One Hundred Recipes for the Chafing Dish - 1894

One Hundred Recipes for the Chafing Dish - 1894

This Book is intended to give pleasure to those who enjoy using a Chafing Dish. The formulas are simple, easy to follow, and are not designed to prove that elaborate dishes can be prepared, but that many articles of food can easily be made very delicate, toothsome and enjoyable.

The Chafing Dish not only makes possible the sincerest expression of the most perfect hospitality, but it seems the true symbol of good fellowship. It develops a spirit of royal camaraderie.

Even a pessimist would be inclined to judge his neighbor by his excellencies and not by his defects, as succulent odors whet the appetite and carry the sweet assurance of coming gustatory joys.

Verily, "a good dish sharpens the wit and softens the heart." Who can measure the beneficent influence of exquisite savours ! The Chafing Dish is the culinary censer.

An exceedingly important feature in successful Chafing Dish cooking, is that the wicks of the lamp should be perfectly trimmed, and the reservoir about one half full of alcohol, after cooking a dish, and when making preparations for another, look carefully after this feature.

Have the wicks so regulated that all available flame shall be entirely under the dish, and that none of it shall come up the sides.

As the water is very liable to boil over, it is best to have a tray under the Chafing Dish to catch it, or any other drippings.

The covers are supposed to be off the Chafing Dish in the following recipes, unless otherwise directed.


  1. Asparagus
  2. Bacon
  3. Beans, Lima
  4. Beans, String
  5. Beef Steak
  6. Beef Steak and Oysters
  7. Beef Steak Sandwiches
  8. Beef Steak and Onions
  9. Beef Stew
  10. Beef Stew with Curry
  11. Clams, Hashed, on Toast
  12. Crab Meat Fricassee
  13. Crab Meat a la Newburgh
  14. Crabs, Soft Shell
  15. Chicken, Breast of, Braised
  16. Chicken Fricassee
  17. Chicken Fricassee, with Curry
  18. Chicken, Hashed
  19. Chicken Legs, Deviled
  20. Codfish, Boiled, Parsley Sauce
  21. Codfish in Butter
  22. Codfish, Salt, in Cream
  23. Corned Beef Hash
  24. Corn, Sweet
  25. Deviled Sauce
  26. Duck Legs, Deviled
  27. Duck, Breast of Wild, Braised
  28. Duck, Breast of Tame, Braised
  29. Eggs, Boiled
  30. Eggs, en Casserole
  31. Eggs, Scrambled
  32. Eggs, Scrambled, with Tomatoes
  33. Eggs, Scrambled, with Asparagus Points
  34. Eggs, Scrambled, with Sausages
  35. Eggs, Scrambled, with Bacon
  36. Eggs, Scrambled, with Ham
  37. Eggs, Scrambled, with Artichoke Hearts
  38. Eggs, Scrambled, with Mushrooms
  39. Frogs Legs in Butter
  40. Frogs Legs Fricassee
  41. Frogs Legs a la Newburgh
  42. Grouse, Breast of, Braised
  43. Halibut, Boiled
  44. Halibut, Boiled, Egg Sauce
  45. Ham Braised
  46. Jamieson Scramble
  47. Jowl, Smoked Pigs, and Hominy
  48. Kidney, Deviled
  49. Lamb Chops
  50. Lamb Cutlets
  51. Lamb Hash
  52. Lamb Stew
  53. Lamb Stew with Curry
  54. Lamb, Deviled
  55. Liver a la Suisse
  56. Liver and Bacon
  57. Lobster Fricassee
  58. Lobster a la Newburgh
  59. Lobster in Butter
  60. Lobster, Deviled
  61. Mutton Chops
  62. Mutton Cutlets
  63. Mutton Hash
  64. Mutton, Deviled
  65. Mutton Stew
  66. Mutton, with Curry and Rice
  67. Mushrooms, Braised
  68. Omelette, Plain
  69. Omelette with Parsley
  70. Omelette with Bacon
  71. Omelette with Jelly
  72. Omelette with Rum
  73. Onions in Cream
  74. Onions Braised
  75. Oysters, Fried
  76. Oysters, Roasted
  77. Oysters, Stewed in Milk
  78. Oysters Fricassee
  79. Oysters a la Newburgh
  80. Oyster Crabs in Butter
  81. Oyster Crabs Fricassee
  82. Oyster Crabs a la Newburgh
  83. Partridge, Breast of, Braised
  84. Pan Cakes
  85. Peas, French
  86. Pepper Pot
  87. Pigs Feet in Butter
  88. Potatoes, Boiled
  89. Potatoes, Stewed in Cream
  90. Potatoes, Sweet
  91. Quail, Breast of, Braised
  92. Reed Birds
  93. Roast Beef Hash
  94. Roast Beef, Deviled
  95. Sausage, Frankfurter, and Cabbage
  96. Smelts in Butter
  97. Sweetbreads, Braised
  98. Squabs, Braised
  99. Succotash
  100. Tripe with Onions
  101. Tripe with Tomatoes
  102. Turkey, Breast of, Braised
  103. Turkey Stew
  104. Turkey with Curry
  105. Turkey, Hash
  106. Turkey Legs, Deviled
  107. Veal Cutlets in Butter
  108. Veal, Deviled
  109. Venison Steak
  110. Venison Steak, Currant Jelly Sauce
  111. Welsh Rarebit
  112. White Fish, Boiled
  113. White Sauce
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