Captain J. B. Watt, Cunard Line


Capt. J. B. Watt has been appointed to the command of the new Cunard line turbine steamer Lusitania, which is one of the mammoth liners now being completed. Capt. Watt joined the Cunard company in 1873 and has passed through every grade of command. Among the vessels he has commanded are the Umbria, Etruria, Lucania and Campania.

Capt. Watt is a native of Montrose and served his early years in the clipper sailing service. The Lusitania is to leave Glasgow early in July to undergo her trial runs, and it is expected that she will arrive at Liverpool about the second week in July.

"To Command The Lusitania." In The Marine Review, VOlume 35, No. 24, 13 June 1907, Page 17

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