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WPA Archives - Membership Card and Union Pin of the Works Progress Administration

WPA Workers Association Membership Card, Unused, nd circa 1937.

WPA Workers Association Membership Card, Unused, nd circa 1937. The Card was certification that the WPA Worker was a member of the WPA Workers Association. Card measures 3 3/4" long by 2 1/8" wide and reads: "No., Date, 193_, Membership Card. This is to certify that _______, I.D., Address____________ Is a Member of The WPA Workers Association, Signed________ Secretary." Card has union bug in the bottom left corner. GGA Image ID # 15f57e4e2c

WPA Workers Association of Washington Union Pinback Button Worn by Member WPA Workers During the 1930s. Button measures 7/8" and reads: "St. Louis Button Co." on the curl and back paper.

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