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Handbook of Procedures for State and District WPAs - 1937


Front Cover, Handbook of Procedures for State and District Works Progress Administrations, Revised 15 April 1937, Washington, DC:Works Progress Administration, Harry L. Hopkins, Administrator. GGA Image ID

This loose leaf mimeographed handbook incorporates, in a convenient reference form, procedures governing the organization and operation of State and District Works Progress Administrations.

State Administrators will be expected to see that the administrative personnel in the state and district offices become familiar with the procedures contained in the handbook.

For simplicity, some detailed instructions have been omitted from the handbook. These detailed procedures will be issued in the form of Operating Procedures. The procedures contained herein, as well as those issued as Operating Procedures, will supersede similar ins tractions issued in Handbook of Procedures Letters Nos. 1 through 39.

-- Harry L. Hopkins, Administrator

Table of Contents


  • Chapter I The Works Progress Administration
  • Chapter II Organization of the Federal Works Progress Administration
  • Chapter III State and District Organizations
  • Chapter IV General Administrative Regulations
  • Chapter V The Investigation Service


  • Chapter VI Project Planning and Promotion
  • Chapter VII Project Procedure and Approval
  • Chapter VIII Division of Operations
  • Chapter IX Non-Construction Operating Divisions - Special Procedures for Non-Construction Projects
  • Chapter X Selection and Prosecution of Projects



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