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Being in First Class means to see and to be seen in the latest and greatest in fine Fashions for Women such as represented here from Fenwick of London - specializing in Tailored Gowns, day and evening wear.

No matter how simple the style of our Tailor Gowns there is invariably some little distinguishing characteristic which lifts them out of the common run.


62 and 63, New Bond Street, London.

A Fenwick Coat and Skirt

A Fenwick Coat and Skirt, as sketched, Coat lined Ivory Duchesse Satin, for the nominal price of 6 1/2 Guineas, Other sketches, patterns, and self-measurement forms on application.

These perfectly constructed Coats and skirts have been sent to every part of the Empire and have been the channel of introduction to a large clientele. Our highly skilled fitters cut them and make them from reliable materials.

6 1/2 Guineas

From the Cunard Daily Bulletin for Thursday, June 7, 1906, printed on board the RMS Carmania.

Note: We have edited this text to correct grammatical errors and improve word choice to clarify the article for today’s readers. Changes made are typically minor, and we often left passive text “as is.” Those who need to quote the article directly should verify any changes by reviewing the original material.

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