Captain Heinrich H. Barends

Captain Heinrich H. Barends, Four Popular Commanders of The Hamburg America Line.

Captain Heinrich H. Barends, Four Popular Commanders of The Hamburg America Line. Home Journal: A Paper of Today, Old Serial Volume 42, New Serial Volume 12, No. 43, Boston, Saturday, 22 October 1898. GGA Image ID # 12e7337d22

Captain Barends was born in Hamburg in January 1847. His sea career began - in iso, when he shipped before the mast on a German sailing vessel. After practical - experience before the mast he entered the German Nautical School in 1868, from which - he graduated and received his master's certificate.

In 1870 he entered the service of - the Hamburg Line as fourth office of the Thuringia. His abilities soon won promotion, and in less than three years he was made first officer of the Allemania, and sub- sequently served in the same capacity on the Suevia and Friesia.

He became captain in 1879, and was given charge of the Cimbria. Since then he has commanded the Holsatia, Silesia, Suevia, Wieland, Dania and Auguste Victoria.

Captain Barends is a typical German sailor. He is jovial, a pleasant companion, and a rigid disciplinarian when on duty. His passengers all admire him for his strict attention to duty and his cool, intrepid manner when faced with any sudden emergency.

His bravery has won him many decorations. When the Auguste Victoria - made her maiden trip to the Orient Captain Barends, as the commander of the first - modern twin-screw ship to churn, the waters of the Mediterranean, was decorated by - the Sultan with the insignia of the order of Medjidjie, which is considered a notable - distinction.


Capt. Barends of the Normannia Receives the Congratulations of Many Friends.

To have made 100 round trips across the Atlantic is a triumph that comes to few mariners. That, however, is the record that was yesterday established by Capt. A. Barends, when he brought his fine command, the " express ” steamship Normannia into this port. Another fact of which Capt. Barends is proud is that all the hundred round trips across the Atlantic were made without accident.

The Normannia had a large number of saloon passengers on board. During the passage they heard that Capt. Barends was rounding off the last of a hundred voyages, and on the night preceding arrival a delegation of passengers escorted the Captain to the saloon.

Speeches were made, and an address of congratulation was tendered to the popular officer. To him was presented a set of resolutions, signed by all the passengers.

Capt. Barends, who is forty-seven years old, is a native of Hamburg. He adopted the seaman’s calling when young. He shipped as an apprentice on a sailing vessel when fourteen years old, and served six years before the mast. Having learned the rudiments of the profession, he entered a navigation school in Hamburg, where he Qualified as a navigator.

In 1870, he entered the service of the Hamburg America Line as fourth officer of the Thuringia, and was shortly afterward promoted, to the grade of second officer. He subsequently served as first officer of the Allemannia, and in the same capacity on board the Suevia, Frisia, and Franconia.

In 1879 he was promoted to Captain, and took command of the Cimbria. Other vessels which he commanded at different periods were the Halsatia, Cyclops, Lotharingia, Silesia, Westphalia, Wieland, Dania, and Augusta Victoria.

Capt. Barends has. made numerous friends during his many trips in the transatlantic service. Some of these have arranged to celebrate his centennial voyage by a dinner, which will be given on Tuesday evening, at 101 Chambers Street.

"A HUNDRED ATLANTIC ROUND TRIPS- Capt. Barends of the Normannia Receives the Congratulations of Many Friends." in The New York Times, 5 May 1894, P. 9, Col. 6

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