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SS Espagne Passenger List - 11 February 1917

First and Second Class Passenger List from the SS Espagne of the CGT French Line, Departing 11 February 1917 from New York to Bordeaux

Front Cover of a First and Second Class Passenger List from the SS Espagne of the CGT French Line, Departing 11 February 1917 from New York to Bordeaux, Commanded by Captain Laurent. GGA Image ID # 15f892920e


  • Commander: Captain Laurent, French Navy
  • Second Captain: Mr. Calisti
  • First Lieutenant: Mr. Izenic
  • Second Lieutenant: Mr. Brient
  • Third Lieutenant: Mr. Louis
  • Purser: Mr. Le Jeloux
  • Surgeon: Dr. Dumond
  • Wireless Operator: Mr. Cauce
  • Wireless Operator: Mr. Creach
  • Chief Engineer: Mr. Sanbœuf
  • Second Engineer: Mr. Barré
  • Third Engineer: Mr. Oillic
  • Fourth Engineer: Mr. Audren
  • Fifth Engineer: Mr. Guilloizeau
  • Sixth Engineer: Mr. Clisson
  • Seventh Engineer: Mr. Le Roch
  • Assistant Engineer: Mr. Audouard
  • Assistant Engineer: Mr. Piednoel
  • Assistant Engineer: Mr. Sebilleau
  • Electrician: Mr. Monjoi
  • Chief Steward: Mr. Lannoye
  • Second Steward: Mr. Roche
  • French Sea Post Clerk: Mr. M. Perroquin


  1. Mrs. Ernest L. Allen
  2. Mr. Alexandre Bungener
  3. Miss Louise Barras
  4. Mr. Jerome S. Blum
  5. Mrs. Jerome S. Blum
  6. Mr. M. D. Byrne, Jr.
  7. Mr. R. T. Bacon
  8. Mr. H. C. Blote
  9. Mr. Boyer
  10. Mr. Geo. Bailhe
  11. Mr. François Bernard
  12. Mr. J. Cohade
  13. Miss Helen Chase
  14. Mr. Richard J. Conheim
  15. Mr. Frank R. Conklin
  16. Mr. J. A. W. Clark
  17. Mr. C. Coan
  18. Mr. H. C. Condit
  19. Mr. L. C. Cady
  20. Mr. W. E. Caughell
  21. Mr. Coulter
  22. Mr. Dupee
  23. Mr. Lincoln Ellsworth
  24. Mr. John R. Edwards
  25. Mr. J. H. Eastman
  26. Mr. Elliott Miss Freeman
  27. Mr. Fraser
  28. Mr. Foley
  29. Mr. Frank de Palézieux Falconne
  30. Mr. Auguste Goetze
  31. Mrs. Auguste Goetze
  32. Dr. Bruce M. Glasgow
  33. Mr. Charles G. Greenhalgh
  34. Mr. C. D. Griesemer
  35. Mr. J. R. Greenwood
  36. Mr. E. B. Gordon
  37. Mr. R. F. Gibson
  38. Mr. Gray
  39. Mr. Gates
  40. Mr. Gurney
  41. Mr. Halbem
  42. Mr. W. L. Harrison, Jr.
  43. Mr. A. M. Hyde
  44. Mr. W. H. Honens
  45. Mr. William Hazard
  46. Dr. J. Ireland
  47. Mr. E. T. Johnston
  48. Mr. Johnson
  49. Mr. Jamieson
  50. Mr. Gerald C. King
  51. Dr. Helio Lobo, Secretary to the President of Brazil
  52. Mr. C. H. Leflot
  53. Mr. J. T. Lloyd
  54. Mr. R. L. Litchfield
  55. Mr. W. J. Losh
  56. Miss Hélène de Laville
  57. Mr. William E. B. Lyon
  58. Lieut. Mijegaard
  59. Mrs. Yvonne Mayer
  60. Mr. J. K. Morris
  61. Mr. Moore
  62. Mr. W. R. Malm
  63. Mr. Mill
  64. Mr. Millet
  65. Mr. de Neuflize
  66. Mr. A. H. Nichols
  67. Mr. Philip Ortiz
  68. Miss Margaret Purseil
  69. Mr. Ludvig Pederson
  70. Mr. C. L. Peck
  71. Mr. J. C. Platt
  72. Mr. Paden
  73. Mr. John T. Phillips
  74. Mrs. H. Reece
  75. Mr. R. E. Read
  76. Mr. C. A. Randau
  77. Mr. Russell
  78. Mr. Charles de Revensky
  79. Mr. G. M. Ryle
  80. Mr. Alwyn Rees
  81. Mr. Edward Chas. Selman
  82. Mr. Albert Sachs
  83. Mrs. Sewall
  84. Mr. Philip V. Stroughton
  85. Mr. Howard C. Sayre
  86. Mr. W. B. Snock
  87. Mr. R. R. Speers
  88. Mr. Stockton
  89. Mr. L. H. Tenney
  90. Mr. J. F. Todd
  91. Mr. M. E. Tucker
  92. Dr. Wm. Charles White
  93. Miss Helen H. Whidden
  94. Mr. Wilson


  1. Mr. Ch. W. Brown
  2. Mr. H. Gordon Campbell
  3. Mr. L. M. Dohertv
  4. Mr. L. H. Faber
  5. Dr. J. H. Gehrung
  6. Mr. Ch. G. Grey
  7. Mr. G. W. Kyle
  8. Mr. E. Mascre
  9. Mr. W. A. Notman
  10. Mr. G. L. Rand
  11. Mr. L. S. Shipway
  12. Mr. E. Stanley
  13. Mr. O. Strong


  1. Miss L. Barras
  2. Mr. J. S. Blum
  3. Mrs. J. S. Blum
  4. Mr. M. D. Byrne, Jr.
  5. Mr. Gr. Bailtie
  6. Miss H. Chase
  7. Mr. R. J Conheim
  8. Mr. H. C. Condit
  9. Mr. Cuulter
  10. Mr. Dupee
  11. Mr. L. Ellsworth
  12. Miss Freeman
  13. Mr. Foley
  14. Mr. C. G. Greenhalgh
  15. Mr. C. D. Griesemer
  16. Mr. R. F. Gibson
  17. Mr. Gray
  18. Mr. Halbein
  19. Mr. A. M. Hyde
  20. Dr. J Ireland
  21. Lieut. Mijeganrd
  22. Mr. Moore
  23. Mr. P. Ortiz
  24. Miss M. Purseil
  25. Mr. L. Pederson
  26. Mr. K. L. Peck
  27. Mrs. H. Reese
  28. Mr. G. M. Rvle
  29. Mr. A. Sachs
  30. Mr. P. V. Siroughton
  31. Mr Stockton
  32. Mr. J. F. Todd
  33. Dr. Wm. C. White
  34. Miss II. H. Whidden


  1. Mr. Robert A. Drake
  2. Mr. Malcolm McF. Dennison
  3. Mr. Donald F. Fox
  4. Mr. Raymond F. Gibson
  5. Mr. Sumner Healey
  6. Mr. Vicente Regueira
  7. Mr. Vincenzo Santo
  8. Mr. Vesci


  1. Mr. Oh. Giddius
  2. Rev. P. Lechesne
  3. Rev. J. Tavernier


  1. Mr Yesci


  • First Class: 74
  • Second Class: 10
  • Third Class: 30
  • Total Passengers: 114


Back Cover, CGT French Line SS Espagne Cabin Passenger List - 11 February 1917.

Back Cover, CGT French Line SS Espagne Cabin Passenger List - 11 February 1917. GGA Image ID # 15f8e18939


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