November 1962 Naval Aviation News Magazine : 60th Anniversary of the modern destroyer

November 1962 Naval Aviation News Magazine


Cover shot, which shows one of VF-41's F4H Phantom II aircraft with bomb load, was taken by VFP-62, based at NAS Jacksonville.


  • Fast Feat
    In the world's headlines, Astronaut Schirra proves that space is no problem.
  • Of Men and Ships
    Those connected with Naval Aviation who have been honored by having ships named after them over the last five decades are listed on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the modern destroyer.
  • Farnborough
    An international air event is described by Cmdr. Edward L. Barker, USNR, a former contributing editor to NANews, now in Naval Attache's Office, London.
  • Trans-World
    Constellation and Lexington switch ocean areas of operation.
  • Evolution of Carriers
    The Essex class, the Independence class, and carrier task group tactics are viewed.
  • NASA Simulators
    Fixed and moving base simulators prepare men for duty out-of-this-world.
  • Micro-Electronics
    LtCol. A. C. Lowell tells of the unfolding revolution in avionics made possible by a new technology.


  • Cmdr. Cecil E. Harris : Head, Aviation Periodicals Office
  • Cmdr. Paul Jayson : Editor
  • Izetta Winter Robb : Managing Editor
  • LtCmdr. Robert J. Massey, Scot MacDonald, JOC : Associate Editors
  • Cmdr. Oliver Ortman, Harold Andrews : Contributing Editors
  • Janis C. Burns : Assistant Editor
  • James M. Springer : Art Director


In Fiscal 1961, one-quarter of the Defense budget was spent for Maintenance—in terms of cash, $11 billion for 'equipment' maintenance and $2 billion for 'facilities' maintenance. In aviation electronics, a major breakthrough promises lower costs coupled with better performance and maintainability of equipment. For pictures and story of Naval Aviation's stake in this amazing new technological explosion, read 'Revolution in Electronics,' pp. 34-37.

the Overhaul and Repair Activity, MCAS Cherry Point

Above, the Overhaul and Repair Activity, MCAS Cherry Point, was photographed by Sgt. B. V. Davidson.

Issuance of this publication was approved by the Secretary of the Navy on 3 April 1961

Published monthly by Chief of Naval Operations and Bureau of Naval Weapons to disseminate data on aircraft training and operations, space technology, missile, rocket and other aviation ordnance developments, aeronautical safety, aircraft design, power plants, aircraft recognition, technical maintenance and overhaul procedures.

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Back Cover Story on Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician (AX)

Ready for wear early in 1963 is the new badge of the Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician (AX). As the Avionics 'doctor' who must 'sweeten' intricate electronics gear when it sours, AX men will assume a key position in the ASW team. Already it has been said that an ASW unit 'will only be as sharp as its AX.' Introduction of the new rating, combining the talents of the expiring ATS and SOA ratings, is another indication of the emphasis being placed on ASW by U. S. Naval Aviation.

AX—Aviation ASW Technician

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