WPA Brochures, Booklets, and Pamphlets

Brochures, Booklets, Flyers, and Pamphlets produced during the Great Depression (the 1930s), discussing various topics, projects, employment, questions and answers, and more. Ephemera from this era is quite useful for students studying the Depressions and the New Deal.

Front Cover, Labor and the New Deal, Public Affairs Pamphlets No. 2

Labor and the New Deal - 1936

This pamphlet was prepared by Louis Stark on the basis of a study by a special committee of the Twentieth Century Fund. For details see "Labor and the Government," published for the Twentieth Century Fund by the McGraw-Hill Book Company.


Front Cover, Our Job with the WPA

Our Job with the WPA - 1936

A copy of "Our lob with the WPA" is being placed in the hands of each project worker by his State Administrator, so that he may know the purpose of the Works Program as well as his rights and responsibilities.


Page 1 of Brochure from The Works Program -- USA Work Program WPA -- Federal Agencies Progects Summary, September 1937.

The Works Program - WPA - Summary - 1937

To carry out the purpose of the Works Program - to provide work for the needy unemployed - various regular bureaus of the Federal Government and previously established emergency agencies joined forces with agencies established specifically for Works Program participation.


Front Cover, PWA and Industry: A Four-Year Study of Regenerative Employement

PWA and Industry - 1938

The construction of public works has long been a first line of defense against unemployment in periods of severe depression. The need was highest in 1933 when the enlarged public works program was set in motion.


Cover of the Booklet "Questions and Answers on the WPA," Works Progress Administration

Questions & Answers on the WPA - 1939

This 1939 brochure on the WPA is excellent as the content is appropriate for both Middle and High School study -- especially when integrated with other coursework on the Great Depression and the New Deal.


Artwork from Front Cover of Works Pays America, a Flyer from the Works Progress Administration, 1937.

Work Pays America - 1937

THE FEDERAL WORKS PROGRAM, which took millions of needy unemployed men and women from the destructive idleness of the relief rolls and put them to work at useful public tasks, has been in operation nearly 2 years.


Covers, WPA Aids the Farmer: Farm to Market Roads

WPA Aids the Farmer - Farm to Market Roads - c1937

More than two million of the approximately thirteen million people of the Empire State live on farms and in rural communities north of the Bronx. Their welfare is inextricably interwoven into the well-being of the City dwellers. Both mast prosper to make prosperity general.


Front Cover, Employee's Handbook: Useful Information About Your WPA Job, 1938.

WPA Employee's Handbook - 1938

The WPA Emplyee's Handbook is intended as a ready reference to aid you in ironing out your problems. While the rules and regulations included are not necessarily permanent, they will serve you as a helpful guide.


Front Cover, The WPA Federal Art Project: A Summary of Activities and Accomplishments, New York City

The WPA Federal Art Project in New York - 1939

Public schools, hospitals, libraries, armories, post offices, court houses and other tax-supported public institutions are eligible for allocations. Etchings, lithographs, oil and watercolor paintings, portraits, sculpture, and mural decorations are executed by WPA Federal Art Project artists.


Front Cover, So The Public May Know, Federal Works Agency, Work Projects Administration, Southern California, 1939.

So The Public May Know - WPA - 1941

Illustrated booklet prepared primarily aa a directory of activities carried on by the various projects of the Operations and Professional & Service projects Divisions of the Work Projects Administration in Southern California. Appropriate for Grades 2-12+.


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