Captain Peter J. Irving

Captain Peter J. Irving

PETER J. IRVING-(WHITE STAR: " REPUBLIC"). From a photograph by A. Vandyke, Liverpool. GGA Image ID # 12e63f9fc1

Captain Peter J. Irving, of the Republic, is still another of the White Star's galaxy of quiet men, and yet he is the sort of officer that always favorably impresses those who meet him.

He is scarcely more than forty years of age, but in that time has climbed the ladder, or perhaps it would be more applicable to say has mounted to the topmast of position step by step upon the riggings of merit.

He is what is described among seamen as a " Conway boy"; that is, he acquired his rudimentary knowledge of navigation on the old training ship whose name gives a special distinction to her alumni. He, like nearly all his fellow-captains of the line, has figured in not a few gallant rescues at sea.

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