Everyday Desserts - 1911

Everyday Desserts - 1911

By Olive Green (Myrtle Reed/Mrs. McCullough)
G. P. Putnam’s Sons
New York & London
The Knickerbocker Press
Copyright, 1911
G. P. Putnam's Sons
Second Impression
Part of Putnam’s Homemaker Series


About 1,600 recipes, including under desserts, cookies, doughnuts, gingerbread, gelatin jellies and fritters. A convenient compilation for the housekeeper of experience. Uniform with One thousand salads and other books of this series.

From the New York Observer

There is no part of the cuisine that requires more skill than the preparation of desserts. To appease the first gnawing hunger that with clock-like regularity announces the arrival of the meal hour, only the blundering efforts of an amateur cook are required.

But to coax a person who has sat through several courses of a dinner to eat the last course with as much relish as the first, a thorough mastery not only of the rudiments hut of the higher art of cooking is essential.

In “Everyday Desserts" Olive Green has added to the Homemaker. Series a volume that is in every respect up to the standard of that eminently useful series.


  • Simple Desserts—And Others
  • Twenty-Eight Blanc Manges
  • Two Hundred and Thirteen Cakes
  • Thirty-Two Cake Fillings and Frostings
  • Twenty-Six Charlottes
  • Twelve Cobblers
  • Forty-Eight Cookies
  • Twenty-Six Compotes
  • Seventy Creams
  • Sixty-Six Custards
  • Thirteen Doughnuts
  • Twenty-Two Dumplings
  • Forty-Four Fritters
  • One Hundred and Sixty Frozen Desserts
  • Seventy-Five Simple Fruit Desserts
  • Twenty-Three Gingerbreads
  • Thirty-Six Jellies
  • Twelve Sweet Omelets
  • Three Hundred and Eighty-Five Puddings
  • One Hundred and Two Pudding Sauces
  • Twenty-Two Short-Cakes
  • Thirty-Eight Souffles
  • Fifty Tarts
  • Forty Miscellaneous Desserts
  • Additional Recipes
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