RMS Windor Castle Passenger List - 14 July 1939

Front Cover, Union-Castle Line RMS Windor Castle Cabin and Tourist Class Passenger List - 14 July 1939.

Front Cover of a Cabin and Tourist Passenger List for the RMS Windor Castle of the Union-Castle Line, Departing 14 July 1939 from Cape Town to London via Madeira, Commanded by Captain R. W. Goodacre, RD, RNR. GGA Image ID # 13ce5beb63

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: R. W. GOODACRE, R.D., R.N.R., Commander
  2. Chief Officer: Mr. W. C. SUSSAMS
  3. 1st Officer: Mr. T. CAMPBELL
  4. 2nd Officer: Mr. F. R. POPE, R.N.R
  5. 3rd Officer: Mr. A. O. WILKINS
  6. 4th Officer: Mr. S. H. EAGLE
  7. Chief Engineer: Mr. F. C. RUSE
  8. Sr. 2nd Engineer: Mr. G. IRWING
  9. Int. 2nd Engineer: Mr. J. J. McQUADE
  10. Jr. 2nd Engineer: Mr. A. C. MACPHERSON
  11. Surgeon: Dr. J. K. DONALD, M.B., Ch.B
  12. Purser: Mr. A. M. H. BAKER, R.N.R
  13. Chief Steward: Mr. A. M. WICKENS

First Class Passengers


  1. Mr. R. E. Alien
  2. Lieut. S. L. Bosch
  3. Mrs. Bosch
  4. Mr. J. R. de Bourg
  5. Lieut.-Col. J. P. Grenfell
  6. Major L. A. M. Hastings. M.C., M.P
  7. Mr. H. C. Hawkins
  8. Mr. F. C. Horner
  9. Mrs. Horner
  10. Miss J. A. Horner
  11. Col. F. H. Kisch, C.B.E., D.S.O
  12. Mr. C. A. Levin
  13. The Hon. W. M. Logan, C.M.G., O.B.E
  14. Mr. F. A. Ranke Madsen
  15. Col. T. P. Melvill, D.S.O
  16. Mr. W. H. S. Shepherd
  17. Mr. A. A. Spracklen
  18. Mrs. Spracklen
  19. Mr. A. J. Walter
  20. Mrs. Walter
  21. Mr. M. L. Whishaw

Second Class Passengers


  1. Mr. E. B. Brownbill
  2. Mr. A. Goncalves
  3. Mrs. Goncalves


  1. Mrs. I. Adelson
  2. Mr. G. Andersson
  3. Mr. A. Banner
  4. Mrs. Banner
  5. Mrs. S. Borland
  6. Mr. W. W. G. Brooks
  7. Mrs. Brooks
  8. Mrs. S. J. Brown
  9. Mr. J. S. G. Collie
  10. Mr. K. S. Collins
  11. Mrs. Collins
  12. Mrs. R. Connell
  13. Mr. J. Corrigall
  14. Mrs. C. E. Cowley
  15. Mr. R. J. Dewes
  16. Mr. J. Fitzen
  17. Miss E. G. Fox
  18. Miss F. Funston
  19. Q.M.S. T. W. Grimbeck
  20. Mr. J. Kingan
  21. Mr. T. Kinna
  22. Mrs. Kinna
  23. Master Kinna
  24. Mrs. D. M. A. Laskie
  25. Miss E. D. Leask
  26. Mr. J. R. T. Leask
  27. Mr. Ben Lobdill
  28. Mr. J. M. Matthysen
  29. Mr. P. Meyer
  30. Mrs. Meyer
  31. Mrs. N. Morgan
  32. Mr. T. E. Mosley
  33. Mrs. Mosley
  34. Miss E. Mostert
  35. Miss Mostert
  36. Mr. H. Myrdal
  37. Mrs. Myrdal
  38. Miss M. Myrdal
  39. Mr. D. J. G. Oosthuizen
  40. Mr. A. Solomon
  41. Miss W. Taggart
  42. Mrs. M. Thompson
  43. Miss H. Thompson
  44. Mr. G. Thompson
  45. Mrs. Thompson
  46. Mr. V. Titterton
  47. Master Gunner O. Turner
  48. Major A. J. Wadman
  49. Mrs. Wadman
  50. Mr. A. L. Whitford-Turner
  51. Miss M. Zimmerman

Tourist Class Passengers


  1. Mr. G. Jess Cordoza
  2. Mr. J. G. de Aranjo
  3. Mrs. R. de Souza
  4. Master de Souza
  5. Miss de Souza
  6. Miss de Souza
  7. Mr. A. G. Rebello
  8. Mr. J. G. Sequeira
  9. Mr. J. Sequera


  1. Mr. Adams
  2. Miss E. Alexander
  3. Mrs. F. R. Allen
  4. Mr. A. Angelis
  5. Mr. G. E. Arnott
  6. Mr. W. E. Atkinson
  7. Mrs. Atkinson
  8. Master Atkinson
  9. Master Atkinson
  10. Miss Atkinson
  11. Mr. A. Balfour
  12. Mr. H. G. Banfield
  13. Mr. Banner
  14. Mrs. Banner
  15. Mrs. G. Bannerman
  16. Mrs. W. Barker
  17. Mr. A. Beddoes
  18. Rev. A. W. Blaxall
  19. Mrs. Blaxall
  20. Mrs. M. E. Broad
  21. Master Broad
  22. Mrs. E. S. Budge
  23. Mr. R. D. Carolin
  24. Mrs. Carolin
  25. Miss Carolin
  26. Mrs. E. M. Clark
  27. Mr. G. F. Combrink
  28. Mrs. Combrink
  29. Miss C. Cook
  30. Mr. A. Copeland
  31. Mr. Costa
  32. Mr. W. Dabeil
  33. Mrs. Dabeil
  34. Miss M. Dabeil
  35. Mr. W. Dalrymple
  36. Mrs. Dalrymple
  37. Miss F. de Frobervilie
  38. Mr. R. V. Delamere
  39. Mrs. Delamere
  40. Bombdr. T. L. Dudley
  41. Miss E. F. Eayrs
  42. Mr. W. Edward
  43. Mrs. Edward
  44. Master V. Edward
  45. Miss S. Edward
  46. Mr. Elion
  47. Mrs. S. Evans
  48. Mr. R. G. S. Findlay
  49. Mr. D. M. Forrest
  50. Mrs. W. T. Foster
  51. Mr. A. M. Fraser
  52. Mrs. A. M. Gilbert
  53. Mrs. H. Grade
  54. Mr. W. Grater
  55. Mrs. Grater
  56. Master D. Grater
  57. Master G. Grater
  58. Mr. J. Green
  59. Miss E. I. Gregor
  60. Mr. Halsall
  61. Mrs. Halsall
  62. Mrs. E. Hanson
  63. Miss E. M. Hardy
  64. Sister Dorothy Hel
  65. Mrs. W. Hewitt
  66. Master Hewitt
  67. Master Hewitt
  68. Capt. H. C. Inglis
  69. Mr. J. E. Jenkins
  70. Mr. A. E. Jennings
  71. Mrs. Jennings
  72. Miss Jennings
  73. Mr. G. Johnston
  74. Mr. T. Kemp
  75. Mrs. R. Kennedy
  76. Mr. Klemovitch
  77. Mr. T. H. Knight
  78. Mrs. Knight
  79. Mr. Lewen Sy Tajn
  80. Mr. E. Lucy
  81. Mr. H. Lucy
  82. Mrs. A. MacGillwray
  83. Mr. G. Manly
  84. Mrs. Manly
  85. Mrs. M. Maule
  86. Mr. M. Maule (Jr.)
  87. Mr. A. Meredith
  88. Mr. L. Mitchell
  89. Mrs. Mitchell
  90. Miss Mitchell
  91. Mr. G. M. Mitchell
  92. Mrs. Moores
  93. Mrs. E. A. Moores
  94. Mr. A. Morgan
  95. Miss Morgan
  96. Mr. J. A. Morrison
  97. Mr. W. F. Morrison
  98. Mr. N. Morton
  99. Miss Mostert
  100. Miss Mostert
  101. Mrs. J. D. Myers
  102. Master Myers
  103. Mr. N. C. Neave
  104. Mrs. E. Osterloh
  105. Miss A. Palmer
  106. Mr. T. Parrott
  107. Mr. Raft
  108. Mr. H. F. Rechner
  109. Mr. H. C. Record
  110. Mrs. Record
  111. Master Record
  112. Mr. I. Rees
  113. Mrs. Rees
  114. Master D. J. Rees
  115. Mrs. K. L. Rees
  116. Mr. R. Renotti
  117. Mr. G. W. Richardson
  118. Mrs. Richardson
  119. Master Richardson
  120. Mr. M. Richmond
  121. Mr. C. Richmond, Jr.
  122. Mrs. B. Richmond
  123. Miss J. Richmond
  124. Mr. J. Rooney
  125. Mrs. Rooney
  126. Miss Rooney
  127. Miss I. M. Ryan
  128. Mrs. A. M. Sands
  129. Mr. S. A. Saunders
  130. Miss L. Schofield
  131. Mr. R. Selwood
  132. Mrs. J. Shave
  133. Mr. E. E. Short
  134. Mr. Steggel
  135. Mrs. Steggel
  136. Mr. E. Stephens
  137. Mrs. Stephens
  138. Mr. T. H. Teague
  139. Mrs. Teague
  140. Master K. T. Teague
  141. Mrs. M. Thompson
  142. Miss H. Thompson
  143. Mr. C. Tremayne
  144. Mrs. Tremayne
  145. Mr. B. R. Turner
  146. Mrs. Turner
  147. Mr. A. D. J. van Zyl
  148. Mrs. F. S. Vickers
  149. Mr. A. R. Walsh
  150. Mrs. Walsh
  151. Mr. H. Walters
  152. Mrs. M. S. Webb
  153. Mr. C. E. Webster
  154. Mrs. Webster
  155. Mr. P. Zorbas

Information for Passengers

See also Passengers’ Cabin Handbook of Information, a copy of which will be found in each cabin.


In the First Class the arrangements are :—

Tea, coffee, etc., served in the cabins from 6.0 am
Dressing gong at 8:00 am
Children’s breakfast at 8:00 am
Breakfast at 8:30 am
Children’s dinner at 12:30 pm
Luncheon at 1:00 pm
Afternoon tea at 4.0 pm
Children’s tea at 5.30 pm
Dressing gong at 6.30 pm
Dinner at 7:00 pm

The meals in the Second Class are :—
Tea, coffee, etc., served in the cabins from 6.0 am
Dressing gong at 8:00 am
Children’s breakfast at 8:00 am
Breakfast at 8:30 am
Children’s dinner at 12:30 pm
Luncheon at 1:00 pm
Afternoon tea at 4.0 pm
Children’s tea at 5.30 pm
Dressing gong at 6.30 pm
Dinner at 7:00 pm

The meals in the Tourist Class are :—
Tea, coffee, etc., served in the cabins'from 6.0 am
Breakfast at 8:00 am
Luncheon at 12:30 pm
Afternoon tea at 3.30 pm
Children’s tea at 5.0 pm
Dinner at 6.30 pm

CHILDREN. Children are required to take their meals at the special tables provided for them.

HOURS OF CLOSING PUBLIC ROOMS. The Dining Saloon lights are turned out at 11:00 pm, all Bars close at 11:30 pm and Smoking Rooms, Lounges and Reading Rooms close at midnight.

BAGGAGE. See Passengers’ Cabin Handbook of Information, a copy of which will be found in each cabin. Any further information required may be obtained from the Purser.

BOATS AND BOAT DRILL. There is an ample number of boats on all the Company’s vessels, and boat drill, in which passengers are earnestly invited to participate, is held periodically.

LIFE JACKETS. In every cabin life jackets equivalent to the number of berths in each cabin, will be found stowed in their special racks overhead and a passenger’s Steward or Stewardess will demonstrate how these life jackets should be put on.

DECK CHAIRS are provided free of charge. Passengers’ own chairs are only received and carried on board at owner’s risk.

DIVINE SERVICE is held in the First Class Lounge or Dining Saloon every Sunday at 10:30 am and all passengers are invited to attend.

HAIRDRESSING ROOMS AND SHOPS, with skilled hairdressers in attendance, are on all passenger vessels. Large stocks of various articles such as confectionery, haberdashery, silverware, photographic materials, footwear, are kept for sale to passengers.

LETTERS, TELEGRAMS, etc. For the convenience of passengers a mail will be made up on board prior to arrival at each port. Passengers are recommended to attend to the posting of their own letters in the letter box provided.

All information regarding telegraph rates, postal rates, stamps, etc., can be obtained from the bureau before the vessel’s arrival or departure.

All passengers must furnish their addresses on the forms provided for the purpose on board, this information being required immediately on arrival in South Africa by the Immigration Authorities and on arrival in England by the Port Health Authorities. The assistance of passengers in this matter is requested particularly, in order to facilitate the forwarding of any letters, telegrams, etc., which may arrive after they have left the vessel, or any articles that may be left in the cabins. Circulars or other printed matter of a similar nature will not be forwarded.

Passengers must apply personally to the Purser for registered letters and packages.

On arrival of the vessel in England and South Africa, letters, etc., are sorted and sent on board as soon as possible and handed to passengers in the respective classes on application. When the vessel comes alongside the quay, the bureau is kept open until the passenger trains have left the shed.

It must be distinctly understood that while every care will be taken, the Company cannot accept any responsibility in connection with the posting, receiving, forwarding, or transmission of letters, telegrams, parcels, etc.

LIBRARIES. The libraries are open daily and the Librarians are in attendance to issue and receive books.

Any books found lying about are returned to the libraries, but passengers will be held responsible for the loss of any book registered in their name. The charge for books lost from 1st or 2nd class libraries is 7s. 6d. per volume, and from the tourist class 2s. 6d. per volume, unless otherwise shewn.

MEDICAL ATTENDANCE. The Surgeon of the vessel is authorized to charge for professional attendance at the rate of 7s. 6d. per visit in the case of first class passengers, 4s. Od. in the case of second class passengers, and 2s. 6d. in the case of tourist class passengers, this fee to include medicines. Accounts for medical attendance will be rendered by the Surgeon before the end of the voyage.

SHORE EXCURSIONS. For particulars of the various Shore Excursions at the Ports of Call, see separate booklet, a copy of which may be obtained from the Purser. (See also advertisement on inside back cover of this List of Passengers.)

TIME-TABLES AND POSTAL GUIDES. Railway time-tables, postal guides, etc., are available for reference at the bureau.

VALUABLES, etc. Passengers’ valuables or money may be handed to the Purser to be deposited in the vessel’s safe for custody during the voyage, for which a charge is made of 3s. 6d. per £100 upon the declared value of each parcel or deposit, with a minimum charge of 2s.

Parcels required during the voyage can be re-deposited at half the above rate, a receipt being given on behalf of the Company for valuables or money so deposited.

WIRELESS SERVICES enable passengers to keep in touch with their friends throughout the voyage, either by radio-telegram or at much cheaper rates by means of ship letter telegrams. Full particulars and charges can be obtained from the Wireless Office.

THE SOUTH AND EAST AFRICAN YEAR BOOK AND GUIDE, containing over 1,100 pages with 64 pages of maps in colour, is issued annually, and is invaluable for all visitors to South or East Africa. On sale in the Hairdresser’s Shop, price 2s. 6d.

COMPLAINTS.—Any complaint should be addressed to the Commander at the time of daily inspection.

Union-Castle Line Fleet List, July 1939.

Union-Castle Line Fleet List, July 1939. GGA Image ID # 1da4618fd2

Bell Time on Board Ship, SS Windsor Castle Passenger List, 14 July 1939.

Bell Time on Board Ship, SS Windsor Castle Passenger List, 14 July 1939. GGA Image ID # 1da3626574

Track Chart and Back Cover, SS Windsor Castle Passenger List, 14 July 1939.

Track Chart and Back Cover, SS Windsor Castle Passenger List, 14 July 1939. GGA Image ID # 1da3e43159

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