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Front Cover, Danish Food, 1964.

Front Cover, Danish Food, 1964. GGA Image ID # 1d8e51f0fd

Grete Gumme, Danish Food, Photos by Kirsten Kyhl, Translated by David Hohnen © 1964, Chr. Erichsen's Forlag, Copenhagen, Hardbound, 94 Pages.

Delicious recipes from Denmark covering their famous open-faced sandwiches, meat dishes and preparing whole meals in the Danish tradition.


DANISH FOOD is a carefully compiled cookery book containing a couple of hundred recipes for Danish dishes as eaten in Danish homes and restaurants at the present day.

Weights and measures are accurately given, and the concise explanation accompanying each recipe should make excellent results possible, even for the comparatively unskilled housewife or foreigner interested in trying to make Danish food in his or her own country.

The book is illustrated with 26 whole-page or double-page colour plates giving a clear picture of the dishes in question. Considerable stress has been laid on correct serving — food should always be presented as festively and appetizingly as possible.

The flowers were supplied by Svend Schaumann, florist to the Danish Court, and the table accessories, apart from antique porcelain and glass, are examples of modern Danish utility art in ceramics, glass and wood.

There is a difference between everyday food and food for festive occasions. So there should be, but of recent years there has unfortunately been a tendency for festive food to be merely ornamental food heaped with greenery and salads.

Food that has been well cooked and thereafter attractively and correctly served is always decorative enough in itself, and the Danish cuisine has so many national dishes of culinary excellence to choose from it should not be necessary to serve a Danish hamburger on a slice of canned pineapple in order to make it more interesting.

But of course food and eating habits change, like everything else, through the centuries, and Danish food of today is a very different matter from Madame Mangor's time, when heavy soups and gruels, gravy and potatoes were the solid main constituents of a Danish family dinner.

The many foreign spices and Mediterranean fruits and vegetables which have been imported of recent years or cultivated in Denmark in ever-increasing quantities, influence Danish eating habits to a very great extent.

One of the objects of this book is to show how they are used and how the best things foreign countries have to offer can be brought home and exploited without necessarily allowing them to oust the essentially Danish character of any dish.

In other words, they can serve to make Danish food more festive and more varied. In no case have either cost or calories been counted; the recipes merely call for what is necessary to achieve the best results. But everybody is free to cut down on calories and expense at will.

The book has been published in Danish, English and German; it is my sincere hope that it will prove a useful gift to friends abroad as well as a pleasant souvenir from Denmark.

Grete Grumme

Back Cover, Danish Food, 1964.

Back Cover, Danish Food, 1964. GGA Image ID # 1d8e66f2d5


  • Herring Food
  • Danish Open-Faced Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Dishes for a "Cold Table"
  • Soups (Sweet and Salt)
  • Fish Dishes
  • Egg Dishes
  • Meat Dishes
  • Main Dinner courses
  • Offal, Chitterlings, Etc.
  • Poultry
  • Game
  • Vegetables
  • Cheese Dishes
  • Desserts
  • Bread and Pastries
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