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SS La Bourgogne Passenger List - 10 March 1888

Front Cover, CGT French Line SS La Bourgogne Cabin Class Passenger List - 10 March 1888.

Graphically Superior Illustration of New York Harbor, along with the Statue of Liberty Displayed on this Front Cover of a Cabin Class Passenger List from the SS La Bourgogne of the French Line. The Ship Departed 10 March 1888 from Le Havre for New York, Commanded by Captain Frangeul. GGA Image ID # 1329c3d032. Alamy 2C4B9FE.


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain Frangeul
  • Second Captain: Mr. Bargilliat
  • First Lieutenant: Mr. Giquel
  • Second Lieutenant: Mr. Christien
  • Third Lieutenant: Mr. Ducau
  • Chief Engineer: Mr. Dalido
  • Second Engineer: Mr. Rousselot
  • Third Engineer: Mr. Gouverne
  • Fourth Engineer: Mr. Schimpff
  • Chef: Mr. H. Lavielle
  • Sous Chef: Mr. G. Hauville
  • Physician: Mr. Derrecagaix

Cabin Class Passengers

  1. Miss L. Arnaud
  2. Mrs. A. Adams
  3. Mrs. Bogelot
  4. Mr. A. H. K. Bangs
  5. Mrs. Bangs et Enfant
  6. Mr. E. T. Bangs
  7. Mrs. Bangs
  8. Mr. Bishop
  9. Mr. Marc Brout
  10. Mr. le Dr. D. W. Barry
  11. Mr. Jules Creuze
  12. Mrs Creuze et Enfant
  13. Mr. A. Champfort
  14. Mr. Drug
  15. Mr. Arthur Dellary
  16. Mr. Félix Delaz
  17. Mr. Marcel Driasca
  18. Mr. Duchesne M. Dolph
  19. Miss Douillot
  20. Miss Ewans et Maid
  21. Miss W. E. Fox
  22. Mr. M. Faure
  23. Mr. H. Flear
  24. Mr. E. B. Green
  25. Mrs. Green
  26. Mr. A. Gmur
  27. Mrs. Adèle Gauthier
  28. Mr. Giacomini
  29. Mr. Louis G. Grégoire
  30. Mr. Guggenheimer
  31. Miss Ella Haney
  32. Mr. E. B. Hilton
  33. Mrs. Caroline Hoffmann
  34. Miss E. Haberer
  35. Mr. F. Hug
  36. Mrs. Hug
    Mr. le baron d’ltajuba, Minister of Brazil in Washington
    Miss C Kraemer
  37. Mr. G. Kremer
  38. Mr. Laselle
  39. Mr. C. M. de Land
  40. Mrs. F. Sando Lavo
  41. Mr. Lecomte
  42. Miss Means
  43. Mr. Moran
  44. Mr. Guiseppe Massa
  45. Mr. Merlot
  46. Mr. le Dr. J. S. Newburgh
  47. Mrs. J. Olivier
  48. Mr. de la Rivière
  49. Mr. Gabriel Rocher
  50. Mr. S. B. Robinsai
  51. Miss Raforsca
  52. Mr. J. Riner
  53. Mrs. Switzer
  54. Mr. Carlos Sellerier
  55. Mr. Simpson
  56. Mr. Guiseppe Spinetta
  57. Mrs. Spinetta and Child
  58. Mr. Sirascusano
  59. Mr. E. Thomas
  60. Mrs. Yve Vidal and Child
  61. Mr. E. K. Webster
  62. Mrs. Webster
  63. Miss J. C. Wester
  64. Mr. Wilsnack
  65. Mr. Werminghofl
  66. Mr. Wichelmann

Back Cover, CGT French Line SS La Bourgogne Cabin Class Passenger List - 10 March 1888.

Beautiful Graphics in this Vintage 1888 Advertisement for Rooms and Suites of Apartments in Paris, Le Havre, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, to be Engaged by Telegraphing to the Managers of All the Above Hotels. Back Cover, CGT French Line SS La Bourgogne Cabin Class Passenger List - 10 March 1888. GGA Image ID # 1329e2ecd3. Alamy 2C4B9HB

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