fit for Fine dining in a first cabin dining saloon aboard a luxurious steamship of the day.

Royal Irish Industries Association. By Special Appointment To H.M. King Edward VII and Princess of Wales.

Royal Irish Industris Association - Women's Fashion Advertisement - 1907

Irish Crochet Robe made to Special Order.

Irish Hand Embroideries and Real Lace Robes, Etc.

Made from Exclusive Designs.

Phone No. 1693.              Telegrams: "Industries."'

76, Grafton Street, Dublin.

Removed From 21, Lincoln Place.

Cunard Daily Bulletin, Liverpool: Cunard Steamship Company, Ltd., 1907

Irish Industries of Donegal

Irish Industries lies in the part of Ireland known as the congested districts of Donegal. In this and other counties of Ireland, the Irish workers are trained to produce beautiful and artistic woolen and linen fabrics, rich embroideries, and exquisite laces.

These original and beautiful articles make excellent Christmas gifts and at the same time, add to the resources of the Donegal Industrial Fund, the proceeds and profits of which are devoted to the furtherance of the industrial work begun and carried on with so much promise in Ireland.

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