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1927 Vintage Menus

Vintage menus for 1927 in the GG Archives collection represent the souvenir breakfast, luncheon, dinner, daily, private party, special occasion, and specialty menus provided to the passengers during their voyage.

Many of these souvenir menus have disappeared over the years. Our collection contains a sampling of menus initially produced and printed by the steamship lines. They are often used to illustrate family history books for immigrants from this time. The menus are organized in date order.

Menu Items, SS Demosthenes, Aberdeen Line 1927

1927-02-13 SS Demosthenes Dinner Menu Card

Vintage Dinner Bill of Fare Card from 13 February 1927 on board the SS Demosthenes of the Aberdeen Line featured Fried Sole, Tomato Sauce, Roast Sirloin of Beef & Horseradish, and Plum Tart & Cream for dessert. The reverse side contained a daily progress report of distance traveled and weather conditions.

Valentine's Day Dinner Menu, RMS Transylvania, Anchor Line, 14 February 1927 - Front Cover

1927-02-14 RMS Transylvania Valentine's Day Dinner Menu

Large Format elaborate Saint Valentine's Day Dinner Bill of Fare from a 1927 Mediterranean Cruise on the RMS Transylvania of the Anchor Line. Featured Bill of Fare items included Prime Rib and Sirloin of Beef, Corned Ox Tongue, and Roast Gigot of Mutton.

Front Cover, Cunard Wine List from April 1927

1927-04 Cunard Line Wine, Spirits, and Tobacco Menu

Superb expansive Wine List for the Cunard Line from April 1927 features an extensive Bill of Fare of Champagnes, French Sparkling Wines, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhine Still Wines, Moselle Still Wines, Italian Wines, Port Sherry Vermouth, Liqueurs, Cognac, Whisky, Gin, Rum, Cocktails, Cider, Ale, Stout, Beer, Mineral and Medicinal Waters along with the finest tobacco products and Playing Cards... Everything you could possibly want or desire during your meal or after a meal in the Smoking Room or Ladies Lounge.

SS Regina Dinner Bill of Fare Card - 13 June 1927

1927-06-13 SS Regina Dinner Menu Card

Vintage Third Cabin Tourist Dinner Bill of Fare Card from 13 June 1927 on board the SS Regina of the White Star Line featured Sea Bass à la Commodore, Ribs and Sirloin of Beef Horseradish, and Pouding Baronne for dessert.

Private Dinner Menu - RMS Berengaria, 1927

1927-06-21 RMS Berengaria Private Dinner Party Menu

This is a private dinner menu for passengers on board the RMS Berengaria of the Cunard Line on a 1927 westbound voyage that originated from Southampton destined for New York. Menu selections were written in French.

Front Cover, Breakfast Menu Card, Tourist Class on the RMS Cameronia of the Anchor Line, Monday, 11 July 1927.

1927-07-11 RMS Cameronia Breakfast Menu Card

Vintage Breakfast Menu Card from 11 July 1927 on board the RMS Cameronia of the Anchor Line featured Oatmeal Porridge & Milk, Fried Fillets of Haddock, and Milk Scones.

Breakfast Menu, Cunard Line RMS Berengaria 1927

1927-08-05 RMS Berengaria Breakfast Menu

Elegant Vintage Breakfast Bill of Fare from 5 August 1927 featured an extensive array of offerings including Calf's Liver - Piquante Sauce, Boneless Codfish—Cream Sauce, Mutton Chops, and a wide variety of cereals, fruits, eggs and omelettes, cakes, breads, and beverages.

Front Cover, RMS Caronia Farewell Dinner Bill of Fare - 3 September 1927

1927-09-03 RMS Caronia Farewell Dinner Menu Card

Vintage Tourist Third Class Farewell Dinner Bill of Fare Card from 3 September 1927 on board the RMS Caronia of the Cunard Line featured Roast Ribs and Sirloin of Beef, Horseradish Sauce, Fried Fillet of Lemon Sole, and Blueberry Pie for dessert.

Vintage Menu, Hamburg America Line, SS Deutschland, 30 September 1927

1927-09-30 SS Deutschland Daily Menu

Vintage Third Class Daily Bill of Fare Card from 30 September 1927 on board the SS Deutschland of the Hamburg America Line featured Boiled Eggs for Breakfast, Braised Fillet of Fish for Dinner, and Matjes Herrings, Bacon Sauce for Supper.


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