Cakes, Pastry, and Dessert Dishes - 1917

Cakes, Pastry, and Dessert Dishes - 1917

Janet McKenzie Hill
Author of “Cooking for Two,” “The Up-to-Date Waitress,” “Salads and Sandwiches,” etc.
Little, Brown, and Company
Copyright, 1917,
Published, September, I9I7
Norwood Press
Set up and electrotyped by J. S. Cushing Co., Norwood, Mass., U.S.A.
Presswork by S. J. Parkhill 8: Co., Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

Synopsis: A very attractive collection of recipes ior the housewife, cook, tea-shop manager or caterer. It is hardly in keeping, however, with the present spirit of food conservation.

From the Booklist (1917)

A tantalizing collection of recipes to be pubished in war times. However, it contains bran cookies as well as a twelve-egg torte. There are brief general directions at the head of each chapter which are useful and the recipes are easy to follow.


“Cakes are baked for the joyful occasion, the social gathering, the feast. In their history is summed up an amount of ingenuity, the mere tracing of which affords to the philosophical inquirer after the development of human affairs the greatest intellectual pleasure; cakes signalize an evolution of culture and are a measure of culture.”

“Meringues are classical confections having a good prospect of immortality, as they cannot easily be improved, spoiled, or altered.”

“Baron Liebig ascribed the fact that members of the Universal Peace Congress at Frankfort ate twice the quantity of puddings known to ordinarily suffice for the same number of persons, to the circumstance that a number of the Peace Congress men were total abstainers from alcoholic liquids.”

The value of sweets in satisfying specific desires cannot be ignored.

“The art of manipulating the flour of cereals with various admixtures for the production of several qualities of paste or dough is one of the most important achievements of human ingenuity.”


  • Introduction
  • I Cake Making
  • II Cake Frostings
  • III Pastry
  • IV Custards and Souffles
  • V Sweet Dishes, Largely of Fruit
  • VI Hot and Cold Farinaceous Puddings
  • VII Hot and Cold Sweet Sauces
  • VIII Gelatine Desserts
  • IX Frozen Desserts


  • Birthday Cake for Child of Ten Years, with Initials “H. B. H.”, and Ornamental Frosting
  • Wedding Cake, Boiled Ornamental Frosting
  • Special Cup for Measuring Liquid. Measuring Cup
  • of Flour. One half Tablespoonful of Flour
  • Candied Mint Leaves
  • Cutters for Small Cakes
  • Cup Cake, Chocolate Frosting and Nuts
  • Cake Tins
  • Little Easter Cakes, with Tins
  • Individual Charlotte Russe, Meringue, Lady Fingers
  • Heart-shaped Sponge Pound Cake
  • Spring Cake
  • White Cake, II, Cherry Decoration
  • Ribbon Cake
  • Plain White Cake, I, Marshmallow Frosting
  • Birthday Cake with Hand Painted Board for Candles
  • White Cake, Wild Rose Decoration
  • Potato Torte
  • Birthday Cake, Crocus Decoration
  • Cocoanut Chocolate Cake
  • Genoese Cakes, Chocolate Fancies, and Croquins
  • Orange Jumbles
  • Croquin Cards, and Cutters for Card Symbols
  • Springerle and Mold
  • Almond Bars
  • Melba Tarts
  • Bermuda Ginger Snaps, with Cutters
  • Piping Ornamental Frosting by Amateur, with Plain, Star, and Leaf Tubes
  • Apple Pie, Flaky Pastry in Upper Crust
  • Rhubarb Pie with Meringue
  • Plate Lined with Pastry for Pumpkin Pie
  • Peach Tarts, Flower Fashion
  • Peach Tart
  • Mince Pie with Apple Meringue
  • Vol-au-vent of Apricots
  • Apple Dumplings
  • St. Honoré Cake, Bavarian Cream
  • Strawberry Tart
  • Caramel Custard
  • Boiled Custard with Snow Eggs
  • Pineapple Dainty
  • Little Bread Puddings with Fruit Jelly
  • Custard Pudding
  • Individual Strawberry Shortcakes
  • Individual Blackberry Shortcakes
  • Peach Shortcake, Whipped Cream
  • Showing the Combining of Foundation and Whipped Cream in Bavarian Cream
  • Lemon Jelly, Figs, and Boiled Custard
  • Princess Pudding with Marshmallows and Cherries
  • Macedoine of Cake, Marshmallows, Cherries, etc., in Caramel Cream
  • Grape Juice Sponge
  • Christmas Charlotte Russe
  • Pineapple Dessert, Valentine Style
  • Pear Bavarian Cream
  • Removing Ice Cream from Mold with Two Covers
  • Vanilla Ice Cream, Tea Room Style
  • Prune Parfait
  • Frozen Apricots
  • Strawberry Cup
  • Coffee Parfait
  • Raspberry Bombe, Alaska Style
  • Dessert Torte, Melba
  • Ice Cream with Pears, Hélene
  • Bombe Jeanne d’Arc
  • Cup “Topo Pino
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