Food From the Galley: Daily Fare Onboard Ship

Front Cover, Food From the Galley: Daily Fare Onboard Ship, 2000.

Front Cover, Food From the Galley: Daily Fare Onboard Ship, 2000. GGA Image ID # 1d8aa51492

John Tore Frydenlund and Nils-Henrik Andersen, Food From the Galley: Daily Fare Onboard Ship, Recipes Translated by Melody Favish © 2000, Kulturhistorisk Forlag A.S., Tønsberg, Norge, Hardbound, 129 Pages, 82-92069-05-4. 

Book includes an introduction to Norwegian Maritime History and the food served onboard ship through history. 

The second section has recipes for herring, fish, meat, sandwich meat, soups, porridge, bread, desserts, cakes and cookies, and emergency food.

Back Cover - Food From the Galley: Daily Fare Onboard Ship

Back Cover, Food From the Galley: Daily Fare Onboard Ship, 2000. GGA Image ID # 1d8f8bd059

From the Back Cover

FOOD FROM THE GALLEY - Daily Fare Onboard Ship
The mere mention of such dishes as salt beef, pork and peas, and sour cream waffles for Sunday coffee, still has the power to evoke nostalgic memories among most seamen. In this book you will find all the traditional recipes, used on Norwegian ships as they sailed the seven seas.

But this book is far more than just recipes. The authors have placed food within a cultural-historical context and explain how the menu onboard Norwegian ships has developed. At the same time, the book is a review of the history of Norwegian shipping from the earliest times, with boats carved out of logs, to the present day high-tech world of the North Sea.

This book has come at the right time. Pizza and hamburgers have already found their place on the Norwegian dinner table. We have cookbooks about everything from Mongolian to Mexican food. At the same time, Norwegian stewards have almost disappeared from most Norwegian ships.

Food from the Galley - Daily Fare Onboard Ship is a reminder of our own rich traditions and an appeal for their preservation.

Table of Contents

  • A Short Introduction to Norwegian Immigrants over the Ocean 33
  • Maritime History Slave-Trade and Coolies 33
  • The Stone Age 10 Piles of Dung 34
  • The Bronze Age 10 Around Cape Horn to the Wild West 34
  • The Iron Age 11 Clipper Ships 35
  • The Viking Age 11 New Building Methods 35
  • What They Ate 1000 Years Ago 11 The Plimsolls, Rules and Regulations 35
  • The Need for Preservation 12 New Food Products 36
  • The Middle Ages - the Hanseatic League The 19th Century - the great leap 37
  • and the black plague 13
  • Lack of Capital 37
  • The 16th Century - exploration, The Fleet Expands - freight decreases 37
  • and new commodities 13 World War and a Change of Epochs 37
  • Tough Measures in Frederik II's Maritime Laws 14 Boom Time 38
  • New Naval defenses 14 The Crisis of 1920 38
  • The 17th Century - the Dutch Empire and The Swansong of the Sailing Ships 39
  • the Thirty Years' War 15 Specialization Onboard 39
  • Tobacco - a combustible blessing 15 Between the Wars - an unsettling time 39
  • Naval-Trading Ships 16 The Whaling Era 40
  • The Navigation Act of 1651 16 Nortraship - World War II's largest charterer 42
  • The 18th Century - War and Piracy 16 Forgotten Heroes 42
  • Booze for Breakfast 17 Sailing in Wartime - and the creativity of the cook 42
  • Coffee for the Captain 17 Reconstruction 43
  • Wages and Expenses during Girls and Waitresses - women onboard 44
  • the 18th Century 18 Passenger Traffic - Norwegian quality and style 45
  • Tight Rations 18 The Development of the Galley through the Ages 47
  • Useful Biscuits 19 From Cook's Mate to Steward 49
  • Cable Wire 20 From Oil-Fueled Galley to a Galley in the oil 51
  • Scurvy and Beriberi 20 Good Times 52
  • Porridge - loved and hated 22 The Oil Crisis and a Structural Change 52
  • Supplies 23 Today 52
  • Bonito and Turtle - fresh food at sea 24
  • Christmas Pork on the Poopdeck 26 Recipes
  • Holidays at Sea 27 Herring 54
  • Linje Aquavit 28 Fish 60
  • The 18th Century - from independence Meat 74
  • and crisis to the age of greatness 30 Sandwich Meat 88
  • A Crowded French Period 30 Soups 94
  • Free Trade and Periods of Prosperity 31 Porridge 98
  • Trade Agreements 32 Bread 102
  • 1850 - the beginning of the age of greatness 32 Desserts 108
  • Every 8th Norwegian Man at Sea 32 Cakes and Cookies 116
  • Break-Neck Speed to the Crimea 32 Emergency Food

Library of Congress Catalog Listing

(Note: Listing for the Norwegian Version of this Book)

  • LC Control No.: 00435815
  • LCCN Permalink:
  • Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
  • Personal Name: Frydenlund, John Tore.
  • Main Title: Skipskost : fra hverdagskost til festmat / John Tore Frydenlund, Nils-Henrik Andersen.
  • Published/Created: Tønsberg [Norway] : Kulturhistorisk forlag, 1999.
  • Related Names: Andersen, Nils-Henrik.
  • Description: 129 p. : ill. (some col.); 21 x 22 cm.
  • ISBN: 8292069003
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. 126).
  • Subjects: Cookery, Marine --History.
  • LC Classification: TX840.M7 F78 1999
  • Geographic Area Code: e-no---
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