Captain Patrick Urquhart

Captain Patrick Urquhart

PATRICK URQUHART—(AMERICAN "LORD CLIVE"). From a photograph by Messrs. Brown, Barnes, and Bell, Liverpool. GGA Image ID # 12ebe6aeb8

The English ships, however, which are chartered by the same company are officered by citizens of Great Britain. Captain Patrick Urquhart, of the Lord Clive, and Captain E. H. Freeth, of the British Princess, are subjects of the Queen. The company considers them both capable officers, and the traveling public goes a little further, and looks upon them as attractive men.

Captain Urquhart is a few years the senior of Captain Sargent. He has served his company as a commander for eleven years, but his life on other seas runs far beyond his term upon the Atlantic. He was for many years in Papayam's Greek service.

He is different from Captain Freeth in being a sailor of the quiet, retiring, and almost shy stamp. The man who guides the British Princess through trackless seas is a second edition of Captain Shackford.

He is only three-and-thirty, and if ever another Andromeda is chained to an ocean rock,this handsome young Conway sailor is the man to enact Perseus. Like the late commander of the Illinois, lie is a favorite with every one, and promises in a few years to be one of the best-known men who sail the Atlantic.

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