Cheney Silks - Zantine: The All-Becoming Silk

Cheney Silks

Somewhere Along the Silken Thread—Cheney craftsmanship comes in—and gives you Exclusive Coloring.

There is an exquisite individuality to Cheney Silks that is more than the splendid quality of materials and skilled craftsmanship of the weaving.

It is the spirit of inspired artistry that expresses itself naturally and thoroughly in designing and in rare, lustrous coloring. Cheney Silks are real art—and have been known and loved by women of taste for generations.

Zantine – The all-becoming silk

Once again, the Cheney supremacy is expressed in ZANTINE—the newest triumph of fashion. Zantine embodies in fabric the newest artistic impulses of today’s world movements.

Zantine—a subtle harmony of design and coloring—novel without being bizarre—improves any figure, enriches any complexion, assists any occasion—and adorns them all. Try Zantine and prove this for yourself.

Harpers Bazaar, Vol. LII, No. 12, New York: International Magazine Company, December 1917

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