1912 Vintage Menus Archival Collection

Vintage menus for 1912 in the GG Archives collection represent the souvenir breakfast, luncheon, dinner, daily, private party, special occasion, and specialty menus provided to the passengers during their voyage.

Many of these souvenir menus have disappeared over the years. Our collection contains a sampling of menus initially produced and printed by the steamship lines. They are often used to illustrate family history books for immigrants from this time. The menus are organized in date order.


Menu Card - Luncheon Menu, RMS Titanic, 14 April 1912

1912-04-14 RMS Titanic Luncheon Menu

Privately published reproduction of the famous Luncheon Menu from the RMS Titanic feature such specialities as Cockie Leekie, Roast Beef, Veal & Ham Pie, and Virginia & Cumberland Ham.


Front Cover, SS Oscar II Dinner Menu - 16 May 1912

1912-05-16 SS Oscar II Dinner Menu

Vintage Dinner Menu from Thursday, 16 May 1912 on board the SS Oscar II of the Scandinavian-American Line featured Roast Duck with Potatoes, Soup of Asparagus, and Cream Cake for dessert. Menu printed in Danish and English.


SS Scandinavian Dinner Menu Card 20 July 1912

1912-07-20 SS Scandinavian Dinner Menu

Rare Vintage Dinner Menu Card from Saturday, 20 July 1912 on board the TSS Scandinavian of the Allan Line featured Baked Cod - Butter Sauce, Roast Sirloin Of Beef - Horseradish, and Plum Pudding - Brandy Sauce for dessert.


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