Savoury Pastry - 1900

Savoury Pastry - 1900

Savoury Pastry:
Savoury Dish and Raised Pies, Pork Pies,
Patties, Vol-Au-Vents, Mincemeats
and Pies, and Miscellaneous
Savoury Pastries.

Frederick T. Vine
[“Compton Dene”]
Author of “Practical Pastry,” “Ices,” “Biscuits for Bakers,” “Cakes,” “Practical Breadmaking,” “Saleable Shop Goods,” Etc., Etc.
61 & 62, Chancery Lane, W.C.
Printed by Hampton & Co.
13, Cursitor St., London, E.C.
Book includes a copious amount of period advertisements


It is with a considerable amount of pleasure that I present another volume of recipes to the trade, and I have every hope and confidence that it may prove alike interesting and useful.

I make no excuse for its appearance, for ever since my book on "Practical Pastry" has been before the trade I have from time to time received enquiries for another treating of the meat, or "Savoury" part of pastry. To supply this want the present volume is published, and I have no doubt will be as generally appreciated as my previous works.

In order to make this work complete in itself the first two chapters have been almost exactly retained as they appear in "Practical Pastry," with the difference that several recipes in the second chapter referring solely to sweet pastry have been deleted and their places supplied with recipes necessary for the "Savoury" section of the book.

In this way I think I have served the best interests of my readers, as it will enable those who require the "Savoury" only, to dispense with the sweets, while those who possess the two books will have no need to study those chapters except so far as the "Savoury" preparations are concerned.
In all other respects the books are quite distinct, and together form a complete guide to the pastrycooks' art.

In these pages will be found over 200 recipes for all kinds of "Savoury dishes"—Raised and Pork Pies, Patties of every description, and "Vol-au- vents"; while, for the convenience of my readers, several recipes for Mincemeat and Pies have been included.

I have profusely illustrated the text with over 100 drawings of tools, processes, and the finished articles, which illustrations will no doubt prove a useful guide as to the general appearance of the goods described.

The recipes are written from the pastrycook's standpoint, and all can be carried out in any ordinary appointed bakehouse by the pastrycook, without recourse to the kitchen or chef. It will thus be seen that I have striven to give the information so that many of my readers who do not conduct a catering business and have no kitchen and no chef will be able to take orders for goods that they have hitherto had to refuse.

Of course, I do not say that if you have a kitchen you will find nothing useful in the book; but I have studied to give information to those whom I believe to be most in need of it, and whether I have succeeded in so doing my readers must judge for themselves.

I am quite aware that many of the processes mentioned would be carried out in a different way in the kitchen; but my principal aim has been to obtain the same result by a slightly different method in the bakehouse.

The whole of the recipes has, without exception, been made up by me at some time or other in my business career, and therefore I have every confidence in recommending them as the outcome of practical experience.

They are not founded upon theory and surmise, gathered from other people, and sent forth as my own.

In conclusion, I may say that this is the seventh volume that I have had the honour to submit to the favourable consideration of the trade in which my lifetime has been spent; and I can only hope that the same success that has attended my previous efforts will be achieved by "Savoury Pastry." Tendering my best thanks for the support so freely accorded me, I remain,

Yours fraternally,



  • Introduction
  • Chapter I.—Materials and Utensils
  • Chapter II. —Pastry and its Accessories
  • Chapter III. —Pastry Stand à la Unique
  • Chapter IV. —Pork Pies, by Hand and Machine
  • Chapter V.—Patties, Cases, and Fillings
  • Chapter VI. —Raised Pies and Timbales
  • Chapter VII. —Savoury Dish Pies
  • Chapter VIII. —Vol-au-Vents and Their Fillings. 128
  • Chapter IX. —Mincemeat and Pies
  • Chapter X.—Miscellaneous Savoury Pastry
  • General Index
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