Captain C. H. E. Judkins

The Late C. H. E. Judkins

The Late Catain C. H. E. Judkins. From a photograph by Manchester Brothers, Providence. GGA Image ID # 12e76fba23

Some of them never make friends, and others always do. Of the latter class many instances might be given. Of the former there has never been a better illustration in the service than the late Captain Judkins, of the Cunard Line.

He was highly esteemed by the company, but the bane of nine-tenths of the passengers who crossed in his day. Anecdotes innumerable are told of him, and all illustrative of his singular gruffness of manner. Perhaps the best known of all is this:

Lady passenger (advancing toward the captain, who, leaning over the rail of the Scotia, is looking toward Newfoundland) : "Oh, captain, do tell me, is it always as foggy and nasty as this off the Banks ?"

The captain (glancing briefly at his questioner, and then resuming his attitude), " How the devil do I know, madam? I don't live here."

Certain it is that the memory of this capable old salt is not cherished with much affection by transatlantic voyagers.

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