Captain Benjamin Gleadell

Captain Benjamin Gleadell

BENJAMIN GLEADELL—(WHITE STAR: " CELTIC"). From a Photograph by A. Vandyke, Liverpool. GGA Image ID # 12e5988a01

Captain Benjamin Gleadell is another illustration of the silent type. He commands the Celtic, and as its chief officer has distinguished himself for thorough seamanship and bravery, as he has frequently done during the many years he has been in the service of the White Star Line.

He notes the flight of time by a handsome watch presented to him by the President of the United States for saving an American vessel and the lives of all her crew. In his room you may see—but you will have to ask, for he is not the man to display such things—medals presented to him by individuals and associations for similar deeds of humanity, and testimonials prepared and signed by passengers to testify their admiration for the gallant officer.

He is, nevertheless, not the man to whom the average passenger takes a fancy. He is strangely reserved,and rarely in a trip ventures upon more than an occasional "Good-morning" as he passes an early riser on the deck. " I won't say he's a darned disagreeable cuss, but he's too dignified to suit me," a traveler from a Western State once said of Captain Gleadell. He is a man of about fifty-four now, and an Englishman by birth. When he dons his uniform and goes up on the bridge he looks every inch a sailor, and a fine specimen of physical manhood.

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