Chapter XIII Selection, Classification and Reclassification of Workers - 1937

11468 Chap. XIII Sec. 1

Section 1. Selection end. Occupational Classification of Workers.

Selection of certified workers for assignment to all projects which are financed in whole or in part from funds appropriated by the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1936 shall be the duty of the Division of Employment and insofar as possible workers shall he assigned to jobs for which they are best fitted because of their previous training and experience.

The regulations as prescribed in section 1 of chapter XII shall be followed in determining those persons to be selected. The District Division of Employment shall determine the proper occupational classification of all certified workers and shall keep a current occupational classification file of all certified workers for inventory and assignment purposes.

INDIVIDUAL OCCUPATIONAL CLASSIFICATION RECORD, WPA Form 144-A, may be used for this purpose. (F.E.R.A. Form 144A may be used until replaced.)

Operating Procedure E-1 entitled Allocation of Occupations, is to be used as a guide for determining the proper occupational classification for all certified persons. This operating procedure is also to be used as a guide to determine according to occupational classifications the scheduled monthly earnings of certified and non-certified workers on all projects.

(Revised April 15, 1937)

11469 Chap. XIII Sec. 2

Section 2: Reclassification of Workers, WPA Form 404 Revised

This form shall be used in all cases where the type of work performed warrants a change in the original assigned occupational title, whether the change is made for work on WPA projects or projects of another Federal agency.

Five copies of the form are prepared and submitted to the District Division of Employee it for approval. The action may originate with a foreman or supervisor of a WPA project or another Federal agency, but the change shall not be made effective until approved by the WPA District Division of Employment.

The Division of Employment shall have the right to interview a worker before approving the re classification on WPA Form 404 Revised.

As reclassifications shall be made effective only with the prior approval of the Division of Employment, they must be requested sufficiently in advance of the effective date thereof to allow time for proper action by the District Division of Employment and the making of any necessary adjustments by the District Division of Finance and Statistics.

Reclassifications within the pay period are permissible only when necessary for the efficient operation of the project. Otherwise they shall be made at the beginning of a pay roll period.

When WPA Form 404 Revised is used by the Works Progress Administration to reclassify a non-certified person, a copy shall be forwarded to the proper employment office designated by the United States Employment Service.

After the reclassification has been approved, copy 1 of WPA Form 404 Revised is forwarded to the Pay Roll Unit, copy 2 retained in the files of the Division of Employment, copy 3 forwarded to the project, copy 4 forwarded to the Area Statistical Office and copy 5 forwarded to the worker.

(Revised April 15, 1937)

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