Captain Christoph Leist

Captain Christoph Leist

CHRISTOPH LEIST---(NORTH GERMAN LLOYD: SUPERINTENDENT-CAPTAIN). From a photograph by Emil Tiedemann, Bremen. GGA Image ID # 12e7c37897

The captains of the North German Lloyd Line are well known now in three of the greatest nations of the earth, and the growing prosperity of this company will soon expand still more their modest fame. Their vessels touch three ports, German, English, and American, on each oceanic journey.

From Bremen they carry to the Western world hundreds of German travelers, whose number is reinforced at Southampton by many British subjects who dread the long rail ride from London to Liverpool.

It may not be proper here to say that the Bremen steamers are of themselves especially attractive to the average transatlantic traveler, but this fact may with propriety and truth be emphasized—that the North German Lloyd captains for seamanship and social qualities are the peers of any men who sail the sea.

Look at the portraits of the four German captains on the next page. You will find that they look like sailors, and you needn't be told that they know how to manage their ships in the heaviest gale. Each of the four has likewise his host of friends, won by his sterling worth and genial ways.

Captain Christoph Leist is the youngest of the quartette, being now in the forty-third year of his age. He is a practical sailor in more ways than one. Added to his skill as a navigator—for he has been a captain in the company's service for seventeen years—lie has a complete knowledge of the art of ship- building.

He superintended the construction of the five latest additions to the fleet at the shipyard in Scotland, and is well known in Glasgow. He now holds the honorable post of Superintendent-Captain. Unlike him, the three other captains still have command of vessels.

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