Bedford Mills Suesine Silk

1908 Print Advertisement for Suesine Silk from the Bedford Mills of New York City. The Delineator Magazine, December 1908.

1908 Print Advertisement for Suesine Silk from the Bedford Mills of New York City. The Delineator Magazine, December 1908. GGA Image ID # 1657df5492

No Better Gift for Girl or Woman than a Dress-Length of SUESINE.

Twelve to fourteen yards are enough for a dress—you can't think of anything else so pretty, so attractive and so acceptable that will cost you so little. If you don't want to spend the money for a dress-length, buy enough for a waist.

You can use Suesine for a thousand purposes;—fancy work of all sorts, from pin cushions to sçwingbags; under lace bureau scarfs; sofa cushions; the backs of curtains; facings; under shams or lace spreads.

What a pretty dress of Suesine some little girl is going to have who doesn't expect it, and her mother will save so much that she won't find it very hard to persuade herself to have for Christmas just the nicest dress of Suesine she ever had.

The Praise of its Pleased Customers has made the Suesine Silk. Tens of thousands of Women have proved its Greater Reliability and Value by Actual Use. They Buy it again and again, year after year, and they tell their Friends.

NO advertisement we could write can speak half as strongly for Sue sine Silk as the praise of these hundreds of thousands of fastidious women, and good judges of value, who know Suesine Silk by their own experience, — and who buy it again and again every season.

These women refuse all imitations and substitutes,—they insist on buying only SUESINE SILK,—with the name on the edge of every yard. Isn't that proof that Suesine Silk does hold its beauty, and does give the value and satisfaction that we claim for it?

The very fact that we mark the name on every yard of Suesine Silk mean« a great deal to you. It means that if Suesine Silk disappoints you, or any of your friends, you can always avoid Suesine very easily ever afterward. The fact that we do mark Suesine Silk with the name on every yard proves we are certain that nobody will be disappointed.

Suesine Silk is a fabric for dressy uses or for constant wear,—for every week in the year, and for every day in the week.

For Negligees as well as for Dressy Costumes Suesine Silk proves its Greater Value. No other Silk that wears as well and makes up as exquisitely —costs so little. No other Fabric can give you the Service and the Satisfaction of Suesine.

SUESINE is real silk. Woven inside the pure silk is a fine, strong, long silky filament of Egyptian cotton, — giving double strength and double wear without detracting from the exquisite beauty and fineness of the silk itself. That is the " Suesine Idea." It is ours. Nobody can copy or imitate it.

That is why Suesine, while costing much less than Jap or China silk, gives better sendee, and holds its beauty longer. It proves its better value not only at first sight, but by actual wear.

Suesine does not crack. It does not wear to slits or to pinholes. It does not grow dull or shabby. None of the frauds or faults, or disappointments of ordinary silk are in Suesine Silk.

It wears three times as long as the best China silk, and costs just- half. All of the sumptuous beauty and exquisite charm of the finest and most costly silks are in Suesine Silk. Do not be confused by imitations.—The imitations can not, and can never copy the Suesine RELIABILITY and Suesine Value, which are guaranteed to you when you see the Suesine name on the selvedge.

How to Know It. Retail Counter — marked thus : - SUESINE SILK on the selvedge, every yard. If it isn't marked like that, with the name on the selvedge, it is not genuine.

No matter where you live, it is easy to get genuine Suesine Silk. We do not sell Suesine Silk, except through regular retail merchants. But if we cannot send you the name and address of a dealer in your vicinity who has Suesine Silk, we will see that your order is filled at the same price, and just as conveniently, by a reliable retail house, if you enclose color sample and price, 47 1/2 c per yard.

Send for the Large Free Samples to three pages of this Magazine.

If you don't find Suesine Silk easily, write to us. We want to hear from every reader who finds any difficulty in getting Suesine Silk. We do not ask you to hunt from store to store for Suesine Silk.

There is a quicker, easier way. If your own dealer hasn't it, send us his name. We will send you the addresses of other stores in your vicinity where Suesine Silk is on sale in all its beautiful shades—thus saving you the time and trouble of hunting.

Send for the Large Free Samples. Thirty-one exquisite Shades, equal to three pages of this Magazine.

If, when you write, you send us the name of your own dealer who has not Suesine Silk, we will send you free (it costs you nothing) a book of 31 large samples, in all equal to three pages of this magazine, absolutely free. Send for These Exquisite Samples AT ONCE. See the new shades of Elephant Gray, Peacock Blue, Chartreuse Green.

SUESINE SILK : 47 1/2 Cents per Yard. : Bedford Mills, 8 to 14 W. 3rd St., NYC. TWO dresses for the price of ONE when you buy Suesine Silk. 47 1/2c per yard.

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