Choice Recipes for Chocolate - 1916

Choice Recipes for Chocolate - 1916

Choice Recipes

Compliments of Walter Baker & Co, Ltd.

Dorchester, Massachusetts

Established 1780

Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes by Miss Parloa

Home Made Candy Recipes by Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill

Copyright 1916 by Walter Baker & Co., Ltd.

Chocolate or cocoa is not properly cooked by having boiling water poured over it. It is true that as the whole powder is in suspension and is swallowed, its food material can be assimilated as it is when prepared chocolate is eaten raw.

In order to bring out the full, line flavor and to secure the most complete digestibility, the preparation, whatever it be, should be subjected to the boiling point for a few minutes. In this all connoisseurs are agreed.

The making of cocoa and chocolate for drinking is largely a matter of taste, the best of cooks disagree and their recipes vary; the recipes in this book, however, give almost universal satisfaction.


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    By Mrs. Ellen H. Richards, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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  • Choice Recipes by Miss Maria Parloa
    Specially Prepared For Walter Baker & Co., Ltd. and Reduced by Miss Fannie Merritt Farmer to Level Measurements to Meet the Needs of Present-Day Demands.
  • Choice Recipes Prepared by Miss Fannie Merritt Farmer

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