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En Munnfull Oppskrifter (A mouthful of Recipes)

Front Cover - En Munnfull Oppskrifter (A mouthful of Recipes)

UKE-Adressa Trondheim Kokkenes Mesterlaug, En Munnfull Oppskrifter, © 1993., UKE-Adressa, Trondheim, Norge, Hardbound, 95 Pages, 82-7164-032-1. 


Back Cover - En Munnfull Oppskrifter (A mouthful of Recipes)

En Munnfull Oppskrifter (A mouthful of Recipes) is a book full of food. It is made of Trøndelag chefs. You can however not so much about Trøndelag traditional fare. The Trøndelag chefs are from all over Norway, Trondheim, Oppdal, Steinkjer and Selbuskogen. But they have been out in the world. Some of them come even from Denmark, Germany, Pakistan or Sri Lanka. They have come here and been thrilled Norwegian ingredients.

They have seasoned the excellent Norwegian lamb-meat and fish from the bay and the oceanEn Munnfull Oppskrifter (A mouthful of Recipes) has something for everyday life, but also for festive occasions. The starting point for the book's been many inquiries Adresseavisen received in the three-year period we printed a recipe every Saturday of week-addressees. The appeal to collect this in a book were numerous. And now we have taken the challenge. The book is the result of a collaboration between WEEK address and Trondheim master chefs.

Thanks also to Stein Bjøru journalist and photographer Morten Antonsen.

Chief editor Gunnar Flikke Adresseavisen

En Munnfull Oppskrifter (A mouthful of Recipes) is a book about food as it is served in Norway today.

It is a book that is entirely made ​​of Trøndelag chefs, but it is not about traditional food as we know it. "Raw material" to this book of Trøndelag cuisines are taken from WEEK address food column. 50 recipes collected in this book. There is food for festive occasions but also for everyday.

En Munnfull Oppskrifter (A mouthful of Recipes) is the result of a collaboration between the newspaper and Address Trondheim master chefs.

  • Editors: Chefs in Trondheim master chefs, Stein Bjøru.
  • Lay-out: Heidi Hermo.
  • Photo: Morten Antonsen.
  • Rate / pressure: Address Offset newspaper.
  • Repro: Trond-Plates.
  • Bookbinding: Fredriksen Bokbinderi A / S.
  • Paper: 150 gr. Multiart Gloss.
  • Circulation: 2500 expl.

Copyright ® A / S Address newspaper. A copy of the book is permitted only by arrangement with the publisher.

A / S Address newspaper, Trondheim, November 1993

ISBN NO. 82-7164-032-1


Fish and Seafood

  • Baked cod fillet with cheese
  • Boiled cod tongues
  • Laffer any real butter heavy
  • Prince Fish
  • Exciting with halibut
  • Urtegratinerte halibut chops
  • Fish Shop's lunch bag
  • Magnus' goodies fish
  • lutefisk

Meat dishes

  • Osso buco
  • Filled svineschnitzel "Rudolf"
  • Baked fillet of reindeer
  • Roulade of pork fillet
  • Rabbit Adel Magnus
  • Poached chicken and scampi
  • Irish stew
  • Living Panne
  • Soufflé with chicken
  • Fårikål
  • lamb Goodies
  • Roasted fillet of deer
  • Filled Lammela
  • Stuffed and baked elk
  • Roe deer stew
  • pinnekjøtt
  • Ryper in game sauce
  • Chicken breast on Magnus-vis


  • Marinated fried scampi
  • Marinated pork fillet
  • Au gratin crayfish tails
  • Marinated salmon
  • Gravlax Mousse Trondheim
  • Reindeer Heart
  • Bond Paté
  • Snails in garlic
  • Krogen's soup
  • Salmon two ways


  • veiled bondepiger
  • Fruit salad and real vanilla cream
  • Bjørnebærpai
  • Homemade ice cream
  • Strawberry and orange salad


  • Baked potatoes
  • Fried rice with snails and shrimp
  • View of the river

Includes recipes by Master Chef Svien Magnus Gjønvik.

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