United States Lines Prepaid Passage Receipt - 10 October 1922


Prepaid Ticket and Contract for Polish Immigrant from Bremen to Chicago IL on the United States Lines. Ticket included Train to Chicago and Transatlantic Ocean Fare in the Cabin Class.

Prepaid Ticket and Contract for Polish Immigrant from Bremen to Chicago IL on the United States Lines. Ticket included Train to Chicago and Transatlantic Ocean Fare in the Cabin Class. GGA Image ID # 1fa43b2744


Summary of Prepaid Passage Purchaser's Receipt

  • Date of Purchase / Voyage: 10 October 1922
  • Steamship Line: United States Lines
  • Steamship: Unknown
  • Route: Bremen to Chicago via New York
  • Ticket Type: Prepaid Passage Purchaser's Receipt
  • Voyage Class: Cabin Class
  • Name on Contract: Linda Strasszewska
  • Etnicity of Passenger(s): Polish
  • Contract Terms: Transcribed
  • Cost of Ticket: $193.70 / $2,990.00 USD in 2020


Prepaid Passage Purchaser's Receipt Details

45 Broadway, New York
Cabin Class Prepaid
Prepaid No. 809565

  • Names and Address of Passengers: Linda Straszewska, Age 41
  • Łódź, Poland
  • Fabrycna No 1
  • V. W. Lange
  • From Bremen to Chicago, IL
  • Ocean Fare: $130.50
  • American Railway Fare: $30.70
  • U.S. Head Tax: $8.00
  • Other Fees: $15.00
    Payment to Passenger at Bremen: $25.00
  • Amount Received, Total: $193.70

Name and Address of Purchaser

Theodore Marten
1252 Prairie Ave
Agent at Chicago, IL Oct 10, 1922


Contract Terms and Conditions - United States Lines Cabin Class Ticket, 10 October 1922.

Contract Terms and Conditions - United States Lines Cabin Class Ticket, 10 October 1922. GGA Image ID # 1fa331b226


Note: After an extensive search, we were unable to find a passenger record of Linda Straszewska of ŁódźPoland, born c1881 and according to the prepaid contract, arrived in New York from Bremen sometime after October 1922. If you have information on Linda Straszewska or Teodore (Theodore) Marten, please contact us at [email protected].


Contract for Prepaid Ticket No...809565

In consideration of the passage money indicated on the reverse side (back) of this contract, the United States Lines (hereinafter referred to as the Lines) agrees to transport the passenger named on reverse side of this ticket (hereinafter referred to as the passenger), but only upon the terms hereinafter provided, from port of embarkation to port of landing  mentioned herein, and to provide, as agent of and at risk of passenger and/or purchaser of this ticket, for the transportation of said passenger from inland point in Europe to port of embarkation, and or from port of landing to point of destination as shown on reverse side (back) of this contract.



1. The steamer by which the Lines may transport the passenger shall have liberty hereunder, in the discretion of the Lines or its representative, to proceed without pilots, to tow and assist vessels, in all situations, to put back, to proceed to, call, enter or stay at, any ports or places for any purpose although upon no route to destination or in a contrary direction thereto or with reference to a different voyage, once or oftener, backward or forward in any order or rotation, or to omit any itinerary ports, to deviate from the direct and customary course, and if prevented from sailing or proceeding in the ordinary course, shall have liberty (but is not required) to forward any passenger or property by continuing carriers to final destination by any available means, direct or via ports and places by the same or any other route or itinerary at the risk of such passenger and property. In case of any deviation, whether permitted hereunder or justifiable or not, any liability of the Lines in respect of passenger or property, or for loss, damage or delay or injury or death of or to the same shall, during such deviation, be governed by and subject to the conditions, exceptions and limitations of this contract.

2. The Lines shall not be liable to the purchaser hereof or to any person carried under this contract for any failure to perform the contract, or any of the stipulations thereof, or for any injury or delay to or death of such passenger or loss or destruction of or damage or delay to his baggage arising or resulting from any act of God, public enemies, arrest or restraints of princes, rulers, peoples, perils of the sea or other waters or of navigation, fire, barratry of master or crew, theft, pilferage, or from any cause whatsoever beyond the Lines reasonable control, or from any other cause unless such other cause be shown due to negligence or wrongdoing chargeable to the Lines; and provided due diligence shall have been exercised to make the vessel in all respects seaworthy and properly manned, equipped and supplied, the Lines shall not be liable for loss, damage, injury, delay or death resulting from faults or errors in navigation or management of the vessel or latent or other defect in or unseaworthiness of the vessel or any craft, whether existing at time of sailing or otherwise.

3. The Lines shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay to passenger or baggage or injury or death of passenger caused directly or indirectly by riots, strikes, lockouts, labor disputes,  or labor disturbances of any kind or by the course of action adopted by the Lines or other persons whomsoever in contemplation or in consequence thereof or in connection therewith.

4. A passenger is not entitled to transportation of any property hereunder except personal effects properly constituting baggage. Laces, specie, bullion, precious stones, banknotes, bonds, or other documents, negotiable and/or otherwise, gold and silver articles, jewelry and valuables, not constituting personal belongings for use of the passenger, and merchandise, samples and property of others and any property not personal effects of the passenger, do not constitute baggage and must be shipped under bill of lading at the Lines' tariff rates, and the Lines shall not be responsible therefor in any respect, if not so shipped.

Except as hereinafter provided, a passenger is entitled to transportation of baggage hereunder (including property retained in stateroom or in the personal custody of the passenger, or deposited with the purser, as well as baggage carried in hold or baggage room) to the extent only of 20 cubic feet and to total value of $100, if a first class passenger, or a total value of $50, if a second class passenger, or to the extent only of 10 cubic feet and to a total value of $25, if a third-class passenger (Children in proportion to the extent of full fare paid).

It is agreed that such baggage does not exceed said value, upon the basis of which the passage money has been adjusted; and no higher value than said sum shall be placed on said baggage in computing any liability of the Lines, whether for negligence or otherwise, unless before embarkation any excess over such value be declared in writing  to the Lines' Baggage Master   at the pier and extra payment made to him at the rate of 1%, on the excess so declared, and a receipt obtained for such payment stating  the excess value  so paid on, in which case said limitation of value shall be deemed increased by the excess so paid on an additional  charge will be made for excess measurement but payment thereof shall not entitle the passenger to increase in valuation.

The Lines does not undertake to transport baggage by any particular steamer, or in any particular time, and shall not be responsible for  any delay in the transportation or delivery thereof.

5. Documents, manuscripts, money, watches, precious stones, jewelry, gold and silver articles and valuables of any sort, and such articles as are specified in Section 4281 of the U. S. Revised Statutes, if constituting personal effects such as may be properly tarried hereunder as baggage, must be deposited with the purser of the steamer for safe keeping in a safe provided therefor,—and the Lines will not be  responsible in any respect therefor until so deposited.

Property and luggage retained by passenger in stateroom or in the passenger's personal custody and control must not  be left unguarded about ship or in stateroom, either before or after sailing, but when not  in actual use must be locked in the passenger's stateroom or in trunk or receptacle of such character as not to be readily opened or removed, and failure to observe these requirements shall, in case of loss or damage during neglect thereof, be deemed negligence of the passenger.

Property and luggage entrusted to a steward or other member of the ship's crew to take on board oi ashore or hold for the passenger is at sole risk of the passenger, such persons not being authorized to represent the Lines for such purposes.

6. Passenger must see that baggage is distinctly labeled with passenger's name, steamer, date of sailing and destination, and if the passenger fails so to label his baggage the Lines shall not be liable for loss of baggage or delay in delivery thereof.

7. The Lines may at any time without notice change any steamer, accommodation, or sailing, and no claim shall be made against the Lines by reason of any cancellation, prevention, change, delay or substitution of any steamer, sailing or accommodation for hotel or board bills, traveling expenses or other loss, or expenses whatsoever.

8. Money received by the  Lines in respect  of transportation, other than the transatlantic passage herein provided for, is received only as the passenger’s agent to pay the same over to other carriers, and  the Lines  shall not be responsible in  respect of such other transportation,  nor be deemed to receive property into its custody until the arrival at its wharf at port of embarkation on said trans-Atlantic voyage, nor be responsible for passengers until embarkation upon its vessel at such port, and its responsibility shall end without notice upon disembarkation or discharge at its wharf or over the vessel s side.

9. In order to comply with United States Immigration Laws, Passengers must, if required by the carrier, submit at port of embarkation or elsewhere, as required, to a physical or other examination by the Lines' representatives, and if the Lines decides that there is a possibility of the passenger being excluded from the United States, or the passenger refuses to submit to such examination, this^ ticket may be canceled as to such passengers.

Children under 16 years of age will not be  taken unless accompanied by an adult. No person who is, in the opinion of the Lines* representative, unfit to proceed by reason or sickness or infirmity or whose  condition is such as to endanger the life, safety or reasonable comfort of other passengers, no professional gambler, and, unless accompanied by an attendant, no person whose condition is such as to require an attendant, shall be entitled to transportation hereunder.

The Lines shall not be liable for thus excluding a passenger, except that ocean fares received for such passenger shall be returned, less the expense that the Lines may be put to on his account and less commissions paid to agents.

If a passenger is excluded or deported by the immigration authorities of the United States for any cause whatsoever, no claim shall be made against the Lines on that account.

10. Passengers accepting medical or surgical treatment or supplies from the ship's physician, or otherwise, do so at their own risk without responsibility  of  the Lines and subject to the physician's charge.

11. In case of quarantine or other delay, each passenger must bear all risks and expenses thereby caused, and shall pay to the Lines for maintenance, payable day by day while maintained on board the steamer, $2.00 per day if a first or second cabin passengers and $1.00 per day if a third class passenger.

12. This contract is valid only for the passenger named and is binding for one year only, during which time the Lines agrees, upon application of the passenger (unless berths have been secured for him), to reserve accommodations for the sailing desired, or as soon thereafter as possible, with the understanding that if no accommodations corresponding with the price paid are available on the desired steamer, the passenger engaging vacant accommodations at a higher or lower rate will pay the difference in fare or be entitled to have the same refunded, as the case may be.

13. Passage money shall be deemed fully earned upon embarkation and shall not be refunded in whole or part, vessel, passengers or property lost or not lost, voyage begun or not begun, except as hereinbefore provided.

14. The Lines still have the right, to cancel this Contract upon reasonable notice by telegram, cable, radio or in writing   mailed to either the Purchaser or the Passenger at his address stated on the back hereof. In the event this contract is canceled the Lines shall return to the  purchaser the passage money paid therefor, less the agent's commission
and other expenses incurred.

15. No agent of the Lines is authorized to alter or change the terms or conditions*of this contract in any manner whatsoever.

16. In the extension of limitation of liability on part of the Lines, this Contract is subject to the provisions of sections 4281-4287, each inclusive of the United States Revised Statutes. Wherever provision is made in this contract for limitation of liability of the Lines such limitation of liability shall extend to and cover the  Lines, the Ship Owners, their representatives, agents and servants, Agent, Master and Passage Broker, and their respective legal representatives, successors and assigns and all limitations of liability in this contract contained shall extend to them and each of them. Wherever the word Passenger or Purchaser is used in connection with provisions for the limitation of liability on the part of the Lines, such words shall be held to include the heirs, legal representatives and assigns of the Passenger and Purchaser respectively.

17. No suit shall be maintained in any jurisdiction for loss, damage, dejay, injury or death of any passenger or pronerty unless such action shall be commenced within ninety (90) days from the date of embarkation, and unless within five (5) days after termination of this voyage, notice of claim shall have been made to the Lines in writing stating fully the facts upon which such action is based.

18. With respect to any responsibility of the  Lines arising  before responsibility as  carrier begins, or continuing after such responsibility ends, the  Lines shall have the benefit of the same conditions, limitations and exceptions as expressed in this contract.

Should the Purchaser object to any of the stipulations contained in this, the regular form of contract for prepaid ticket, the Lines will modify the same if and so far as practicable, provided the rate of passage is increased sufficiently to indemnify the Lines for the increased liability.

But no special contract modifying or adding to the terms hereof shall be binding on the Lines unless entered into for an additional consideration with a person having actual authority on its behalf to make the same, and "unless the same be signed in duplicate by the parties and approved in writing by the New York office of the Lines.

Note: Only 4 people left from Łódź, Poland in the latter part of 1922: Pauline and Olga Grabezynska and Emma and Tatiana Kalinin, all heading to Brazil.


Relative Cost of Passage Ticket in Today's Currency Value

In 2020, the relative values of $193.70 from 1922 ranges from $2,390.00 to $54,600.00.

simple Purchasing Power Calculator would say the relative value is $2,990.00. This answer is obtained by multiplying $193.70 by the percentage increase in the CPI from 1922 to 2020.

This may not be the best answer.

The best measure of the relative value over time depends on if you are interested in comparing the cost or value of a Commodity, Income or Wealth, or a Project.

If you want to compare the value of a $193.70 Commodity in 1922 there are four choices. In 2020 the relative:

  • real price of that commodity is $2,990.00
  • real value in consumption of that commodity is $7,080.00
  • labor value of that commodity is $12,800.00 (using the unskilled wage) or $14,200.00 (using production worker compensation)
  • income value of that commodity is $18,200.00
  • economic share of that commodity is $54,600.00

If you want to compare the value of a $193.70 Income or Wealth, in 1922 there are five choices. In 2020 the relative:

  • real wage or real wealth value of that income or wealth is $2,990.00
  • household purchasing power value of that income or wealth is $7,080.00
  • relative labor earnings of that commodity are $12,800.00 (using the unskilled wage) or $14,200.00 (using production worker compensation)
  • relative income value of that income or wealth is $18,200.00
  • relative output value of that income or wealth is $54,600.00

If you want to compare the value of a $193.70 Project in 1922 there are four choices. In 2020 the relative:

  • real cost of that project is $2,390.00
  • household cost of that project is $7,080.00
  • labor cost of that project is $12,800.00 (using the unskilled wage) or $14,200.00 (using production worker compensation)
  • relative cost of that project is $18,200.00
  • economy cost of that project is $54,600.00

Source: www.measuringworth.com Samuel H. Williamson, "Seven Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount, 1790 to present," MeasuringWorth, 2022.


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