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Naval Aviation News - June 1977 - ACM mission

July 1977 Naval Aviation News Magazine

COVERS — Front, PHCS(AC) Bob Lawson filmed VF-43 Lieutenants "Wheels" Lyon (inside) and "Gabby" Gabriel (in lead aircraft) climbing for altitude in their T-38As on ACM mission with CVW-6 aircraft at MCAS Yuma, Ariz., last January.

Back Cover, July 1977 Naval Aviation News Magazine

Back, PH1(AC) Art LeGare photographed a VS-28 ordnance crew loading a rocket pod on a squadron S-3 during the same Yuma deployment. (Story begins on page 8.) Here, AE3 Terry Neuman and AD1 Lonnie Kinderman of HC-3 (see pages 30 and 31) inspect tail rotor on squadron Sea Knight at NAS North Island, Calif. Scott Day took the picture.



Vice Admiral Frederick C. Turner
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air Warfare)

Vice Admiral F. S. Petersen
Commander, Naval Air Systems Command

July 1977 Naval Aviation News Contents

Captain Ted Wilbur Cdr. Rosario Rausa Dorothy L. Bennefeld

Charles C. Cooney

JOC Bill Bearden Helen F. Collins

Sandy Nye


Head, Aviation Periodicals and History


Managing Editor Art Director

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LCdr. Bob Cole Contributing Editor Harold Andrews Technical Advisor

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