RMS Winchester Castle Archival Collection

Ephemera for the RMS Winchester Castle available may include Passenger Lists, Menus, Brochures, Sailing Schedules, Route Maps, Photographs, and more.

1954-12-09 Passenger List for the R.M.M.V. Winchester Castle

1954-12-09 R.M.M.V. Winchester Castle Passenger List

  • Steamship Line: Union-Castle Line
  • Class of Passengers: First and Tourist Class
  • Date of Departure: 9 December 1954
  • Route: Southampton to Durban via Madeira, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and East London
  • Commander: Captain G. W. B. Lloyd


Front Cover, Tourist Class Sports & Entertainments Program on Board the RMMV Winchester Castle for Voyage 128, 9 December 1954.

1954-12-09 Sports & Entertainments Program - RMMV Winchester Castle

An extensive program of sports, entertainment, and social events for voyage 128 of the RMS Winchester Castle of the Union-Castle Line. Tourist class passengers enjoyed a variety of activities including deck sports, movies, dog racing, dancing, ocean derby, and more. Rules for Tournament games -- Deck Tennis, Deck Quoits, Bucket Quoits, Table Tennis, and Contract Bridge were also provided.