D & A Corsets Quebec - 1907

D&A Corset from Dominion Corset Manufacturing Co - 1907

D & A Corsets

Present day fashions require for the ideal figure an upright poise of the shoulder, long sloping bust with straight-front, tapering-waist lines, and a graceful curve over the hips.

D & A correct-form corsets will assist to secure this ideal, and providing a suitable model be selected, will fit comfortably to the figure, delightfully easy, and luxurious to wear.

1907 Brochure of styles, artistically illustrated, free on request.

Dominion Corset Mfg. Co., Quebec

Prices $1.00 to $6.00

The Canadian Magazine of Politics, Science, Art and Literature, Toronto: The Ontario Publishing Co., Ltd., Volume XXIX, No. 6, October 1907, p. 55.

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