SS Castel Felice Passage Contract - 1 September 1956


SITMAR's SS Castel Felice Passage Contract Ticket Departing from Le Havre to New York, 1 September 1956.

SITMAR's SS Castel Felice Passage Contract Ticket Departing from Le Havre to New York, 1 September 1956. GGA Image ID # 12cf9757a1


Summary of Passage Contract

  • Date of Purchase / Voyage: 1 September 1956
  • Steamship Line: SITMAR Line (Societa Italiana Trasporti Marittimi S.p.A.)
  • Steamship: SS Castel Felice
  • Route: Le Havre to New York
  • Ticket Type: Passage Contract
  • Voyage Class: Tourist Class
  • Name on Contract: Charles BUTLER
  • Etnicity of Passenger(s): Unknown
  • Contract Terms: Transcribed
  • Cost of Ticket: $195.00 / $1,860.00 USD in 2020


Passage Contract Details

Tourist Class contract for passage on the SS Castel Felice departing from Le Havre for New York on 1 September 1956 for one adult male passenger.

"SITMAR" Societa Italiana Trasporti Marittimi S. p. A.

Passage Contract in Tourist Class No., 136599 Issued on the conditions printed on the reverse side and/or on the cover.

From Le Havre to New York on the SS Castel Felice sailing 1 September 1956.

Passenger: Charles BUTLER, Adult Male

Fare: $190.00 + Embarkation Dues of $5.00 for a Total Fare of $195.00.

Issued in New York on 2 June 1956 per SITMAR Agents Overseas Charter & Shipping Co.


Front Cover, SITMAR Passage Contract Ticket for Passage on the SS Castel Felice, Departing from Le Havre to New York Dated 1 September 1956.

Front Cover, SITMAR Passage Contract Ticket for Passage on the SS Castel Felice, Departing from Le Havre to New York Dated 1 September 1956. GGA Image ID # 12ce902de2


Terms and Conditions, SITMAR Passage Contract Ticket for Passage on the SS Castel Felice, Departing from Le Havre to New York Dated 1 September 1956.

Terms and Conditions, SITMAR Passage Contract Ticket for Passage on the SS Castel Felice, Departing from Le Havre to New York Dated 1 September 1956. GGA Image ID # 12cfc484ae


Back Cover, SITMAR Passage Contract Ticket for Passage on the SS Castel Felice, Departing from Le Havre to New York Dated 1 September 1956.

Back Cover, SITMAR Passage Contract Ticket for Passage on the SS Castel Felice, Departing from Le Havre to New York Dated 1 September 1956. GGA Image ID # 12cfd300b7



This ticket is issued by "SITMAR" Soc. Italiana Trasporti Marittimi, S.p.A. hereinafter termed the Company, and accepted by the passenger at the following conditions.


  1. This ticket is strictly personal, and the inherent transportation contract may not be ceded without consent of the Company.
  2. The price indicated on this contract has been established in accordance with the responsibility undertaken by the Company as stated herein. Therefore no agreement, modification or alteration, which might create responsibilities other than those contemplated herein shall be valid unless inserted in writing and signed by the Company's Legal Representatives as well as by the passenger. All conditions, limitations and exceptions related to the Company’s responsibility ore understood to also cover the Company’s vessels. Agents. Masters. Employees and in general whomsoever acts for the Company.
  3. The passenger must be on board at least three hours before sailing. The passenger not on board of such time, even if prevented by «force majeure», forfeits the passage money. The price is not forfeit, however, if with Company’s consent, the transportation contract is in good time ceded to others at Passenger’s request, in this case the Company shall be entitled to o commission of 10% on the passage money.
  4. The Company may cancel on advertised sailing, may have the vessel call at ports other than those advertised, or not to call at ports as advertised, and may similarly place their vessels on another Line. In such cases the Passenger is not entitled to claim damages for the cancelled sailing or the cancelled call but may only be refunded the passage money.
  5. The Company may advance or delay an advertised sailing. Should the Company avail itself of this right or should sailing be delayed by «force majeure» the passenger shall not be entitled to annulment of the contract, nor to food and lodging, nor to refund of expenses nor to any reimbursement for damages whatsoever. Should sailing be delayed for over ten days the passenger shall be entitled to annulment of the contract. in which case only the passage money shall be reimbursed.
  6. Should the voyage be interrupted by reason of «force majeure» the entire passage money shall be deemed to have been earned by the Company and the voyage shall be deemed completed.
  7. Should the voyage be undertaken or pursued with vessel or vehicles belonging to other Carrier, the Passenger shall be subjected to passage conditions of said Carriers, and will not be entitled to any indemnification by the Company. The Company shall be responsible only for carriage effected by means of its vessels and according to the conditions of this contract, excluding any joint liability with previous or subsequent Carriers. The Company accepts no responsibility for lack of connection between its vessels and other Corners, and does not guarantee accommodation on any vehicle used for transshipment. All transshipment expenses, concerning both passenger and baggage, as well as food and lodging expenses pending transshipment arc to be borne entirely by the passenger.
  8. Should the passenger interrupt the voyage. even for reasons which cannot be attributed to the passenger, the entire passage money shall be deemed to have been earned by the Company.
  9. The Company and/or Master of the vessel may without liability whatsoever for the Company or the vessel, refuse to embark, or may disembark at intermediate ports, passengers who, according to the final judgment of the Ship's Medical Officers, ore or are found to be. in such o state of health or in such physical condition as may render them unfit for the voyage, or whose condition, for reasons of illness or for other unascertainable causes, ore or may become dangerous or objectionable to other passengers.
  10. The Passenger shall occupy the berth indicated in the ticket, and failing this, such a place as may be assigned by the Master. The Company may assign the passenger to different berths, provided such berths ore equally priced.
  11. In the event of quarantine, or of passengers being held on board or ashore after vessel’s arrival by order of the Immigration Authorities and/or any other Authorities whatsoever, the passenger shall sustain on their own account all risks, damages and expenses which may arise from such measures. including the cost of maintenance on board throughout the isolation period.
  12. The Master of the vessel is fully entitled to proceed without pilot and to assist and tow other vessels, in any circumstances whatsoever, to deviate from the usual course for any purpose and for any distance whatsoever, to call at any port whether situated on the vessel’s course or not, even if contrary to or not on the usual direction of the vessel’s course, to proceed forward or backward in any order and for any purpose whatsoever, once or several times: the Master shall also be fully entitled to transfer the passenger and the baggage, at passenger’s risk and expenses, to any other vessel or vehicle, whether or not belonging to the Company, proceeding to the destination port. In none of the aforementioned cases shall the passenger be entitled to annulment of the contract, nor to a claim for damages or to reimbursement for any expenses whatsoever.
  13. For each full fare (fraction in proportion) the passenger is entitled to the free carriage of a certain quantity of baggage containing personal effects only.Saloon Passengers, ore entitled to a free baggage allowance established in accordance with the Company's tariff. Tourist class passengers are entitled to 100 kg. free baggage allowance per each full fare, provided it does not exceed a volume of half cubic meter. For baggage excess of these provisions, passengers shall pay a charge in accordance to the tariff.
  14. The Passenger is strictly forbidden to include dangerous or noxious substances of any kind whatsoever in personal luggage, and in case of infringement of this prohibition the Passenger shall be responsible towards the Company for all damages and consequences resulting from such infringement. The Most er is empowered to seize and destroy such substances and the Passenger shall have no right to compensation or redress whatsoever.
  15. The Passenger shall ascertain that all pieces of baggage ore securely fastened and provided with labels, clearly indicating Passenger’s name, the exact address of destination, the vessel’s name, sailing date and port of disembarkation. The passenger must personally see to the embarkation of baggage, ensuring thot all of it is on board on sailing, as well as to its withdrawal at destination. The Company is not responsible for any loss, delay or damage whatsoever, arising from any inherent defect, fault or quality of the baggage or of the personal effects of the passenger or for absence of/or insufficient labelling, address or description of such baggage and/or such effects. Nor is the Company responsible for loss or damage caused to the passenger or to Passenger’s belongings through seizure of the vessel following legal action, or for any oct, omission, fault or negligence of any other passenger or for any other cause not herein specified, beyond the reasonable control of the Company.
  16. Documents, manuscripts, money, jewelry and valuables of any kind should not be enclosed in the baggage nor kept in the cabin by the passenger, but should they be so enclosed or kept then the Company shall not be responsible. Such items may be delivered to the Purser in o sealed envelope against a written receipt. Such deposit is mode at passenger's risk and the passenger should insure such items against all risks with on insurance Company of his own choice.
  17. The Company shall have a lien for retention on passenger's baggage and., therefore, should the passenger refuse to pay amounts due to the Company, the Company may, by public action and without Court authorization, sell the baggage to the extent of amount due.
  18. Baggage not withdrawn within 6 months from the date of the vessel’s arrival at disembarkation port will be considered abandoned property and treated as such. The Company shall be entitled to dispose of such baggage without legal authorization, after on inventory of the contents has been certified; always provided that the baggage has not been disposed of at on earlier date in accordance with the ruling of Authorities or of Regulations. also cover debts owed to the Company by the Passenger.The proceeds of sale of the baggage after the expenses and dues of the Company have been deducted shall be held at the baggage owner’s disposal, who shall attend to the collection thereof within one year of the vessel’s arrival, whereas on the expiry of said period the balance shall become the property of the Company.
  19. The Company shall not be held responsible for incapacity, inexperience, negligence or default of the Master. Pilot, Officers and Crew, or of any other person employed on board the vessel.
  20. The Company shall not be held responsible for the death of or injuries sustained by the passenger, nor for loss, damage or breakage of passenger’s baggage or personal effects caused by circumstances of «forces majeure», enemies, perils of the sea or rivers or ports or other navigable waters, fire, robbery, piracy. arrest or capture by order of Princes or Rulers of Peoples, barratry of the Master or Crew, rulings of Governments, whether recognized or not, war or threat of war, unrests, strikes or lockouts, interruptions or disturbances of labor of any kind whatsoever, collisions or any navigation perils, dampness, seepage, leakage or spillage of liquids, rust, rain, seawater, evaporation, damage caused by animals or insects of any species, as well as for incapacity, negligence, and/or default of Company’s personal on board, on shores, at sea, or during movements, or otherwise, for explosions, bursting of boilers, steam leakage. Accidents or derangements of shafting or machinery or any appurtenances of the vessel or for any latent defect in the hull, machinery or equipment of the vessel or for any cause of any nature whatsoever beyond the Company’s control, always provided thot the Company has complied with the usual measures necessary to render the vessel seaworthy.
  21. The Company shall not be held responsible for illness, whether contagious, or infectious, contracted on board for any cause whatsoever. The Company shall not be held responsible for errors, omissions or inexperience of physicians, surgeons, nurses, assistants masseurs, manicurists, hairdressers, barbers, laundry-operators or tailors, or other personal-service personnel, and is furthermore not responsible for the quality, nature or consequences of, or arising from, or treatments rendered by these services, or for articles supplied by any such personnel or for lack or defect in equipment or stores, instruments, or methods used by anyone of these above persons, it being stipulated that these services, personnel, equipment and stores are provided solely for the convenience of the passenger wishing to make use of them at Passenger's own and entire risk and expense.
  22. The passenger may not claim reimbursement of expenses or damage for any delay or advance on the schedule time of vessel’s departure or arrival.
  23. The Company shall not be held responsible for any event occurring outside its vessel. Any other transportation whatsoever, including such as may be required for embarkation or disembarkation, or any other form of transportation whatsoever for excursions or landings, shall be exclusively for passengers account and convenience and shall be at Passenger’s entire risk, peril and expense, without Mobility whatsoever to the Company.
  24. By accepting or receiving this ticket each passenger agrees without prejudice to its other provisions and both on his or her behalf and on behalf of any person or child travelling with him or her or in his or her core thot all rights, exemptions from liability, defenses and immunities of whatsoever nature referred to in this ticket applicable to the Company (which term shall for the purpose of this Clause include the Shipowners, the Line, Charterers. Managers, Operators and the Ship, as the case may be) shall in all respects ensure also for the benefit of any servants or agents or the Company acting in the course of or in connection with their employment so thot in no circumstances shall any such servant or agent as the result of so acting be under any liability to any such passenger or to any such person or child greater than or different from thot of the Company. For the purposes of the agreement contained in this clause, the Company is or shall be deemed to be acting on behalf and for-the benefit of all persons who ore or may be its servants or agents from time to time, and oll such persons shall to this extent be or be deemed to be parties to the contract contained in or evidenced by this ticket.
  25. Animals accompanying Passengers, when accepted by the Company, shall be accommodated and kept in the appropriate quarters and passengers ore strictly forbidden to keep them in cabins, dormitories, public rooms or decks. Passengers shall be responsible for maintenance and custody of these animals throughout the voyage. Passengers shall be furthermore responsible for any damage whatsoever, to persons or articles, caused by said animals. The Company shall not be held responsible in any way for injury, sickness, escape, death or loss of the animals, whether during the embarkation, voyage or disembarkation.
  26. No legal action for any injury sustained by the passenger may be brought against the Company unless written notice thereof has been given to the Master or to the Company, or to the Company’s agents at destination, within one week from the date of the accident or within 2 months in the event of death. Legal suits must be filed within one year from the date on which the accident took place, otherwise such legal action shall be deemed invalid.
  27. No legal proceedings may be promoted against the Company for loss and/or damage to Passenger's baggage unless such loss and/or damage has been notified to the Company or the Company’s Agent at the disembarkation port before withdrawal of said baggage and such damage and/or. loss has been reported to and verified by the Master or the Company’s agents or assigns. Such legal action must be initiated within 6 months from the date on which such loss or damage was reported.
  28. Should any one clause or part thereof herein contained be held wholly or partly invalid, such invalidity shall not affect any other clause of this contract.
  29. In any circumstance not provided for by the clauses of this contract, the Italian lows shall apply.
  30. Any claim arising from or in relation to this contract must be submitted to the Judicial Authorities of Genoa, in express derogation from any other Authority whatsoever.


Relative Cost of Passage Ticket in Today's Currency Value

In 2020, the relative values of $195.00 from 1956 ranges from $1,450.00 to $9,070.00.

simple Purchasing Power Calculator would say the relative value is $1,860.00. This answer is obtained by multiplying $195.00 by the percentage increase in the CPI from 1956 to 2020.

This may not be the best answer.

The best measure of the relative value over time depends on if you are interested in comparing the cost or value of a Commodity, Income or Wealth, or a Project.

If you want to compare the value of a $195.00 Commodity in 1956 there are four choices. In 2020 the relative:

  • real price of that commodity is $1,860.00
  • real value in consumption of that commodity is $2,460.00
  • labor value of that commodity is $2,760.00 (using the unskilled wage) or $2,940.00 (using production worker compensation)
  • income value of that commodity is $4,620.00
  • economic share of that commodity is $9,070.00

If you want to compare the value of a $195.00 Income or Wealth, in 1956 there are five choices. In 2020 the relative:

  • real wage or real wealth value of that income or wealth is $1,860.00
  • household purchasing power value of that income or wealth is $2,460.00
  • relative labor earnings of that commodity are $2,760.00 (using the unskilled wage) or $2,940.00 (using production worker compensation)
  • relative income value of that income or wealth is $4,620.00
  • relative output value of that income or wealth is $9,070.00

If you want to compare the value of a $195.00 Project in 1956 there are four choices. In 2020 the relative:

  • real cost of that project is $1,450.00
  • household cost of that project is $2,460.00
  • labor cost of that project is $2,760.00 (using the unskilled wage) or $2,940.00 (using production worker compensation)
  • relative cost of that project is $4,620.00
  • economy cost of that project is $9,070.00

Samuel H. Williamson, "Seven Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount, 1790 to present," MeasuringWorth, 2022. URL:


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