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The Drought and Current Farm Imports - 1935

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The Drought and Current Farm Imports

United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Adjustment Administration

Washington, D. C.

Title Page


United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Adjustment Administration

May 1935

The Drought and Current Farm Imports

Prepared in the Division of Information Agricultural Adjustment Administration

United States Government Printing Office

Washington : 1935



The Drought and Current Farm Imports - WPA Booklet - 1935


  • Introduction
  • Durum wheat
  • Argentine corn
  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Hay
  • Cotton processing tax has no bearing on imports of cotton cloth
  • Cotton textile imports pay compensating tax plus tariff
  • Processing tax rebates on exports of cotton and cotton goods
  • Mill margins and profits have improved
  • Exports and imports of meats
  • Hog products
  • Fresh pork
  • Pickled and salted pork
  • Hams, shoulders, and bacon
  • Sausage casings
  • Lard exports
  • Lard exports to Cuba
  • Live animals
  • Cattle
  • Live hogs
  • Beef
  • Fresh beef
  • Pickled and cured beef
  • Canned beef
  • Canned beef comes from Argentina and Uruguay
  • Little beef canned in the United States
  • Potatoes
  • Cheese
  • Tariff duties


  1. Imports of certain groups of agricultural products, July to February, 10-year average, 1924-23 to 1933-34, and 1934-35
  2. Grains and hay: Production, drought loss 1934, and imports July 1, 1934, through February 28,1935
  3. Meats and products: Average exports and imports, 1924-33; and exports and imports, 1934
  4. Butter: Exports and imports, 1927-34, with 1923-27 average
  5. Wheat, including flour. Production, exports, and imports, 1921-35
  6. Corn, including meal: Production, exports, and imports, 1921-35
  7. Oats: Production, exports, and imports, 1919-35
  8. Barley: Production, exports, and imports, 1921-35
  9. Rye: Production, exports, and imports, 1921-35
  10. Hay: Production, exports, and imports, 1919-35
  11. Cotton cloth: Production, exports, imports from Japan and from all countries, and ratio of imports to production, by years, 1922-34; by months, 1935
  12. Meat and meat products: Imports and exports, 1933 and 1934
  13. Pork: Production, exports, and imports, 1929-34
  14. Sausage casings: Imports and exports, 1927-34
  15. Lard exports 1924-34
  16. Lard exports to Cuba, by months, 1933-35
  17. Cattle: Imports and slaughter, 1919-34
  18. Hogs, live: Imports and slaughter under Federal inspection, 1926-34
  19. Beef: Total exports and imports of the United States, 1928-34
  20. Imports of canned beef, and production of beef in the United States, calendar years 1920-34
  21. Total value of the domestic exports and general imports of the United States with Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, 1923-34
  22. White potatoes: Production, exports, and imports, 1925-35
  23. Cheese: Production, exports, and imports, 1927-35, with 1923-27 average
  24. Meats and meat animals: Import duty, 1922 and 1930 Tariff Acts
  25. Grains and hay: Import duty. 1922 and 1930 Tariff Acts


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