Many Houses: The Story of My Life

Front Cover - Many Houses: The Story of My Life

Knaphus, Marie Anna, Many Houses: The Story of My Life, Self-Published, Ames, Iowa (2002), Spiral Bound, unpaginated (approx. 125 pages)

In my book I have chosen to recall chief events in my life in reference to the many houses in which I lived. In doing this I have come to a better understanding of why our family moved so often.

I have written this book mainly for my children and grandchildren. As I have grown older I have come to appreciate the value of family history. I wish I had asked more questions of my parents in regard to their early lives. Hopefully this book will help my family better appreciate the roots from which they came.


  • Foreword
  • My Parents
  • 3530 Newt6on Avenue North
  • The Farm in Wisconsin (Elmwood)
  • 1914 Irving Avenue North
  • 3919 Penn Avenue North
  • 2937 Queen Avenue North
  • 1915 West Broadway
  • 2827 Dupont Avenue North
  • 1419 Newton Avenue North
  • 1404 13th Avenue North
  • 1213 29th Avenue North
  • Ortonville, Minnesota
  • 2616 College Street
  • 10 East Marine Street
  • The Farm at McCallsburg
  • 397 Pammel Court
  • Our Return to the Farm
  • 2322 Hamilton Drive


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