WPA Books - The Great Depression

Books published during the Great Depression (the 1930s), discussing various topics, projects, employment, and more. Books prepared by the Works Progress Administration are quite useful for students studying the Depressions and the New Deal.

Front Cover, Farmers on Relief and Rehabilitation, Research Monograph VIII, Works Progress Administration, Division of Social Research, 1937.

Farmers on Relief and Rehabilitation - WPA - 1937

This study was undertaken to assemble information concerning the relief and rehabilitation needs of farmers and to clarify the problems of the farm families that became dependent on public assistance during the depression.


Front Cover, Inventory: An Appraisal of Results of the Works Progress Administration

Inventory: An Appraisal of Results of the Works Progress Administration - 1938

This report, therefore, is a detailed examination of the public facilities and services built or performed by WPA workers up to October 1, 1937, obtained by individual inventory of the 150,000 projects that had been operated up to that time. The few selected illustrations of each type of work are for the purpose of giving visual as well as narrative evidence of the scope and quality of the works and services. The report also contains, in the form of occasional footnotes or addenda, examples of the relationship between these data and the total accomplishments of all three Federal relief agencies.


Front Cover, A New Deal for Youth: The Story of the National Youth Administration, 1938.

A New Deal for Youth - The National Youth Administration (NYA) - 1938

The National Youth Administration was created in an attempt to find a solution or a partial solution for these four shortcomings in our social and economic life. It is this broad, tolerant, democratic approach to the problems of youth which I believe has made so effective the methods used by the National Youth Administration.


Front Cover, Rural Families on Relief, Works Progress Administration

Rural Families on Relief - Research Monograph XVII - 1938

The report evaluates the various characteristics of rural families on relief in terms of their effect on the families' need for aid. The findings of this analysis will be of distinct value to relief administrators in rural areas. At the same time it is a contribution to the general study of rural families in the lower income groups.


Front Cover, Rural Youth -- Their Situation and Prospects

Rural Youth: Their Situation and Prospects - 1938

In recent years unemployment has been widespread among rural as well as urban youth, although more notice has been taken of the latter. Too often the rural youth situation has been dismissed with the statement that at least the young people on farms need not starve.


Front Cover, Rural Youth -- Their Situation and Prospects

Conclusions - Rural Youth - Their Situation and Prospects - 1938

Society's maladjustments are of particular concern when they intensify the problems of youth. To the extent that these maladjustments make a permanent imprint on the personalities of large numbers of youth, their consequences will be lasting— enduring for at least a generation.


Front Cover, Final Report on the WPA Program 1935-43, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington DC, 1946.

Final Report on the WPA Program 1935-43

By building airports, schools, highways, and parks; by making huge quantities of clothing for the unfortunate; by serving millions of lunches to school children; by almost immeasurable kinds and quantities of service the Work Projects Administration has reached a creative hand into every county in this Nation.


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