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SS La Savoie Passenger List - 6 October 1923

Front Cover - 6 October 1923 Passenger List, SS La Savoie, CGT French Line

Cabin Passenger List for the SS La Savoie of the French Line, Departing 6 October 1923 from Havre for New York, Commanded by Captain Aubert.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Mr. Aubert Commander
  2. Second Captain: Mr. DUCREUX
  3. Chief Engineer: Mr. DHEILLY
  4. Purser: Mr. PICARD
  5. Surgeon: Mr. PRICKER
  6. Chief Steward: Mr. LESQUELEN

List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss M. S. Arnold
  2. Miss A. L. Arnold
  3. Miss M. Alligros
  4. Mr. P. Allenne
  5. Mrs. Beck
  6. Miss M. J. Blackstock
  7. Miss E. A. Blackstock
  8. Miss L. Bunyan
  9. Mrs. Carlotta Brianza
  10. Miss S. Blin
  11. Miss B. Beil
  12. Miss S. Benazet
  13. Mrs. J. Burnier
  14. Mrs. Branco and child
  15. Mr. J. Brachet
  16. Mrs. Joseph Broa
  17. Miss M. L. Brennan
  18. Mr. W. H. Bishop
  19. Mrs. Bennett Adams
  20. Mr. A. P. Bourgandez
  21. Mr. Boussange Delegue
  22. Mrs. Boussange Delegue
  23. Mrs. O. Bertola
  24. Rev. H. de La Chapelle
  25. Mr. C. Cellai
  26. Mrs. M. C. Ciani
  27. Miss J. K. Crosby
  28. Miss M. Crosby
  29. Miss F. Campbell
  30. Miss C. Cuningham
  31. Miss M. Cavaignac
  32. Mr. H. L. Colman
  33. Mrs. H. L. Colman and Infant
  34. Mr. L. Castaings
  35. Mrs. Amanda Clark
  36. Mr. H. Cash
  37. Mrs. H. Cash
  38. Miss G. Cullinan
  39. Miss F. Cooper
  40. Miss D. E. Cox
  41. Miss Nicole Chavane
  42. Mrs. M. Castle
  43. Mr. L. Colton
  44. Mrs. L. Colton
  45. Miss E. Colton
  46. Mr. Cossens
  47. Mr. C. A. N. D. Chuvan
  48. Miss A. D. Duncan
  49. Miss E. M. Duncan
  50. Miss M. J. Duncan
  51. Mr. Z. Desrumaux
  52. Mrs. Z. Desrumaux
  53. Mrs. L. Dixon
  54. Miss Harriet Dean
  55. Mrs. C. Dalas
  56. Miss M. F. Donnelly
  57. Mrs. Desreux
  58. Miss Desreux
  59. Mr. N. Dupuy
  60. Mrs. Dupuy
  61. Mrs. Demaison
  62. Mrs. Dechaene
  63. Miss E. Dechaene
  64. Mrs. A. Damiens
  65. Miss H. Damiens
  66. Mr. G. Damiens
  67. Mrs. A. David
  68. Mrs. E. T. Ellison
  69. Mr. Nic. Ernster
  70. Mrs. Nic. Ernster
  71. Miss Alix Elix
  72. Mrs. Espaillat
  73. Mr. Eram
  74. Mr. Eagan
  75. Mrs. Eagan
  76. Miss M. T. Frazier
  77. Miss E. Finn
  78. Mr. G. Ferrand
  79. Miss E. Froitier
  80. M. J. Filiatre
  81. Mrs. J. Filiatre
  82. Miss S. Fontvieille
  83. Mrs. C. M. Ferguson
  84. Miss M. Ferguson
  85. Mr. W. S. Ferris
  86. Miss G. Fautrad
  87. Mr. J. Flamand
  88. Mrs. J. Flamand
  89. M. Ed. M. Farrell
  90. Mr. Chas L. Fitch
  91. Mrs. Chas L. Fitch
  92. Mr. H. Gardini
  93. Mrs. H. Gardini
  94. Miss F. E. Grant
  95. Mrs. Gross
  96. Miss Gross
  97. Miss M. Guillou
  98. Mr. Melvin Green
  99. Mrs. Melvin Green
  100. Mrs. Melvin J. Green
  101. Mr. Montgomery M.Green
  102. Miss J. Garnier
  103. Mrs. C. S. de Gonzalez and Maid
  104. Mrs. J. Gillette
  105. Mrs. Harmon
  106. Mrs. E. C. Hoyt
  107. Miss E. Huestis
  108. Miss E. Herriman
  109. Miss E. Hester
  110. Miss Pauline Hopkins
  111. Mrs. M. C. Huse
  112. Mr. J. P. Hauenstein
  113. Mrs. J. P. Hauenstein
  114. Mr. H. Harvey
  115. Mr. L. Harson
  116. Mr. Ernest Hess
  117. Mr. J. Huguet
  118. Mr. S. Heng
  119. Miss M. M. Henderson
  120. Mr. L. Hasselmans
  121. Mrs. L. Hasselmans and Infant
  122. Mr. J. Herrmann
  123. Mrs. J. Herrmann
  124. Mrs. D. Hay
  125. Mr. Hutchinson
  126. Miss E. Joly
  127. Mrs. A. Jacobson
  128. Mr. Pericles Jones
  129. Mrs. A. S. Jerwan
  130. Miss B. Kendall
  131. Mrs. E. A. Kindervater
  132. Mr. Kirraco
  133. Miss M. de Kosenko
  134. Miss E. de Kosenko
  135. Mrs. de Luna
  136. Mrs. H. R Listenfeltz and child
  137. Miss C. Levenson
  138. Miss L. Lemoine
  139. Mrs. Henri Leger
  140. Mr. Thos. E. Lane
  141. Mrs. Thos E. Lane
  142. Mrs. M. Laloue
  143. Mr. A. Lavignon
  144. Mrs. A. Lavignon and Infant
  145. Miss M. L. Le Moal
  146. Mr. M. Lindon
  147. Miss E. Lienard
  148. Rev. Libert Silva
  149. Mr. A. Leschot
  150. Mr. Lanternier
  151. Mrs. Lanternier
  152. Mrs. Landis
  153. Mrs. M. Lavergne
  154. Mr. J. Lavergne
  155. Miss M. Mc Gowan
  156. Miss Masquelier
  157. Mr. Maxwell
  158. Mr. Paul Morris
  159. Mrs. X. Martinez and child
  160. Mr. J. Merlhe
  161. Mr. F. H. Myers
  162. Miss Mc Andrew
  163. Mr. C. Marenti
  164. Mrs. A. Marenti
  165. Miss E. S. Mershon
  166. Mr. W. H. Mc Allister
  167. Mr. R. W. Mc Rae
  168. Miss S. Wendell Mitchell
  169. Mrs. M. B. Morris
  170. Mr. Edw. B. Morris
  171. Mr. H. Mangeret
  172. Mrs. H. Mangeret
  173. Mr. J. Martin
  174. Mrs. M. Malbrant
  175. Mr. C. Moonier
  176. Mrs. C. Mesnard
  177. Mrs. Mead
  178. Mr. B. Meras
  179. Mr. D. Monzeglio
  180. Mrs. D. Monzeglio
  181. Mr. P. Miranda
  182. Mrs. P. Miranda and Infant
  183. Mr. L. Maestro
  184. Mr. Myers
  185. Mrs. C. Mijan
  186. Miss Si. Mijan
  187. Miss M. Miller
  188. Mrs. A. Maio and party
  189. Mr. M. Maloney
  190. Mr. H. R. Noyes
  191. Miss May Noble
  192. Mrs. Eugenie S. Ohann
  193. Miss Y. Olier
  194. Miss L. Pillant
  195. Mrs. G. Piolat and Children
  196. Mesdames Phelps
  197. Mr. E. Puig
  198. Miss Pierce
  199. Miss Portlan
  200. Mrs. C. A. Paterson
  201. Miss A. A. Patterson
  202. Mrs. Peterson
  203. Mrs. A. Pennington
  204. Mr. A. L. Penzo
  205. Miss J. Quadri
  206. Rabbis E. Rasoumy
  207. Mrs. Em. Rey
  208. Mrs. Ruano Bohislav
  209. Mr. E. W. Rankin
  210. Mr. F. W. Ray
  211. Rev. P. P. Roux
  212. Mr. W. Rollins
  213. Miss E. L. Rousseau
  214. Mr. F. Robert
  215. Mrs. F. Robert
  216. Mrs. E. A. Sanderson
  217. Mrs. N. B. Sharp
  218. Miss M. F. Sullevan
  219. Mr. J. M. Sost
  220. Mrs. J. M. Sost
  221. Mr. F. Shaw
  222. Miss Y. Soubeyre
  223. Miss M. Stollenwerck
  224. Miss M. T. Schmitt
  225. Miss L. Svet
  226. Miss A. M. Seimolins
  227. Mrs. A. Serrimon
  228. Mrs. M. Stager
  229. Mrs. B. Singer
  230. Miss E. Singer
  231. Rev. C. L. Souvray
  232. Mrs. E. Smith
  233. Mr. J. M. Sanquin
  234. Mr. R. Stapfer
  235. Mr. Schreiber
  236. Mrs. Schreiber
  237. Miss W. L. Stidman
  238. Mrs. Wm. Shippen and 2 Maids
  239. Miss J. Sudan
  240. Mrs. R. Stierer
  241. Miss N. Sills
  242. Miss Ch. Satterlee
  243. Miss J. Sudan
  244. Comtesse de Sancton
  245. Mr. R. de Toledo
  246. Mrs. R. de Toledo
  247. Mr. L. de Toledo
  248. Miss B. Thuillier
  249. Miss B. Tonjas
  250. Miss M. Touilliart
  251. Mr. H. Tyberghien
  252. Mr. C. Taylor
  253. Mr. Thomas
  254. Mrs. Thomas
  255. Mr. J. Tardy
  256. Mrs. L. Teach
  257. Miss N. Volk
  258. Mr. Vosberg
  259. Mrs. Vosberg
  260. Miss G. Vuillaumie
  261. Miss H. Varin
  262. Mr. H. Vaux
  263. Mrs. H. Vaux and child
  264. Mrs. M. Vollmeke
  265. Mr. Hugo Vollmeke
  266. Mrs. A. Viole
  267. Miss S. J. Walker
  268. Mrs. Z. M. Willson
  269. Mr. J. Wood Wagner
  270. Mrs. J. Wood Wagner
  271. Dr M. Whelpton
  272. Mrs. Arthur H. Winslow
  273. Miss S. H. Winslow
  274. Miss M. Werynzynska
  275. Miss Warin
  276. Mr. E. A. Young

Additional Passengers

  1. Mr. E. Asquini
  2. Mrs. S. Asquini
  3. Mr. A. Baldessan
  4. Mrs. M. Baranoski
  5. Mr. R. Boud
  6. Mr. J. Boscher
  7. Mrs. M. Bosher
  8. Mr. F. Chase
  9. Mrs. G. Choupeau
  10. Miss M. Dufour
  11. Mr. F. Fugague
  12. Miss B. Horber
  13. Mr. C. Kiriakon
  14. Mrs. G. Lursner
  15. Miss J Lursner
  16. Miss C. Lursner
  17. Miss C. Lursner
  18. Mrs. M. Lemand
  19. Miss D. Lemand
  20. Mrs. F. Lapert
  21. Mrs. M. Lens
  22. Mr. L Landis
  23. Miss M. Landis
  24. Miss M. Martin
  25. Mrs. E. Mentinini
  26. Mrs. M. Mathews
  27. Miss E. Mathews
  28. Mr. Marino
  29. Mr. E. Nosburg
  30. Mrs. L. Nosburg
  31. Mr. F. Peratta
  32. Mr. J. Pajurs
  33. Mr. F. Ramon
  34. Mr. Rabbiosi
  35. Mrs. Mf Rabbiosi
  36. Miss A. Rabbiosi
  37. Mr. J. Sulpicy
  38. Mr. O. Sching
  39. Miss M. Stevenson
  40. Miss E. Seamann
  41. Mrs. F. Singer
  42. Miss P. Singer
  43. Master M. Singer
  44. Master M. Singer
  45. Mr. R. Semen
  46. Miss Turner
  47. Mr. S. Tubenshlak
  48. Mrs. A. Vaio
  49. Master A. Vaio
  50. Master L. Vaio
  51. Master G. Vaio
  52. Miss N. Wolkow
  53. Mrs. N. Wexler
  54. Miss L. Wexler
  55. Mr. Stanley Wens

Passengers Not on Board

  1. Miss S. Benazet
  2. Ma S. Hang
  3. Mr. J. Herrmann
  4. Mrs. J. Hermann
  5. Mr. Kirraco
  6. Mrs. C. Mijan
  7. Miss M. Mijan
  8. Mrs. A. Maio and party
  9. Miss A. M. Sermolins
  10. Mrs. E. Smiih
  11. Miss J. Sudan
  12. Miss N. Volk
  13. Mr. Vosberg
  14. Mrs. Vosberg
  15. Miss Warin


  • Cabins . 331
  • 3. class. . . 43
  • Total . . 374

Information for Passengers (Subject To Change)

Going to New York :
All baggage (excepting hand bags, etc.) must be checked at Gare St. Lazare the day before departure. Cabin trunks will be sent direct from the steamer train to the proper cabins.

Passengers are cautioned that the utmost care should be taken in filling out the questionnaire for the United States Immigration authorities, as any error may result in considerable inconvenience, or possibly in detention of the passenger. Great care should also be exercised in filling out the United States Customs declarations, showing the exact number of fesobaggage, listing a llarticles full acqu iredd inceleav leaving hettedkaands,ngthevaiuef such articles.

Returning citizens are entitled to free entry of one hundred dollars worth of goods acquired abroad. In filling out this declaration, a close adherence to the directions given thereon will obviate a great deal of delay on reaching New York.

Arrival in New York .
All hold and cabin baggage is removed from the steamer as quickly as possible upon arrival, and is placed on the pier beneath the letter corresponding to the initial letter of the passenger's last name. When all baggage has been assembled, the passenger presents, at the Customs desk, the numbered slip torn from the bottom of the declaration, and an inspector will be assigned to examine the passenger's baggage

The receipt for baggage checked at Gare St Lazare before departure from Paris will be taken up by a representative of the Company's baggage department as the passenger passes out through the Customs barrier in New York

The Company's Baggage Master on the Pier, will, on request, check baggage to home, hotel or railroad station.

Representatives of railroad. telegraph, and express companies will be found on the pier, at the service of Passengers.

Telephone booths are located on the pier for local or long distance service.

Public taxicab stands are located in front of the pier.

Information Bureau and Wireless.
Passengers desiring any special information are respectfully requested to apply to the passenger Information Bureau in the Purser's Office

The steamer is almost always in communication either with shore stations or passing steamers. Information may be given regarding rates and messages will be received for transmission. No member of the Ship's staff other than those on duty is authorized to accept such communications. Passengers are requested to ask for a receipt on the Company's form for the telegram.

Changes In Accommodations :
No changes can be made in the accommodations of Passengers except officially by the Purser.

Tourist Information Bureau :
A tourist information bureau has been established on board of the Paris and is in charge of a competent representative of the Office National du Tourisme Here all travel and tourist information may be obtained, reservations made for hotels, steamers, railroads, and automobiles and necessary tickets secured.

North African Motor Tours:
Full information, reservations and tickets for the North African Motor Tours, conducted by the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique may be obtained at the Purser's Office.

Baggage Insurance :
Passengers are urged to insure their baggage, as the French Line's liability is strictly limited in accordance with the contract ticket. All inquiries regarding baggage should be made to the baggage master on the pier before sailing, or to the baggage master on board.

Valuables :
The French Line cannot accept responsibility for money or valuables kept in staterooms. They should be left at the information bureau for deposit in the ship's safe. No charge being made for the carriage, the French Line cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however, arising but Passengers can protect themselves by insurance.

Exchange of Money :
For the convenience of Passengers, the information bureau attendant is prepared to exchange a limited amount of money : rates will be quoted on application.

Claim, Etc.:
Passengers desiring so file letters of claim, commendation, or complaint, are requested to present them to the Purser.

Recovery of U.S. Head Tax :
All aliens sixteen years of age and over are required to pay a United States Government Head Tax of $8.00 at time of purchasing their tickets for the Westbound voyage. Children under sixteen years, when accompanied by father or mother, are exempt. Aliens in transit through the United States, or on a temporary visit not exceeding 60 days, can secure refund of this Head Tax, providing they inform the U. S. Immigration Inspector, on arrival at New York, of their intention to leave the United States within 60 days, and obtain from him Transit Certificate, form 514. This certificate must be signed by the Conductor of the Train or Purser of the Vessel on which the passenger leaves the United States, and returned to the Company's Office at 19 State Street, New York City within 120 days from date of arrival.

Post Office
A Post Office under the management of a representative of the French Government Postal Service is on board, where postal money orders, stamps and post cards may be obtained, mail registered, and all usual post office business transacted.

Passengers' addresses :
Passengers' addresses may be left at the Information Bureau, in order that any letters received after Passengers have left the ship may be forwarded.

Passengers may have Mail, Telegrams and cables sent to the care of any of the French Line Chief Offices.

Meals :
Meals will be served as follows :
Breakfast 7 to 9:30 am 7 to 8:30 am
Luncheon 12:15:00 pm Noon
Tca 3 to 5 P.M 3 to 4:00 pm
Dinner 7:30 pm 7 P. M.

tj mongais.
is sounded half an hour before and at the beginning

Seats at Table :
Seats at the dining-tablks are assigned by the Second Steward irnmediatly after sailing, governed as far as possible by the wishes of the Passengers. Children are not entitled to scats in the main dining-saloon unless full fare is paid.

Smoking :
Passengers are requested not to smoke in the dining rooms, Music rooms, Library, or Staterooms.

Wines :
Wine is served without charge at luncheon and dinner during the voyage. When ordering special wines, champagnes. cordials apertifs, ctc., Passengers are requested to sign cards at table. Accounts for these will be presented at the end of the voyage by the dining room sergeant to W horn payment should be made.

Bar :
The bar opens at 7.30 am and closes at 11:00 pm, but it is within the discretion of the Captain, at any time during the voyage, to close them, should he consider this course advisable.

Professional Gamblers
Passengers are informed that professional Gamblers are reported s frequently crossing on Atlantic Steamers, and are warned to take precautions accordingly.

Ice Room :
The Ice Room is at the disposal of Passengers who disire to preserve fruits, flowers, or other perishables during the voyage.

Passengers will please arrange the hours for their baths with the bathroom steward or stewardess.

These may be obtained on application to the steward or stewardess.

Chairs and Ruggs :
Deck chairs can be hired from the deck steward at a charge of 01.50 each for the duration of the voyage. Steamer rugs are also available at 01.50 each. Chair cushions can also be arranged for with the deck steward. Blankets and pilllows must not be taken from the staterooms for use on deck.

Medical Attention :
The ship's Doctor is at the disposal of Passengers requiring his professional services, for which no charge is made. In all cases, medicine will be furnished free by the Company when prescribed by the Doctor.

Barber :
The barber-shop is open from 8:00 am to Noon and 2 P. M. to 7:00 pm, and a fixed tariff of charges is posted therein. The barber is also allowed the privilege of selling various articles.

Hair Dressing :
The ladies' hiardressing parlor is open from 8:00 am to Noon and 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and a fixed price-list may be found posted there.

Dogs :
Dogs will be carried at the owner's risk, in the kennel, at the rate of;15.00 each and tickets for them should be obtained at the time of securing passenger's own ticket. In instances where this has not been done, the Purser is authorized to collect the charges. Dogs to be landed in England require a special license from the Secretary of Agriculture in London. Without such license they will not be received on board ship. There are no restrictions as to the landing of dogs in France.

Cleaning of Shoes :
Shoes kit outside of cabin doors in the evening will be cleaned free of charge. However, the French Line accepts no responsability for thefts resulting from passenger taking advantage of this service.

Church Services
Mass on Sunday at 9:30 am in the grand salon

Deck Games and Amusements :
Golf, Croquet, Bull Board, Shuffleboard, Deck Quoits, Tonneau and other games are provided on deck and may be had from the deck steward on application. Chess, Checkers, Dominos, Jacquet, etc., can be had on application to the lounge or smoking room stewards.

Photographic dark room :
A dark room fitted with all necessary equipment is available for use of Passengers.

A large and well-chosen library is at the disposal of Passengers and books rnay be obtained from the steward in charge, subject to the rules of the Company. Passengers are urged in the interest of their fellow-Passengers, not to delay in returning books to the library after they have been read. The full value of lost or damaged books must be paid Eiy the borrower.

Picture Postcards :
Picture postcards and sectional views of the steamer can be obtained at the library

An orchestra of professional musicians is on board and plays every day.

Mail Service
Paris - Havre - New York.
By the twin screw steamer
Gross tonnage 11.900 — Displacement 17.400
Horse power 22.000
Length 583 ft Width 60 ft

The S/S " LA SAVOIE " is equipped with long distance wireless telegraph; also with the Bell Safety Signal which signals at a certain distance the approach of other vessels and adds in the safety of steamers, especially in case of fog.

The hull of the S/S " LA SAVOIE " is divided into numerous waterlight compartments, automatically aperated from the Bridge in case of danger.

The S/S " LA SAVOIE " in also equipped with a complete system of fire signals consisting of electric lamps and bells.

French Line
North AFRICAN Motor Tours
In an Enchanted Land
September 15 th to May 15 thj
Delightful Trips by Luxurious Motor Among the Living Pages A At" Arabian Nights "—A Gr.t Travel Adventure, Easily Accessible to the Tourist, Through the " Garden A Allah " to the Edge of the Great and Mysterious D.ert of Sahara.

Than tours are conducted by the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique in cc test with its splendid fleet of fast trans-Atlantic steamers between New York-Havre-Paris and its Mediterranean and North African services.

This tour service embraces quite a number of different itineraries, in connection with which may also be taken various side trips. The cost includes all expenses, good first-class cabins of the Company's mail steamers,all hotel accommodation and meals, table wine, lunch en route, motor journeys, caravans, servic. of guide, gratuities, etc, so that the traveller may know, before setting out, exactly what the journey he has selected will cost him.

The Company has erected a series of some 24 hotels at the various beauty spots at which its cars stop and it is grace to these hotels that the Tours are rendered possible, for there is no other accommodation whatever in most of the spots. These hotels, styled Transatlantique remain under the direct management of the Company and offer every comfort being equipped with all conveniences, bathrooms, shower baths, etc, whilst the Cuisine is in the same splendid style as found aboard the Company's steamers so that, be the traveller in the most out of the way oasis or amidst the sands of the Sahara he is assured of every comfort for the inner as well as the outer man. For example : at F. the Company has purchased a former Moorish palace and here the tourist is regaled in Moorish fashion amidst the original surroundings for everything has been most carefully preserved intact.

A feature of the tours is that at several chosen spots open air camps have been erected. These are of course provided with proper hotel beds" bathrooms and conveniences, so the tourist may pass the African nights under canvas, an experience of sheer delight.

The Company will be glad to answer all enquiries and to advise travelers in the selection of a tour. All information is given on board at the Tourist Information Bureau

QUICKEST Route To Japan and China

(Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki, Shanghai and Houghong)
Through bookings via United States
S a i' in from Havre by the Fen c hine fine steamers
in connection t San Francisco it steamers of foy ahn

The special through rate to Pacific Ocean points includes First Class berth on the Atlantic steamers and similar accomodation on the Pacific Ocean steamers, also First Class on American rails. Passengers desiring to have higher rated berths on steamers will be charged the difference in the Ocean Rates. Particulars given on application. Passengers will also be required to pay the cost of meals and sleeping berths on American rails

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